Incident 517-1997-M
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SCP Involved: SCP-517
Personnel Involved: Dr. Agusta Meil (deceased), Site-23 Security
Date: 08/25/1997
Location: Storage Site-23.

On 08/25/1997, at approximately 13:56, the late Dr. Meil was targeted by SCP-517 while supervising the object’s transport to a new storage locker. Security and Site Director were alerted, and a defensive strategy was devised.

At 23:30, Dr. Meil was loaded into a Foundation UH-60 Black Hawk, five security personnel assigned as bodyguards. Helicopter was situated on Helipad 3-8, located on the roof of the then-empty Cafeteria 1.

Non-essential security personnel from sectors 1, 3 and 4 were armed with blades and stun batons, and select personnel were granted flame weapons and concussion explosives. Squads were directed to strategic points around Cafeteria 1’s main and second floors, and instructed to destroy any instances of SCP-517-01 that appear. As this was the first concerted effort intended to overcome SCP-517-01, all measures were taken.

As Cafeteria 1 was not constructed with a proper basement, it was expected that SCP-517-01 would manifest in one of the surrounding buildings. All SCP objects that posed a threat if released by SCP-517-01 were moved to another area of the Site. SCP-059’s enclosure is located away from Cafeteria 1 and as such was deemed safe.

Log of Events

  • 23:57 - Dr. Meil and guards board aerial transport
  • 00:05 - Night time illumination augmented by additional floodlights.
  • 00:36 - Ground squads assigned to interior of Cafeteria 1 in place.
  • 00:41 - Ground squads assigned to exterior of Cafeteria 1 in place.
  • 01:03 - Weapon check called.
  • 01:10 - Dr. Meil expresses an intense feeling of suspense. Becomes mildly agitated. Attributed to knowledge of SCP object and subsequent paranoia.
  • 01:20 - Last call for restroom breaks.
  • 01:30 - Site locked down. All doors and windows capable of being sealed are locked.
  • 01:43 - Approximately 18 SCP-517-01 limbs sighted to the east of Cafeteria 1, generated somewhere in Storage-Center 4-b, approximately 40 metres away. Immediately destroyed by concentrated weapons fire.
  • 01:47 - More SCP-517-01 sighted, in the same area. Additional arms generate to replace those destroyed by weapons fire. Several seemed tasked to collect pieces left behind. No hostility towards squads reported.
  • 01:55 - Further instances of SCP-517-01 sighted to the northeast of Cafeteria 1, generating from within several Foundation- assigned vehicles parked between Cafeteria 1 and Storage-Center 4-b. Ground squad engages, utilizing flame weapons.
  • 02:10 - Assault continues upon SCP-517-01. Number of arms greatly increase, between 80 and 100 are estimated to generate at a steady pace from various points to the northeast. Fire-damaged or destroyed limbs retract out of sight. Pieces left behind collected by entity. No hostility reported directly towards Foundation teams.
  • 02:24 - Squads report some difficulty keeping up with the rate of replacement. Explosive weapons authorized against origin points. No hostility reported directly towards Foundation teams.
  • 02:39 - Dr. Meil and aerial squad go airborne.
  • 02:41 - Arms generate “from the walls” within Cafeteria 1, ground floor. Later examination reveals the arms had formed irregular holes in the drywall consistent with blunt force. Ground-floor squad engages, utilizing close-quarters weaponry. No hostility reported directly towards Foundation teams.
  • 02:49 - SCP-517-01 appears within Cafeteria 1 ventilation system. Roof squad engages. Ground-based instances of SCP-517-01 are noted to continue reaching in the direction of Cafeteria 1, even while Dr. Meil has gone airborne within the evacuation vehicle. 200 estimated to have appeared.
  • 03:04 - SCP-517-01 appear on roof of Cafeteria 1, generating from kitchen exhaust ports. Damage done to structural mesh. Entity engaged.
  • 03:11 - SCP-517-01 observed to remove the locked fire-escape door on the north side of Cafeteria 1. Said instances generated within Cafeteria 1’s ventilation systems.
  • 03:22 - 4 SCP-517-01 limbs, generating from the exhaust system of Cafeteria 1, reach helicopter. Roof crew alerted, limbs culled.
  • 03:31 - Dr. Meil becomes hysteric, demands that the pilot flee. Helicopter begins moving to the southeast.
  • 03:33 - SCP-517-01 generate upon helicopter, seemingly from the base of the tail. Begin attacking the doors.
  • 03:34 - Left-side rear window shattered, onboard squad engaged with bladed weapons.
  • 03:35 - Dr. Meil acquired by SCP-517-01. Drawn through window, passed towards waiting arms. Subsequently moved through the air towards Cafeteria 1.
  • 03:35 - SCP-517-01 limb caught in helicopter’s tail rotor; pilot forced to attempt an emergency landing. Agent Track severely wounded.
  • 03:36 - Squads report a marked increase in hostility by SCP-517-01. Entity begins replacing arms at a greatly increased rate. Number of limbs estimated at a steady 150.
  • 03:37 - Dr. Meil drawn through Cafeteria 1’s kitchen ventilation system.
  • 03:37 - Dr. Meil reappears in kitchen. Agent Matheson attempts to sever SCP-517-01 limbs; subsequently captured and pulled towards fire exit with Dr. Meil.
  • 03:37 - Agent Germain, Agent Teffler, and Agent Seile captured. Defence squads ordered to stand down.
  • 03:39 - Dr. Meil, Agents Matheson, Germain, Teffler, and Seile drawn into Storage-Building 4-b through access door. Outside limbs retract, disappear.
  • 03:44 - Agent Ted attempts to damage Storage-Building 4-b with combat grenades; aggressively drawn into building by exceedingly rapid limbs.
  • 03:45 - Command contacted; mission failed.
  • 07:01 - Dawn.
  • 07:10 - Collective remains of Dr. Meil and Agents Matheson, Germain, Teffler, Seile and Ted rediscovered.
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