In the Land of the Blind
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- sounds of chairs being moved and objects falling to the floor -

Agent Randolph: Tell Hicks to get that channel open! Can anyone on this floor see anything?

Doctor Gears: Gentlemen, is this Security Station Theta Blue?

Agent Randolph: There's some sort of containment issue right now, you shouldn't be… oh. Sorry Doctor. What are your orders?

Doctor Gears: Please pass me the microphone if you can find it, Agent Randolph. I need to make a site-wide announcement.

- Static and feedback -

Agent Randolph: -at's it.

Doctor Gears: Attention, all Foundation Personnel. This is Doctor Gears. There has been a containment incident resulting in the temporary blindness of all sighted individuals in Site-19. Remain calm and do not leave your workstations. I repeat. Remain calm and do not leave your workstations.

Doctor Gears: Thank you, Agent. Please put that on repeat.

Agent Randolph: Yes sir… I think this is it. There. So this is temporary?

- Recording of statement by Doctor Gears can be heard repeating in distance -

Doctor Gears: It should be, Agent. An experiment with Me2515 has gone awry, however our research strongly suggests this will pass within the next six hours. Please contact Site-23 and have them send in a relief team to secure this location.

Agent Randolph: Already done, ETA is 19:45. God, I hate to imagine what must be going on in some of the lower levels right now.

Doctor Gears: The lower levels are contained by blast shields, all personnel there should be safe. Casualties will be worse if there is a panic. Would you kindly secure the door?

Agent Randolph: Those poor bastards are down there with the really dangerous stuff and they can't even see anything though -

- Rattling noises -

Agent Randolph: -icks should be on his way back, we need to let him -

Doctor Gears: Please secure the door Agent.

- Screams heard in the hallway -

Agent Hicks via security radio: Goddamn it! Answer me you fucks! I said 173 has escaped containment! 173 has escaped containment!

- Screaming stops. Loud scraping noises -

Doctor Gears: Agent. Please secure the door.


Note to O5: This is the transcript of an audio file recovered during the weekly scan and backup of servers at Site-19. We have no records on anything labeled Me2515 and there is nothing to corroborate what is contained in this file. Agents Randolph and Hicks were KIA during a field mission in '08 and Doctor Gears was not stationed at Site-19 during their rotation there. - Site-19 IT dept

It's probably leftovers from some prank involving 050 again. Just delete it. - O5-8

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