Incident 028-A
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Incident 028-A:

During a recent experiment involving SCP-028 and D-9833, Dr. Cardinal, the head of the experiment, stepped into the proximity of SCP-028. Dr. Cardinal began shouting profanities and swatting at the air. When guards came to assist Dr. Cardinal, he was incredibly hostile towards them. The guards then tranquilized Dr. Cardinal, and he was transported to Site-4's medical ward. After three weeks of bed rest, Dr. Cardinal made a total physical recovery, and was released from the ward.

Audio Logs

Excavation 028-A:

Project Lead: Dr. Jeff Cardinal

Assistant Project Lead: Dr. Vlad Stratovich

Location: 1853 Eva Pearl Street, Baton Rouge, Illinois

Mission Description: Members of MTF Epsilon-6 are to search the area for any objects that resemble human remains.

Results: Upon arrival, the house in which the events of 028-A occurred had been abandoned for twenty five years. The house's owner passed away that same year from lung cancer. No neighbors remember the last time they saw the owner of the house, and no records of family were found. Under the guise of a demolition crew, MTF Epsilon-6 searched both the outside and inside of the house. The following is a list of items that were found at Area-028:


  • A box of horse hair rope
  • A box of steel handcuffs
  • Many containers of Bleach, Ammonia and Benzene
  • Pornographic magazines
  • A box of polaroids, all of which are photographs of naked children


  • An uncleaned sewage disposal container
  • Ashes of burned clothing
  • Many skeletal remains of children (forensics determined as many as thirty different skeletons)

Update on Dr. Cardinal's Status:

Following the excavation of Area-028, Dr. Cardinal requested to be amnesticized from any memory related to Incident 028-A. The request was approved by O5 council, however amnestics had no effect on Dr. Cardinal's memories. While Dr. Cardinal has been making a steady recovery since the incident, he has been assigned to Area-26, and will remain there until further notice. No personnel are to speak to Dr. Cardinal about SCP-028 unless absolutely necessary.

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