MTF After Action Report: 1264-D-2
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>:/ verifying password…
>:/ verified.

>:/ verifying clearance…
>:/ verified.
>:/ access granted.

>:/ client connecting to lv3 secure server 32…
>:/ request timed out.
>:/ request timed out.
>:/ request timed out.
>:/ client connection failed, ERROR 55-6.

>:/ client connecting to lv3 secure server 32, attempt 2 of 3…
>:/ client connection established.

>:/ decrypting file…
>:/ decryption complete.

>:/ opening file…


SCP Involved: SCP-1264
MTF Involved: MTF Tau-11
Date: Mar. 11, 1999
Location: 15km north from the coast of the Hawaiian island of Kauaʻi

Preamble: Engagement is authorized after a cruise ship is attacked by SCP-1264. MTF Tau-11 (aka "Can Openers") is dispatched to the area with 5 Pegasus-class hydrofoils (PHM-7 through PHM-11) and 1 Juliett-class submarine (CMS-3) from Marine Command-09. CMS-3 was standby and awaiting clearance from the PHM rapid response unit in order to launch its P-500 missiles without jeopardizing civilians. Upon arrival of the PHM unit, the cruise ship was on fire and taking on water while listing steeply to port. SCP-1264-A was seen from a large opening on the starboard side throwing fishing nets over the survivors in the water.

[13:01] MTF Tau-11 PHM unit made contact with SCP-1264 while SCP-1264-A attempted to ensnare the survivors. PHM-7 and PHM-9 then broke formation to engage SCP-1264-A directly using their 76mm guns. SCP-1264-A was quickly suppressed as PHM-7 and PHM-9 fired along SCP-1264's starboard hull.

[13:03] PHM-8, PHM-10, and PHM-11 fired their harpoon missiles directly into the stern of SCP-1264 from a distance of 750m away. SCP-1264 was hit and took damage to 2 of its rudders.

[13:04] SCP-1264's port side turrets all turned 90° to their 9'o'clock position just before SCP-1264 rapidly dove into the water. Afterwards, underwater explosions and floating debris were seen trailing off to the west. PHM-7 and PHM-9 investigate. During this time, CMS-3 made positive radio communication with SCP-1264-1 (see addendum).

[13:10] Behind the remaining 3 PHMs, SCP-1264 partially resurfaced, just enough to expose its port side turrets. SCP-1264 was positioned with the PHMs' starboard hull directly in its line of fire. 6 of the port battery's 140mm guns fired into the 3 PHMs, effectively destroying them. PHM-7 then relayed to CMS-3 that SCP-1264 was clear of the civilians. CMS-3 then launched 2 P-500 missiles, targeted at SCP-1264.

[13:11] SCP-1264 then began to move towards the capsizing cruise ship and fired 2 of its 410mm guns at the exposed bilge keel at a distance of only 175m. The ship exploded and splintered into several sections. SCP-1264 then plowed through the floating debris. The P-500 missiles' active radar was unable to distinguish SCP-1264 from the wreckage and they missed the target.

[13:13] SCP-1264 launched Mark 14 torpedoes at PHM-7 and PHM-9. SCP-1264 collected the remaining nets of ensnared passengers and dove underwater for a second time. Both PHMs easily outmaneuvered the torpedoes. CMS-3 was then ordered by Marine Command-09 to track SCP-1264 with sonar and pursue. The remaining PHMs attempted to retrieve any survivors left in the water that were able to avoid the nets. Only 19 out of 215 bodies were recovered from the scene.

[15:10] CMS-3 lost contact with SCP-1264 55km NE of the incident.

Addendum: During this incident between [13:06] and [13:10], CMS-3 made positive radio communication with SCP-1264-1 over ELF radio signals. Below is the audio transcript between the operator and SCP-1264-1 after its initial dive.

  • SCP-1264-1: (deep gurgling noises)
  • CMS-3: Unknown contact, you are ordered to resurface or be destroyed. Do you copy?
  • SCP-1264-1: (continued gurgling)
  • CMS-3: Unknown contact, resurface or be destroyed. Do you copy?
  • SCP-1264-1: (gurgling pauses, a deep voice is then heard) …the…interlopersss…want my…compliance… (gurgling) …granted…
  • CMS-3: Unknown contact, you have 2 minutes to resurface. This is an ultimatum. Do you copy?
  • SCP-1264-1: (gurgling) …yessss… (sustained gurgling for the next 2 minutes)
  • CMS-3: Unknown contact, respond.
  • SCP-1264-1: (loud banging is heard in the background) …preparing to…ressssurface…

At this time, SCP-1264 resurfaced and destroyed 3 of the PHMs.

  • SCP-1264-1: …drown…with me… (static)

Post-Encounter Summary: The survivors were debriefed and given class-B amnestics before being handed over to the US Navy. A cover story was distributed through the media that the cruise ship sunk after suffering a catastrophic engine fire which killed almost all of the passengers. A false investigation of the accident was also initiated in order to suppress growing public suspicion.

On Jun. 8, 1999, SCP-1264 was reported and photographed by a fishing trawler in the Indian Ocean. Photos were intercepted and revealed that all damage done to SCP-1264 during Incident 1264-D-2 had been repaired. Additional spending was later approved for MTF Tau-11 for expanding its fleet to include aerial support, acquisition of heavier armament, and installation of passive sonar buoys at strategic locations.

>:/ end of file.

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