Incident Report Log 567-4012
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Date: May █, 19██

Subject: SCP-567-9-1

Description: Though there were two reported incidences of SCP-567-9 before the Foundation arrived, SCP-567-9-1 was the first incidence observed by the Foundation. It was discovered by Agent █████, and was approximately 2 m in length. Though it walked on four limbs, its front limbs had human-like hands capable of operating complex devices. SCP-567-9-1 was quite intelligent, and was able to deduce the operation of a [DATA EXPUNGED]. There were a total of 14 casualties prior to its containment.

Date: June ██, 19██

Subject: SCP-567-9-2

Description: SCP-567-9-2 appeared shortly after Site 41 was fully established and quarantined, and took the form of [DATA EXPUNGED]. Foundation personnel suffered 9 casualties before it was destroyed with remote explosives. Agent ███████, who participated in the containment of SCP-567-9-2, is currently undergoing psychological counseling for his experience.

Date: July █, 19██

Subject: D-834200

Description: D-834200 was used as part of testing to determine the trigger conditions for each cell. When placed in front of the cells, SCP-567-6 and SCP-567-7 both activated simultaneously and attempted to draw D-834200 in. After a brief struggle, D-834200 was [REDACTED]. The individual body parts vanished as per the usual, once drawn completely into the cell.

Date: July █, 19██

Subject: SCP-567-9-5

Description: During testing of SCP-567-4, when the cell door was opened, SCP-567-9-5 manifested and immediately attacked and killed Dr. ██████ without warning. It took the form of [DATA EXPUNGED]. Due to the presence of high-value personnel, standard containment procedures were not feasible. After a total of 7 casualties, [REDACTED] was able to lure SCP-567-9-5 back towards SCP-567-4, at which point it activated, drawing SCP-567-9-5 back into it.

Date: December ██, 20██

Subject: SCP-567-9-8

Description: On December ██, 20██, the door to SCP-567-7 was observed to open and close via CCTV, but no instance of SCP-567-9 appeared on the monitoring system. Two weeks later, [REDACTED] was found dead in his bed, in circumstances identical to those of deaths involving SCP-966. Mobile Task Force Iota-1 was dispatched, and located SCP-567-9-8 within Site 41. SCP-567-9-8 appeared similar to an instance of SCP-966, with variations in [DATA EXPUNGED]. SCP-567-9-8 was successfully contained, and facility cameras were upgraded to observe additional wavelengths.

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