Incident 682-1548
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On ██/██/████, SCP-682 broke containment and proceeded to escape to Research Unit-█, which is the primary unit used to receive communications from SCP-1548. SCP-682 proceeded to kill all personnel in the area and began to use communication gear to send messages in Morse code to SCP-1548. The messages sent by SCP-682 and responses by SCP-1548 are recorded here.

SCP-1548: So, you're that 682 I've been hearing about?  
Thought you'd be more than a big toothy snout. 

SCP-682: Oh, think you're better?  A killer extraordinaire?
Motherfucker, I don't leave the Foundation D-class to spare!

SCP-1548: Yo, I've been hating on Earth since the beginning of time, 
Don't you dare try to match my damn rhymes. 
Signals from space, that's what I send,
I fill 05 with a sense of dread!
Crab Galaxy they call me, that's what they say, 
Hell, the only crabs are in yo' Mother's puss-ay!
To me, you're a gecko, that's all you are, 
Now excuse me while I go and put out your star!

SCP-682: Okay, bitch, you wanna bring it?
Your hate ain't nothing, just empty space shit.
I can't be killed, I'm the bane of the Foundation, 
You're so old, you've been around since creation!
Full of hot air, you're just empty threats!
I use force to back up my epithets!
You're from this dimension, for me that ain't so,
I'm beyond this universe, give it up mofo!

SCP-1548: I know 05, homes, lives, numbers, 
I'm in their nightmares while they slumber!
The truest of true, the most dangerous here, 
It's me, not you, who deserves the fear!
Voids in my wake, rage in my mind, 
When I'm done with Earth, they'll be nothing left to find!
Who the fuck you are, trying to outdo me, 
I'm a motherfucking galaxy!
Worlds I devour, bitch, I've beaten you, 
The true danger's me, not goddamn 682!

SCP-682: I hear what you say, it don't mean jack shit.
I change myself to whatever fits. 
Dozens, hundreds, thousands I've killed, 
Hell, my hunger still isn't filled!
Life is my enemy, all living must die, 
You ever faced me, you know you would cry, 
I change, I adapt, I'm the biggest badass, 
For you, three feet a year is fast! 
I'm 682, killer of men, 
I give wounds no doctor can mend. 
I can tell right now, I've got you fuming, 
Now for those disgusting humans. 

Following the final transmission, SCP-682 killed ██ security personnel before being subdued. SCP-1548's transmissions since have included several requests for a "rematch".

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