Project Proposal 2007-167: "In the Name of Purity"

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Project Proposal 2007-167: "In the Name of Purity"

Name: Eir'e Niall

Title: In the Name of Purity

Material Requirements:

  • The divine flame of the Sun (already in my possession)
  • Ancient summoning incantations (non-specific, already in my possession)
  • Exactly four milligrams of salt
  • Two thousand kilograms of igneous rock (not exact, but no less than 1,750 kg)
  • Enough "Singularity Black" paint to drown the whole thing (according to my math, roughly 17 litres)
  • A bucket of water (non-specific)
  • A vacant Red Rocks Amphitheatre

Abstract: When I'm certain there aren't any witnesses, I will transport the necessary materials to the amphitheatre via a manufactured Way (there are Ways that already lead there, but for personal reasons I can't trust their usage), and begin constructing the necessary geometries in order for the summoning ritual to work. I will also being setting up a system by which I can dump the paint onto the entire setup. This will take place over the course of several hours, during which passerby may be interested in what's happening. They're welcome to watch, I've already got the materials there by this point. This performance is booked over a performance of Killer Queen (I have taken care of this already,) meaning I should have a larger audience than usual.

Eventually (should take about 7 hours), the setup will be complete, at which point I wait for exactly 11:34 PM. Thus begins the main event. The incantations and ritual movements should take 20 minutes, giving me enough time to prepare the paint. At 11:59, I will deploy the flame and salt, resulting in the described solar deity to begin forming. At exactly midnight, I will then douse the entire creation in the paint. According to the semantic construction of the ritual, the combination of "pure darkness" and literal chemically pure darkness will be enough to kill it within 5 minutes, during which time it will wail about the evils and indulgences in the world, while it thrashes and attempts to escape, providing a spectacular light show to the audience. Eventually, the deity will disintegrate back into its constituent rocks, the flame having died out.

The performance will conclude with me unceremoniously and haphazardly dumping the water over the remains.

Intent: I still don't know my birth parents. It's never occurred to me to find out who they were, even, just because I haven't really cared. When I was too young to realize anything was wrong, though, I was brought in by someone. Can't say who, both because she's dead now, and because she never told me her name, but she found a godforsaken Fae child on the street and thought it'd make a great acolyte. See, she was a part of a (now defunct) sect of sun-worshipers. At first, I didn't think anything was abnormal, because I was 4, but they weren't exactly pious. No, they were puritans.

Here's the thing. That, in of itself, is fine. I've never been a fan of the idea, but if people want to try and be "pure" for whatever cause they think it's necessary for, whatever. I won't stop them. But that cult was incredibly stringent about it, to say the least, and the things I overheard during my "studies" weren't the best. Talk of "filthy Catholics" or "impure harlots," all that jazz. It was definitely worse than that, but I'm sure you aren't here to listen to that. To say the least, it was intense. And that's just the stuff they didn't tell me. What they directly tried to teach me…

At first, it felt like normal school stuff. Math, language, the sciences. Then they started putting me through "culture classes," which basically amounted to pointing out every minute failing of the world's powers, and teaching me all the things I shouldn't do. I couldn't play, I couldn't keep secrets, I couldn't talk back… I couldn't love the world as it was. They kept teaching me that the world was beyond saving, that Man, Fae, and Yeren alike were the harbingers of all that was evil in the world. I was about 7 at this point, young enough to be malleable, and I ate it all up, at least to some extent. I didn't hate anyone, and I thought the world was still beautiful, but I was beginning to think that there needed to be a solution.

They were, invariably, an apocalypse cult. Looking for the materials to call upon some ancient sun goddess, so she could destroy everything to let us build anew, or whatever. They seemed almost giddy at the idea, even tried to get me excited about it. Of course, it was the 80s, and that sort of thing didn't go unnoticed, so they eventually got their heads crashed down upon by whatever group wanted to stop them that day. They survived, but they lost enough people that they'd gotten desperate. After 6 long years of trying to teach me the horrors of the world, they let me into their inner circles, thinking I was with them. I didn't object. They told me of their plans, showed me what tools of destruction they'd obtained. What horrified me was them, but I didn't say anything. More of them were picked off over months, until one fateful day.

Some group, I think it was the GOC, had found our final hiding spot, and were closing in. I could probably feign innocence, but they had taught me all about how they hated us, so I didn't want to risk it. So I burned it down. I became what they wanted me to, I guess. I burned the hideout, grabbed what papers and trinkets I could, and ran. I ran as far as I could, until I couldn't see that unholy glow, until I couldn't feel the sting of ash on my face. And I kept going.

I won't bore you with how I survived further than that, but clearly, I have. And since then, I've noticed a pattern, of groups exactly like those people. People murdering and pillaging, ruining people's lives, in the name of what they call "purity." Except, it never is. It's always just… thinly veiled hatred. And I just loathe that. I don't necessarily condone hatred, but it's one thing to be up front about it. But hiding it with the notion of "purity," well. It's disgusting.

And so, I'm going to make that old ritual unpure, too. I've tested it, and it works. I'm in no danger here, and neither is the audience. The only thing that's technically up in the air here is the "cleanup crews," but that won't be my problem.

I should say now, this is entirely a self indulgent thing. I'm spiting my upbringing, and doing something for my own gratification, how scandalous. Perhaps afterwards, I'll go and eat food that's terrible for me, or go to a mall and steal something. It won't be important, but it'll be a part of the piece, in a way.

I leave you with an interesting tidbit: the last time an attempt was made to summon this deity, the practitioner burst into flame. There's nothing I can remember describing this happening, but if I had to guess, it deemed him "unworthy." I have precautions setup for this, but it makes you wonder, given he was as devoted to purity as my "caretakers" were.

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