Incident 023-27
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SCP involved: SCP-023

Personnel involved: Dr. ████, [DATA EXPUNGED]

Date: ██/██/██

Location: Site-██

Description: Timeline of events:

00:00:10 – A pair of glass eyeballs are inserted into the eye sockets of SCP-023 by two D-Class personnel.

00:00:15 – Glass eyes take on an orange-red glow, similar to what SCP-023's real eyes looked like before removal.

00:03:13 – Molten glass begins to run out of SCP-023's eye sockets.

00:05:54 – [DATA EXPUNGED] appear on all lenses, windows, mirrors, monitors, and glass surfaces at Site-██.

00:06:12 – Evacuation of Site-██ ordered.

06:54:07 – Sun visible over horizon. D-class personnel sent in to check area around SCP-023's enclosure. [DATA EXPUNGED] gone. Only trace of SCP-023 is a burnt section of floor around a puddle of colored glass.

Personal Log of: Dr. ████

Date: ██/██/████

It's my fault. I have doomed my research team, and possibly the rest of the facility. All that's left is to keep trying. We must contain SCP-023.

Note: On ██/██/████, one year after Incident 023-27, ███ personnel were interred in an unmarked mass grave outside Site-██.

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