Incident 239-B - Clef-Kondraki
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Re: Internal Affairs Incident between Drs. "Alto" Clef and ████████ Kondraki, ██-██-████.

This report is CLOSED. Any further edits must be approved by an O-5 level authority, except for basic grammatical and spelling corrections. Any further information about this incident should be placed in a supplemental report.

This report compiled by:
01:12 - Dr. Clef/SL█
01:15 - Dr. Kondraki/SL3
04:37 - Kain Pathos Crow/SL4
04:38 - Dr. Gears/SL█
1:19 - Far2/SL█
1:20 - Bijhan/SL█
1:21 - Dr. Bright/SL█

On ██-██-████, Dr. A. Clef made the following recommendation on the log re: SCP-239

My analysis of the situation has led me to the conclusion that SCP-239 is an unacceptable containment and security risk. Although several proposals have been made re: using her for containing other SCPs, the example of SCP-953 and others must serve as a stark reminder of the risks of overestimating the Foundation's ability to control SCPs with reality-altering powers.

I would therefore like to make the following proposal: a dagger will be constructed of SCP-148, capable of penetrating SCP-239's otherwise invincible skin. This weapon will be used to terminate SCP-239 while she is asleep and her powers are neutralized. Because of the danger of SCP-239 awakening and resisting termination, it is my recommendation that the selected operative carry SCP-668 as well, in order to minimize complications.

One of the dangers of this procedure is the possibility that SCP-239 will awaken and perceive the operative as a friend or "good person," thus changing reality to match. It is for this reason that I would like to volunteer to carry out the procedure personally. A review of my personnel file should indicate that my [DATA EXPUNGED] should allow me to carry out the operation even after a reality shift of this nature.

- Clef

Unfortunately, Dr. Clef made the error of transmitting his proposal en clair instead of through secured channels. Knowledge of his plan of action reached several staff members at Site-17. As documented under Incident Report 239-A, SCP-239 had formed bonds with several staff members at Site-17. Whether motivated by ordinary sympathy or, as Clef predicted, due to SCP-239's reality-altering abilities causing those on site to be perceived as friends, several staff members were motivated to take action to prevent Dr. Clef from carrying out his proposed plan of action: in particular, Dr. ████████ Kondraki.

Evidence relating to the resulting incident is, unfortunately, incomplete and unclear at best. Efforts are currently underway to piece together the events that occurred through personal logs, official records, and post-incident interviews.

Surveillance Log x92███, Date █-██-████

23:02 - Dr. Kondraki departs living quarters


00:03 - Access to SCP-408 containment unit authorized by Dr. Kondraki

00:05 - Dr. Kondraki enters containment

05:13 - Dr. Kondraki exits containment

Personal log of Dr. A. Clef, SL█

I, A█████ H████ C███, being of sound mind and body, hereby declare that the actions I am about to take are mine and mine alone, and that I am not acting on the orders of any outside body or official Foundation representative. I also declare that I am a liar. Which part of my prior statement is a lie I will leave for the historians and you post-incident investigators to puzzle over. Perhaps I was lying that I am a liar. There's an infinite feedback loop to crash your brains.

I believe that I have tipped my hand too far, and the time to act is now. If my suspicions are confirmed, and the staff of Site-17 have been compromised, it is only a matter of time before someone there informs 239 of my plan of action. After that, it's impossible to tell what may result. My unique character flaws may help to protect me from any resulting reality shifts, but a CK-Class restructuring is still a CK-Class restructuring. All things considered, I like the world as it is.

I have constructed several weapons out of telekill alloy in the short time I had to prepare: they should provide me with a variety of kill options at varying ranges. Incidentally, I am disappointed in the other members of the Foundation at their lack of initiative: knowing of a highly dangerous Keter-class SCP's vulnerability, they nonetheless refused to neutralize it. Perhaps this is a result of the SCP's reality-altering powers, or perhaps it is simple sentimentality towards a dangerous weapon that takes the form of a small child. Probably the latter. My "colleagues" do have a distressing tendency to show unwarranted leniency towards highly destructive humanoid Keter-class SCPs.

Hypothesis: if an enemy wished to destroy the Foundation, all they would need is ten nuclear weapons in the kiloton range, disguised as Girl Scouts.

Unfortunately, I was unsuccessful in securing the Genovese Blade before leaving Site-19, which means that I will be unable to use it to bypass base security. However, my outside contacts have provided me with a variety of technological surrogates which may suffice. In addition, my personal digital assistant has been linked to my ocular and aural implants. In the event of a mission abort or failure, all data regarding this mission shall be immediately transmitted to the GOC, all O5-level Foundation personnel, the FBI's Unusual Incidents Unit, and ███. In the event of personal life sign termination, the Clef unit at the GOC (Treble) is to execute Procedure Pizzicato (Planetary Sterilization).

By the way, I'd like to remind everyone reading this log at Post-Incident Investigation (Hi there, Mel!) that I am a liar and there is no Clef unit at the GOC, no Procedure Pizzicato, and no data dump to be carried out in the event of my death. Probably not. Maybe. There's a good chance of it.

Arrival in ten minutes. Mission begins.

Surveillance Log x92███, Date █-██-█████-██-████

4:45 VTOL 505 arrives at landing pad 7.

4:46 Six (6) Site-17 security agents arrive on-scene.

4:47 Dr. Clef is ordered to exit VTOL 505 and lay down on the ground with his hands on his head. Dr. Clef complies.

4:48 Unknown event. Four (4) security agents temporarily stunned by effects. Remaining two (2) rendered unconscious. Dr. Clef is observed drawing a pistol from his lab coat and firing twelve (12) tranquilizer darts, giving each agent a double-dose of [DATA EXPUNGED].

4:52 Further resistance from Site-17 Security Personnel.

5:02 Resistance neutralized.

5:10 Dr. Clef enters Site-17.

Surveilance Log x92███, Date █-██-████

05:11 Several Level 1 security personnel arrive at Site-17 main entrance.

05:13 Security personnel neutralized by [DATA EXPUNGED].

05:17 Noted change in surroundings, several signs altered, hallway B-7 intersection becomes dead end.

06:02 Large flash of light erupts from hallway B-7.

Personal log of Dr. A. Clef, SL█

It's worse than I thought.

The reality shifts have already started to occur. The walls have shifted, everything's not where it should be. My Site-17 map is completely useless. All I can do is follow the signs and hope they lead me to the right place.

Damn, what the hell is going on here? I could have sworn that was a doorway a moment ago…

Wait a minute.

[Sound of a hand slapping against metal]

Butterflies? [Manic laughter] Konny, you magnificent bastard! I've read your…

[Another male voice is heard saying, "Smile you sonovabitch!"]


Surveilance Log x92███, Date █-██-████

06:04 SCP-408 briefly spotted, before reconfiguration. Dr. Clef identified, Site-17 security alerted.

06:06 Dr. Kondraki spotted, accompanied by 3 other Dr. Kondraki. Subject appears to be holding highly modified camera.


06:10 Security teams dispatched to containment unit of SCP-239.


06:20 Dr. Kondraki neutralized, Dr. Clef leaves hallway B-7

Personal log of Dr. A. Clef, SL█

Konny, you clever, clever bastard! Talked to 408, did you? Convinced them to help you… or did the damn bugs volunteer to do it on their own? No matter, you win this round. Clipped me pretty good, huh? Well, now you're dead… at least, one of you is, I think. Two bullets in the heart, one in the head, you'd think that would be enough, but no, you just had to keep coming, didn't you? Made me get up close and use the knife, didn't you?

Why did you do it, Konny? Are you working for her, now? Did she call you her snuggle-lumpkin, and turn you into her pet? Or are you just doing this because she looks like a little girl, and your damnable genes that tell you that children are to be loved and protected are firing ten thousand fold? It's not a child, Konny, it's a monster, the worst kind of monster, one that hides in plain sight, makes you love it before it butchers you alive.

Whatever you had in that damn flashbulb took out my eyes. I'm thinking second degree burns on my face and forearms, and my retinas are fried to hell. That's fine, they'll grow back. Until then, I can't see a damn thing, but my ocular implants still work. I can still finish the mission.

I just need some help. And I think I know where to find it.

6:25 Site-17 Security Team Bravo ceases to exist.

6:30 Site-17 Security Team Bravo re-emerges, wearing full-plate armor, carrying heaters and arming swords.

6:35 Site-17 Security Team Bravo engages Dr. Clef in hallway B-9.

6:36 Site-17 Security Team Bravo neutralized.

6:37 Dr. Clef ceases movement.

6:38 Dr. Clef proceeds to containment facility for SCP-091-ARC.

6:45 Containment Breach. Biohazard Level 4 Alert. Site-17 goes into Biohazard Lockdown. Automated alert goes out to all other SCP Foundation bases, requesting assistance. Kain Pathos Crow and Dr. Gears respond.

7:01 Hall B7 secure, no movement detected.

7:12 Movement detected, SCP-408 uncloaks. Dr. Kondraki is wounded.

7:25 SCP-408 departs.

7:26 Dr. Kondraki operating cam.



Personal log of Dr. A. Clef, SL█

I talked with Siddhartha Gautama once. He told me that the world is an illusion. That nothing that exists is real. You've driven it home for me.

Damn butterflies all over the place. Nothing is real, nothing exists. All is illusion. I walk down a hallway and it turns into a dead end, which explodes into a shower of light. None of the signs lead where they should. None of the walls point where they should go. For all I know, you've gotten the little monster out of the facility already.

Except for one very interesting fact.

Have you ever wondered why women instinctively recoil from me, Konny? Have you ever wondered why I was able to get into 91's pen and let her out, or why 166 and I get along so well? Have you ever wondered why I never talk to 105?

If you knew who I was, you'd understand.

But then, if you bastards knew who I was, I'd be another specimen in your collection. Another number to catalogue and store and contain.

Because that's what you do, right? You catalogue, store, and contain, and watch and watch and watch. Never act. Never move. Never take the initiative.

Even when death is staring you straight in the face.

But I can act, Konny. I can always act. That's why your silly little game can't stop me. Why your silly little butterflies and illusions and parlor tricks will never suffice. Because Gautama was wrong. Not everything is an illusion, and not all illusions are indistinguishable from reality.

For instance, what will happen when I release an elemental spirit of wood from its containment? Well, of course, the entire facility will go into biohazard lockdown. No one gets out. So that little monster is going to be trapped in here with me. No way for you quislings to let her out into the world to destroy us all. Perhaps you think that's all I'm going for.

Here's a little hint, buddy. It's not.

No one's ever seen what Ninety-One looks like when she flowers, or fruits.

I'm about to show them.

7:30 Dr. Kondraki focuses image on Hallway F-19, current location of Dr. Clef

7:35 Dr. Clef is seen embracing SCP-091-ARC. Immediate infection occurs.

7:36 Infection now spreads across 90% of Dr. Clef's body.

7:38 Flowers are seen emerging from Dr. Clef's extremities.

7:39 Flowers begin to exude an unknown pheremone.

7:43 Local swarm of SCP-408 begins to lose cohesion.


Audio Log s17███-████ Date: █-██-████

<unknown>: [Static]…need assi…P-091-ARC containment bree…

<Operator ██████>: Kondraki, is that you? What the hell is going on down there, they're talking about a full lockdown!

<Dr. Kondraki>: Doct…extremely aggresive…warn Cog an…send help…

<Operator ██████>: Dr. Gears? I just got a report that he and Kain are on the way here, don't worry.

<Dr. Kondraki>: [Pained] ….got it all….wrong…

<Operator ██████>: Doc? Doc?! [indistinct, shouting to someone in background]


Interview Log x████, Date: ██-█-████

<O5-█>: As the first person to become involved in this incident, let’s start with your involvement that night.

<Dr. Kondraki>: I had been tending to SCP-408 that night, making sure maintenance kept the feeders filled properly. It was 408 who alerted me.

<O5-█>: How did SCP-408 know about the situation outside?

<Dr. Kondraki>: Hell if I know, and it wouldn’t tell me at the time. What mattered, however, was stopping Dr. Clef from causing any more havoc.

<O5-█>: If I recall, you weren’t very successful.

<Dr. Kondraki>: No, but then again what could I do? I had a camera and a flock of butterflies. And this wasn’t much of a photo shoot.

<O5-█>: What about SCP-239?

<Dr. Kondraki>: What about her?

<O5-█>: The assumption of Dr. Clef is that you were manipulated into protecting her.

<Dr. Kondraki>: It certainly became the focus of my actions once I figured out his plan, which the idiot had revealed to anyone who cared to look.

<O5-█>: Was it true then?

<Dr. Kondraki>: That I did it all to protect SCP-239?

<O5-█>: That you did it because she wanted you to.

<Dr. Kondraki>: To be honest, with the way that girl works, can I even be certain of my intent? The idea that she used me like that, it scares me.

<O5-█>: It scares you that she can control you?

<Dr. Kondraki>: No, it scares me because if she did, I’ll have to kill her myself.

<O5-█>: One more thing, did you know about [DATA EXPUNGED]

<Dr. Kondraki>: [Laughs] I don’t think anyone doubted she would get caught up in this.

7:46 Entirety of SCP-408's swarm now in disarray.

7:50 SCP-091-ARC has breached containment, Dr. Clef seen leaving containment.

7:53 Humanoid figure seen emerging from cloud of confused 408.

7:57 SCP-408 reverts to basic state, retreats. SCP-336 identified.

8:01 Dr. Clef and SCP-336 seen conversing.

8:03 SCP-336 removes voice modulator.


Audio Log s17███-████ Date: █-██-████

<Clef>: … you.

<SCP-336>: … me.

<Clef>: … Why are you here?

<SCP-336>: To stop you.

<Clef>: [At this point. Dr. Clef reverted to an unknown language. Foundation linguists have analyzed the content of this audio file, and believe it to be a variant of ancient Sumerian.]

<SCP-336>: [Responds in a similar dialect]

<Clef>: … so there is no other way, then?

<SCP-336>: None. Your motivations may be pure, but your methods are too extreme.

<Clef>: I never stopped loving you, you know.

<SCP-336>: I know.

[DATA EXPUNGED] [It is at this point that SCP-336 removed her voice modulator and began to speak. For the safety of listeners, this portion of the recording was automatically redacted from the record.]

<Clef>: [Cries of pain]

<SCP-336>: Your dedication is remarkable, but you have…

[Shots fired]


8:05 Target tracking reacquired. Dr. Clef is seen reloading a handgun, leaning against a wall and clearly shaken. Blood is seen running down from both ears, apparently self-inflicted injuries to both eardrums. A nearby mirror appears to have been shattered with three 9mm rounds. SCP-336 is no longer visible.

8:06 Dr. Clef slumps against the wall and slides down to the ground, appearing to weep. Flowering growths on his body wither and die.

8:08 SCP-408 regains cohesion and begins to swarm around Dr. Clef. Visual contact lost.

Personal log of Dr. A. Clef, SL█

This is [DATA EXPUNGED] previously known as Dr. Clef. I am not making this statement out of my own free will, but under compulsion from the First Wife. Despite my efforts, I was not able to remove my own hearing before a partial command was spoken by SCP-336. I'm not sure what she meant to order me to do, but all I remember hearing are the words, "Tell me the truth."

This is the truth.

… the truth…

[low, manic laughter, breaking into raucous peals]


[Sound of breaking electronics. It is determined that Dr. Clef's PDA was shattered at this point in time.]

Interview Log x████, Date: ██-█-████
<O5-█>: At what point did you become involved in the incident?

<Dr. Gears>: I was doing work with Professor Kain on SCP-244. We had determined that several sections could be retrofitted to be modular. We were working on a new crystal-powered cannon module when site command gave us the order to respond.

<O5-█>: Did you have any prior knowledge of what was going on?

<Dr. Gears>: Somewhat. We had heard an alarm go off, but no “black alert” breach warning, so we had continued work. More, I worked while Professor Kain was providing feedback. The P.A. system came on in the lab, and site command said Dr. Clef was attempting to terminate SCP-239 without approval, and had caused several containment breaches, in addition to harming other personnel, notably Dr. Kondraki. We were to attempt to contain Dr. Clef until site security could respond.

<O5-█>: Did you find that odd?

<Dr. Gears>: What?

<O5-█>: That you were being asked to stop a hostile action.

<Dr. Gears>: No. Dr. Clef’s actions were…unexpected, but I have been called to do many things outside my area of expertise since joining the Foundation.

<O5-█>: What did you do after you received orders?

<Dr. Gears>: Professor Kain entered SCP-244 and stated that he was going to assist Dr. Kondraki. The new module was still attached, and the professor expressed anticipation in regards to using the cannon to disable Dr. Clef. I advised caution; however Professor Kain was already leaving, and may not have heard me.

<O5-█>: You didn’t go with him?

<Dr. Gears>: I doubt I would have been able to render much help. Professor Kain is a brilliant man, in the body of a dog, in a large mechanical combat device derived from several SCP. I am a human being with no combat training, and severely limited emotional response. I responded in the way I felt would do the most good.

<O5-█>: And how was that?

<Dr. Gears>: I went to speak with SCP-239.

<Note: audio recoding system damaged, no audio available>

8:12 Dr. Gears leaves testing area shortly after Kain.

8:20 Dr. Gears gains access to the containment area of SCP-239.

8:21 SCP-239 embraces Dr. Gears, who squats down to be face-to-face with SCP-239. Dr. Gears and SCP-239 appear to converse for several minutes, SCP-239 nodding several times.

8:25 Dr. Gears stands and gestures to the door while speaking. SCP-239 collects her “spell book” and takes his hand. SCP-239 has a very stoic expression, but continues to speak as they leave the containment area.

8:27 Dr. Gears stops and collects a book from a office. It appears to be a Chinese dictionary. Dr. Gears gestures to it and to the “spell book” while speaking to SCP-239. SCP-239 smiles and speaks, then takes Dr. Gears' hand, leading him towards the area of the Dr. Clef incident.


8:21 Kain Pathos Crow enters the incident area.

8:25 Crow discovers Dr. Kondraki.

8:26 The pair converse for several moments.

8:29 A large syringe emerges from the side of SCP-244 and injects an unknown substance into Dr. Kondraki's left arm.

8:32 One of SCP-244's arms reach inside its cockpit and remove a large pitcher of alcohol, handing it to Dr. Kondraki, despite him visibly refusing.

8:35 Crow speaks to Kondraki, then leaves area.

Personal log of Kain Pathos Crow

Hmmm… The walker is performing admirably, although this should be a good test of its combat abilities, as I've never had the chance to test it in an actually red alert situation. (the Section 24 Incident doesn't count because no one can remember what actually happened, and there wasn't enough left to properly identify)

Still, this is a no kill situation. I like Clef. Maybe I can talk to him. I just need to be wary. Don't want to be caught unawares. Not again. Not like last time.

8:40 Crow enters lockdown area, breaching Containment Door 12 with an unknown explosive projectile in the process.

8:41 SCP-122-D stands in Crow's way and begins barking and growling, baring its fangs.

8:42 Crow walks past SCP-122-D, ignoring it completely.

8:43 SCP-122-D reacts badly to this, attempting to attack Crow and SCP-244. SCP-244 reacts defensively, batting SCP-122-D out of the way.

8:44 SCP-122-D continues to attempt to assault Crow, and is continually warded away by SCP-244 with little effort.

8:47 SCP-244 reacts suddenly, blasting SCP-122-D with what appears to be the newly installed "Crystal Module" and is transformed into solid crystal.

8:48 Crow examines the remains of SCP-122-D, then continues on his way.

Personal log of Kain Pathos Crow


Bastard had it coming. Nobody liked that mutt anyway. Make a nice lawn ornament though…

Taken from the Post-Incident Report

… did not realize until after the incident that SCP-547's file had been corrupted by SCP-732, turning an otherwise ordinary pyro-kinetic into an apparent five-elemental abomination. Despite popular conception, the presence of l337-speek is not a positive indicator for SCP-732, which i@#$ awesome in every way and really likes Highlande@$% which is wh@#$ wears a black trench coat and carries a katana, but the sudd@#$ presence of Mary-Sue esque elements unnecessary for conversion of the object, which i@#$onna get to date SCP-105 because she loves me so much@#$

Addition PIR-01: Damn it, someone get me an antivirus program in here@#$why can't you tell i'm not electronic@#$@

8:49 SCP-547 leaves confinement as emergency containment procedures fail, proceeds down Hallway G-7.

8:40 Dr. Clef, surrounded by a cloud of SCP-408, proceeds down hallway G-7.

8:41 SCP-547 encounters Dr. Clef.

8:42 SCP-547 engages Dr. Clef. Temperature in Hallway G-7 rises to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, igniting all paper and cloth in the area.

8:43 Smoke fills corridor. Dr. Clef disappears from sight due to density of smoke.

8:44 SCP-547 disappears from sight.

8:45 Shots fired.

8:57 Dr. Clef emerges from smoke cloud, with what appear to be second and third-degree burns over 50% of his body.

9:20 Smoke clears. SCP-547-D seen slumped against the wall, having taken between three and four bullet wounds to the head and upper torso. Subsequent autopsy will reveal that the unusual organ in his chest was shattered by the final round, killing him. (Death was confirmed at 11:27 pm, after the incident was concluded)

3:15 Dr. Bright, currently in the body of SCP-963-D143, an elderly African American female, arrives on site, bearing an ordinary satchel.

3:20 Dr. Bright is taken into custody. Dr. Bright is questioned as to his arrival at a Site whose SCPs he is incapable of interacting with, per his restrictions. The Doctor appears confused, and seems not to understand why he came here.

3:25 Upon examination, it was determined that the satchel contained several SCPs, including SCP-018 and SCP-776. Further questioning reveals the Dr. does not remember gathering these SCPs, nor traveling to Site-17. Dr. Bright is remanded into custody until further orders arrive.

9:15 Dr. Bright stands up in his cell, stating simply, "This is why I was brought here." For unknown reasons, guards on his cell not only allow him to leave, but provide him with the satchel as well.

9:25 Dr. Bright confronts Dr. Clef, with the satchel already open in front of him. There is a discussion between the two, with Dr. Bright holding his hand inside of the satchel.

9:32 Dr. Clef fires one shot into Dr. Bright's head, killing his host body instantly. Dr. Bright dies with a smile on his face, for reasons unknown.

Interview Log x████, Date: ██-█-████

<O5-█>: Dr. Bright, do you have any further idea as to why you ended up at Site-17?

Dr. Bright shakes his head in the negative.

<O5-█>: Are you aware of how you managed to bypass the security measures on the SCPs you collected?

Dr. Bright indicates a negatory.

<O5-█>:Can you please explain the conversation that occurred between yourself and Dr. Clef?

<Dr. Bright>: Oook. Ook eek, ok ook.

<O5-█>:This is ridiculous. I am well aware of the pranks you scientists choose to play upon each other, but this one was undertaken at a poor time. Interrogation of Dr. Bright will continue once he has been returned to a human body.

9:33 Dr. Clef reloads his handgun, "looking" down at the dead body of Dr. Bright. Camera notes an expression of confusion on his face.

9:34 Dr. Clef reaches into the satchel, takes hold of SCP-776.

9:35 Dr. Clef throws SCP-776 against the wall. SCP-776 comes up 3. Water begins to issue forth.

9:36 Dr. Clef rolls SCP-776 a second time. SCP-776 comes up 3 again. Water issues forth at a greater rate of flow.

9:37 Dr. Clef retrieves SCP-776, appears to mutter, "Work, damn it." Rolls a third time. SCP-776 comes up 2. Hallway G-8 quickly becomes frozen in place, cutting Sector 7 of Site-17 off from the rest of the site. Ice will continue to issue from SCP-776 for the next five minutes at a rate of approximately 1000 cubic centimeters every minute.

9:38 Dr. Clef leaves hallway G-8, moving towards the current location of Dr. Gears and SCP-239.

9:39 SCP-018 breaches temporary containment system.

9:31 Dr. Kondraki wakes up, having passed out once injected with unknown liquid by SCP-244.

9:33 Gets up, leg wound seemingly healed, and exits hallway B-7.

9:36 Dr. Kondraki enters living quarters. SCP-408 seen waiting outside.

9:39 Dr. Kondraki still in room, heat signature detected leaving area.

9:43 Dr. Kondraki spotted with SCP-239 and Dr. Gears, now carrying tripod of unknown make and model.

9:44 The two doctors converse, with Dr. Kondraki gesturing to SCP-239 several times.

9:48 Dr. Clef appears.

9:50 Dr. Kondraki engages Dr. Clef.

Investigation Log x77█, Date ██-█-████

The second of the two contraband items that Dr. Kondraki had on his person during the incident happened to be contained within an extra-long tripod. When unscrewed and detached from the main apparatus, the mono-pod of the device acted as a sheath for a straight blade saber of exceptional quality. The make and composition of the blade is still under investigation, but unlike SCP-515-ARC, this one doesn't require SCP classification. At first, a connection to SCP-108 had been presumed, due to the skill with which Dr. Kondraki wielded the blade, but further investigation has revealed that he has more than a simple passing interest in fencing. Details are recorded in Personnel Log cV████.

Partial log, recovered from file-d████.

<Dr. Kondraki>: It’s over, Clef! I’ve got the drop on you this time!

<Dr. Clef>: [Gunshots] Why…do you persist in protecting that monster?!

<Dr. Kondraki>: Because, Dr. Clef, things are never quite so black and white.

<Sound of a metallic clattering sound. It is believed that this is the point where Dr. Clef ran out of ammunition and switched to his backup weapon SCP-1023-ARC >

<Dr. Clef>: [Blades clash] You’re the one that’s color blind, Konny!

<Dr. Kondraki>: Where the hell were you keeping that thing this whole time, anyway?


Addendum: To the anonymous employee who took the Site-17 surveillance camera footage of Drs. Clef and Kondraki having a swordfight, set it to the "Highlander" theme song, and posted it to the company intraweb with the title, "There Can Be Only One": We will find out who you are, and when we do, you'll be missed greatly.

P.S. Whose smart idea was it to allow SCP-076 to view the footage?


Interview Log x████, Date: ██-█-████
(forward to 00:42:18)
<O5-██>: Gears, god damn it, what did you say to her?

<Dr. Gears>: Sir, I do not understand your current agitation. The video record is in excellent condition, and the audio in question is 88% complete. You are already aware of what was said, and its effect. I don’t…

<O5-██>: Don’t. Don’t you dare try to pull that with me. I know you Gears, and the logical bullshit you pull with everyone else will NOT work on me. I’ve seen your file, I’ve reviewed the event, so DON’T treat me like a goddamn moron. Now you answer me, and you answer me now, what did you SAY?!

<Dr. Gears>: (silence)

<O5-██>: Gears, what you did could potentially bring down the whole Foundation. What’s more, you broke the goddamn SCP! What the hell were you thinking? She can do ANYTHING Gears. We want to keep her from experimenting, and you do this! You heartless freak, I swear if…

<Dr. Gears>: I understand your frustration, but I do not view it as warranted. I caused the breach of SCP for 239; however I did so in a way allowing for the re-instatement of SCP. I did not just tell her to do what I asked, thereby calling into question the current “Witch-child” control strategy. I used what resources I had available to extend the control strategy, and affect the end of hostilities initiated by Dr. Clef. SCP-239 remains unaware of the full extent of her abilities, only that they may be augmented by “Over Counsel Wizards” and their “emergency spell books”.

<O5-██>: …what the hell are you talking about?

<Dr. Gears>: Dr. Clef had been attacked by the Great Darkness, a mass of formless evil that reached into our world. It had taken over Dr. Clef, and left only a few witches and wizards with any magic left. I, as an Over Council Wizard, was dispatched, along with the swordsman Kondraki, to subdue Clef and drive the evil from him. Working together, SCP-239 and I would be able to use an Emergency Spell book, which can only be used by two wizards at the same time, and only when the Great Darkness is around.

<O5-██>: …And she believed you?

<Dr. Gears>: Sir, with all due respect, she’s eight. Her only question was if she would be allowed to learn to sword-fight as well.

<O5-██>: This is insane… you could have gotten everyone killed! What “emergency spells” did you have her do?

<Dr. Gears>: We started small, with the most basic spell that everyone learns first.

<O5-██>: …which is?

<Dr. Gears>: Magic Missile.

Partial log, recovered from file-d████.

<Dr. Kondraki>: Damn it, Clef, stop this! I don't really want to kill you!

<Dr. Clef>: I… don't want to kill you either… don't want to kill anyone…

<Dr. Kondraki>: What the hell are you talking about? You just murdered two people! Look at yourself!

<Dr. Clef>: Had no choice… had to do it… she can change reality, Konny, she can make the world change just like that…

<Dr. Kondraki>: She's contained! What we're doing works!

<Dr. Clef>: No, it doesn't. It already failed… on me…

<Dr. Kondraki>: … Clef, what the hell are you talking about?

Sudden shout. A female voice can be heard shouting something like, "I cast Magic Missile!" There is a sudden sound of breaking metal, and a scream, then a loud roar.


9:51 Running swordfight to Site-17 Atrium.

9:52 Words exchanged. See Audio Log.

9:55 Dr. Clef observed locking blades with Dr. Kondraki. Dr. Kondraki appears confused.

9:56 Dr. Gears and SCP-239 arrive from eastern entrance. SCP-239 raises her hand, appears to emit a high-energy plasma bolt. SCP-1023 broken. Dr. Clef retreats.

9:57 Kain Pathos Crow breaks through ice barrier. SCP-239 and Dr. Gears hold up books. Dr. Gears points a stirring rod at Dr. Clef, SCP-239 does the same using her "witch's wand."

9:58 Dr. Clef appears to be in pain.

9:59 Dr. Clef suddenly arches his back and screams. Black light issues forth from his mouth and eyes. Dr. Gears appears shocked. SCP-239 appears unfazed. Kain Pathos Crow arrives from western entrance.

10:00 Dr. Clef collapses. Black light turns into a fifty-foot dragon, breaking through the roof of the atrium and causing severe collateral damage to the surrounding facility.

Partial log, recovered from file-d████.

<Unidentifiable male voice> HOLY F—KING SH-T!!!!!!!!!!!!

10:01 Dr. Kondraki appears to be stunned by the events in motion. Kain seen firing crystalline objects from SCP-244.

10:03 SCP-244 has no effect on the Dragon. Dr. Gears takes SCP-239 by the hand, begins to run down Hallway C-12.

10:05 Dr. Kondraki comes to his senses, and recovers the immobile Dr. Clef before running as well. SCP-408 covers his escape.

10:07 The dragon causes further damage to surrounding structures, releases a breath of [DATA EXPUNGED] into hallway.

10:10 Kain catches the dragon's attention, begins to engage the beast.


Partial Audio log extract from SCP-244's on board recorder

A deafening roaring sound can be heard, followed by sounds of falling masonry

<Kain Pathos Crow>: WELL F—K ME!

Sounds of rapid gunfire

<Kain Pathos Crow>: Alright! Let's see how you like this one you damn bucket of guts!

Sounds of several explosions, which are promptly drowned out by a louder roar.

<Kain Pathos Crow>: … Bugger. That just seemed to piss it o-

Another roar cuts off Kain Pathos Crow, followed by several more explosions, gunfire, and barking

10:08: Dr. Gears and SCP-239 run into the site’s strong room. Dr. Gears closes the outer door, but does not engage the blast door. SCP-239 is seen to be panting heavily, bent over with her hands on her knees.

10:09: Dr. Gears speaks to SCP-239, gesturing to the “spell book”. SCP-239 smiles and opens the book, flipping rapidly through the pages.

10:11: SCP-239 picks up the book, and runs over to Dr. Gears, pointing at a page and speaking rapidly. Dr. Gears nods, then gestures to a wall of emergency supplies while speaking.

10:12: SCP-239 appears to search the supplies, speaking and pointing at things. Dr. Gears moves behind SCP-239 and removes a syringe from his lab coat. Dr. Gears injects the syringe into SCP-239 near the neck. SCP-239 appears to shout, then slumps to the ground. Dr. Gears picks up SCP-239, places an emergency blanket over her, and exits the strong room.

Excerpt of post-Event 239-B psychological evaluation of Dr. Gears

Dr. ████████: Was it difficult to do?

Dr. Gears: What?

Dr. ████████: Inject a child with chemicals, knowing it would induce a coma.

Dr. Gears: The action itself was relatively simple. I have performed many injections in the past, and have developed an aptitude for it.

Dr. ████████: You know that’s not what I meant.

Dr. Gears: If other options had presented themselves, I would have pursued them. None did. The incident had gotten out of control, and SCP-239 may have accidently caused additional danger if she continued to use her power. I took action to protect myself, SCP-239, and the Foundation.

Dr. ████████: You sound like you’re trying to justify it to yourself.

Dr. Gears: It is not an action I would wish to repeat if given other options.

Dr. ████████: What did you say to her, when you picked her up? The video shows you said something in her ear.

Dr. Gears: I don’t think that has any bearing on these proceedings.

Dr. ████████: I feel that it does.

Dr. Gears: …I told her goodnight, and sweet dreams.

Excerpt from Audio Log, Observation Room for SCP-239
██-██-████, ████:██:██, 3 Weeks Before Incident.


<Dr. █████> Hey, Cleffie, what's up?

<Dr. Clef> Nothing much, just dropping by to check up on Coldplay.

<Dr. █████> Coldplay?

<Dr. Clef> 547. He's petitioning to be allowed into Omega 7. Good kid, but too young. I came by to convince him to wait a few years, since he and I seem to get along pretty good. How is our little H███████ G██████?

<Dr. █████> Her name is Sigurrós.

<Dr. Clef> I know, just joking.

<Dr. █████> She's doing all right. We've managed to implant the witch suggestion pretty deeply into her psyche. The number of out-of-control incidents is down to 5% of what it used to be. And she likes her witch hat and wands, too. Spends a lot of time sorting them out, giving them names, experimenting on which ones work best with which "spells." All bull, but we encourage it. It keeps her busy but…

<Dr. Clef> … but?

<Dr. █████> Well, she's been experimenting with "unsanctioned spells." We told her very sternly not to do it, but she tries anyway, when she thinks we aren't looking. We haven't told her about the cameras yet, so we try not to, but we're worried she might have another incident.

<Dr. Clef> Hmmm. Maybe I can help.

<Dr. █████> How so?

<Dr. Clef> Well, if she's not going to listen to dear old Professor █████ and the other Wizard School teachers, maybe she'll listen to Grand Arbiter Clef, the very scary and very stern Wizard Magistrate from the Grand High Wizard Council, sent to discipline a very naughty Student Witch who's been breaking the rules.

<Dr. █████> Think that'll work?

<Dr. Clef> Well, you guys aren't going to do it. You like her too much. And hell, it's okay if she hates me, I'm never at Site-17. I'll be the bad cop, no problem.

<Dr. █████> I'm still not sure.

<Dr. Clef> Would you rather wait until a huge incident occurs and O5 orders a termination?

<Dr. █████> True. If you think you can, go for it.

<Dr. Clef> Trust me, when it comes to scaring women, I'm an expert.

<Dr. █████> [laughter] No argument there.

<Dr. Clef> Want me to do it now?

<Dr. █████> Nah. She's watching "Sleeping Beauty" with Iris right now. Let's wait until they're done first.

<Dr. Clef> "Sleeping Beauty?" Ever tell you I used to have a huge crush on Maleficent when I was a kid?

<Dr. █████> You're shitting me.

<Dr. Clef> Hell yeah, hot sorceress babe who can turn into a huge dragon? How sexy is that?

<Dr. █████> I'm starting to see why you scare women.


From the Diary of Subject SCP-239, discovered shortly after Incident 239-B

Date: [3 days before Incident]

Dear Diary,

I did a bad thing today. I was in the garden, and I saw a dead bird and there was a nest of little chicks above it, and they were all crying for their mommy and I used the Vita spell to bring the bird back to life.

I didn't mean to break the rules, but Grand High Wizard Clef told me that if I broke them again, he would banish me to the Netherworld for a hundred years. I'm afraid of Grand High Wizard Clef. He's so scary.

I hope he doesn't find out. I don't want to die :(

Found in the "Deleted Files" folder of Dr. A. Clef's email account, dated 48 hours before incident.


FROM: Dr. A. Clef, Site-19


To all personnel: secure SCP-239 immediately, and put Site-17 into high alert. You need to stop me, or someone is going to die.

About twenty-four hours ago, I was filled with the sudden compulsion to kill SCP-239. It started as a simple thought, but the obsession is growing stronger. I have reason to believe that my plan may have failed. Damn… I should have known she would misconstrue my talk about "severe punishments." Kids are smarter than that, but dumber too… damn it! Stupid of me! How could I be so blind?

wait, what am I doing? Why am I trying to get you to stop me? That little monster she's too dangerous to live. She broke the rules, now she has to die.

Can't do it offhand, need to do this by the book make a proposal first, that's the ticket. Telekill alloy weapon, that should be able to


10:10 Camera cycles over to Hallway H8

10:12 Entire hallway taken over by aggressive plant life. SCP-091-ARC spotted.

10:14 SCP-336 seen emerging from nearby room, dusting herself off.

10:17 SCP-336 approaches SCP-091-ARC. The two converse for several minutes.

10:23 SCP-091-ARC returns to its containment area, SCP-336 reseals the door.

10:24 Hallway H8’s plant growth begins to quickly subside and retreat back into SCP-091-ARC’s containment.

10:26 SCP-336 trades more words with SCP-091-ARC through the door.

10:28 SCP-336 exits Hallway H8, towards her own containment.

Audio Log c█████-█ Date █-██-████

<SCP-336>: I see that the troubled doctor involved you in this. Poor dear.

<SCP-091-ARC>: [Appears annoyed, angered at SCP-336’s presence. ]

<SCP-336>: You can’t still blame me for that. You know what happened. You know what he meant to me.

<SCP-091-ARC>: <Unintelligible>

<SCP-336>: What a shame, keeping you locked up here…

<SCP-091-ARC>: <Unintelligible>

<SCP-336>: It’s not over yet. These men exist in such a small scope, and we are ever so patient, aren’t we my dear?

<SCP-091-ARC>: [Seems to smile]<Unintelligible>

<SCP-336>: I’m sure he misses you too.

Partial Audio log extract from SCP-244's on board recorder

<Kain Pathos Crow>: Damn damn damn DAMN! Nothing's WORKING! Everything I throw at this… thing, it just shrugs off.

unidentified background noise

<Kain Pathos Crow>: [ Kain growls ] I realise the damn thing is the product of some child's imagination, but doesn't the hero always win in these things? I mean, there's always a knight in shining armour with… a sword!? A sword!

10:20 After engaging the creature multiple times, with no success, Kain Pathos Crow activates a previously unknown attachment of SCP-244, a sword of light emitting from the left upper arm, then engages the dragon once more.

10:24 Despite its initial resistance to the item, Crow is successful in harming the creature, severing a large portion of its tail.

10:30 Crow manages to directly impale the creature mid torso, then decapitate it. Life signs cease.

Partial Audio log extract from SCP-244's on board recorder

<Kain Pathos Crow>: I wonder if anyone will mind if I eat that…

Post-Incident Report 239-B: Long-Term Ramifications (Selected Excerpts)

Item 17: The collateral damage from the incident has caused 45% of Site-17's facilities to become unusable without heavy repair.
Proposal: All humanoid SCPs housed at Site-17 of Safe classification are to be moved to other Foundation facilities for temporary housing. All Keter-Class SCPs housed at Site-17 are to be moved to more stable containment facilities on site. Euclid-Class SCPs may be relocated or terminated, on a case-by-case basis.
Priority: Gamma

Item 22: 80% of Site-17's security staff were incapacitated during the incident. 30% of those incapacitated will require lengthy hospital stays.
Proposal: Security staff from other Foundation facilities will be temporarily transferred to Site-17 on a temporary basis. Site-17 to be temporarily downsized until more security staff can be recruited.
Priority: Eta

Item 97: SCP-239 has demonstrated uncontrollable Keter-level capabilities, indirectly causing the deaths of several SCPs, Foundation personnel, and the destruction of a large portion of Site-17.
Proposal: SCP-239 to remain in a medically induced coma for the time being. Dr. Erica Valdason will supervise the patient.
Priority: Beta

Item 102: Several Foundation personnel went over and beyond the call of duty during this incident, at great personal risks to their own health and well-being.
Proposal: For their ingenuity, bravery, and personal sacrifice, the Foundation will award citations of honor to Drs. Bright, Gears, and Kondraki, and to Administrator Kain Pathos Crow.
Priority: Epsilon

Item 138: Dr. A. Clef's actions during this incident directly caused the deaths of several SCPs, Foundation personnel, and the destruction of a large portion of Site-17. In addition, Dr. Clef has demonstrated several non-standard interactions with female SCPs (namely, SCPs 091-ARC, 166, and 336).
Proposal: In light of these facts, and Dr. Clef's own words during the incident, Dr. Alto Clef is to be classified as a Euclid-class humanoid SCP and secured at Site-17. SCP Number and Containment Procedures will be assigned at a later date.
Priority: Alpha

Supplemental Reports

Supplemental Report 239-B-77, Possible links between incident and ORIA
Supplemental Report 239-B-192, Post-incident interview, Dr. A. Clef


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