Incident 668 A
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Incident: Retrieval of SCP-668, "13 inch chef's knife"

SCP involved: SCP-668

Personnel involved: [DATA EXPUNGED]


Location: [REDACTED]

Description: On ██-██-█████, ███ ████ City police department, Precinct ██, responded to reports of a man attacking and killing bystanders with a large chef's knife at a local mall. Upon responding, officers discovered fifteen casualties, most of whom had been ritually flensed in a manner described by witnesses as "horrific." Officers discovered the suspect (an escaped serial killer named ████████ ███████, henceforth referred to as "Suspect") in the child's daycare area in the process of filleting and consuming a 9-year old boy. Officers ordered Suspect to cease and desist. Suspect did not comply. Officers then attempted to fire upon Suspect, but discovered that they were unable to pull the trigger. Officers then attempted to flee, but found themselves unable to do so after Suspect declared his intention to "murder every last one of you motherf███ing pigs." Suspect then proceeded to [DATA EXPUNGED] ending with Cynthia Wallis, a Foundation Operative embedded as an observer with the ██PD. Despite being under severe psychic assault, Officer Wallis (a pseudonym) managed to activate her emergency transponder located in her belt while complying with Suspect's orders to ████████, alerting the Foundation of the situation.

Mobile Task Force Pi-1 ("City Slickers") arrived on the scene ██ minutes later, disguised as an "FBI Special Antiterrorist Task Force." Pi-1 breached the perimeter at ████:██:██, corresponding with the moment that Officer Wallis' vital signs telemetry ceased transmitting. Task Force members discovered Suspect standing outside the █████████ department store on the third floor of the mall. The police officers' bodies were found suspended from the third floor railing, skin flensed and arranged in the form of wings, entrails removed and trailing to the floor. Officer Wallis' body was found [DATA EXPUNGED]. SCP Operatives then attempted to terminate Suspect, only to discover that they too were unable to fire their weapons. Team Leader █████████ transmitted a Class 1, Type 73 Memetic Attack Alert to Command and ordered the team to withdraw; this order failed when Suspect stated his intention to "find out what all your insides look like," rendering them helpless to escape. Involved Task Force members were subsequently remote-terminated using surgically installed cranial detonators according to standard field protocol following psychic compromise in a field agent.

Command elements then authorized escalation of force to Tier 2 (Severe Collateral Damage). Aerial bombardment was attempted, but failed when the pilots were unable to release their payload over the target. It was thus determined that the "psychic field" that prevents hostile intent towards Subject may have an infinite range. Escalation of force to Tier 3 was considered, but delayed while Dr. Gears suggested an alternate strategy with a higher chance to retrieve the item intact.

Hypothesizing that hostile intent was required for the psychic controls to trigger, Dr. Gears suggested using Class D Personnel under mind control by SCP-061. Previously prepped "sleepwalker" agents fitted with surgically implanted earpieces transmitting SCP-061 were given the following commands:

  • D-061-056 was ordered to give the following commands to the rest of the personnel through radio control. D-061-056 was not given any indication as to the reason for said commands to prevent the psychic defenses from triggering. Agents were able to order D-061-056 to give the following orders, suggesting that the psychic defense may only be able to function through a certain number of iterations (more research is required on this issue).
  • D-061-059 through 070 (12 personnel) were ordered to carry explosive charges to twelve pre-determined points, opening gas mains along the way. Explosives were detonated in sequence upon being given the final order by D-061-056.
  • D-061-099, who fit the profile of the Subject's preferred type of victim, was ordered to move to a predetermined location at the center of the mall to lure the suspect to the best location for both ensuring a kill and allowing for easy retrieval of the remains.

Finally, six D-class personnel not under control by SCP-061 were ordered to capture the Subject. These Class-D Personnel were not expected to complete their mission, and served as a delaying action while the mind-controlled operatives carried out their mission.

The operation was a success: by utilizing multiple personnel, none of whom were aware of the significance of their actions, none of the personnel knew that their actions were related to terminating the Suspect and were thus able to act freely. Suspect's remains were retrieved from the rubble by a "bomb defusing" robot and placed in a box lined with SCP-148 before being retrieved by Foundation personnel. Following confirmation of capture, Command ordered Tier 3 (Nuclear Detonation) elements to stand down from Ready-5 status and declared the incident contained. A cover story blaming the attack on terrorists was formulated and disseminated to the public.

Controlled testing has determined that the Suspect's weapon (13 inch chef's knife) was the active agent in the incident, emitting a psionic command that [DATA EXPUNGED]. Suspect's remains are to be sent to ██PD along with a replica knife. The original weapon is to be designated a Keter-level SCP (SCP-668) and sent to Site-19 for further testing.

How the suspect acquired SCP-668 is unknown at this time.

It is further noted that the obsessive nature of the Subject's method of killing may have contributed to the success of this operation: Subject carried out its killings in a ritualistic manner, maximizing the amount of horror, pain, and suffering inflicted on its victims. For this reason, Foundation personnel were able to keep him contained within an enclosed area (the mall) and formulate a plan of action. Should the Subject have made the decision to leave the mall and continue its killing spree elsewhere, immediate Tier 3 response by a double-blind operator would have been the only possible method of containing the incident.

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