In The End, We All Went Out in a Blaze
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04-1-2019//00h03: Night sky begins to shift color, unknown cause. Live news reports on strange phenomena.

04-1-2019//01h12: Unknown type of radiation detected in the upper atmosphere. NASA and Foundation Cosmic Research Teams alerted. Night sky is now deep blue in coloration. Knowledge of incident spreads through social media.

04-1-2019//06h08: Massive entity begins materializing in the sky. Impossible to supress knowledge as the entity's head completely eclipses North America. Entity tentatively designated E-42/06-9

04-1-2019//09h03: No gravitational effect on Earth leads researchers to believe E-42/06-9 is partially corporeal in nature.

04-1-2019//10h39: Veil is broken. Approximately 80% of the planet makes visual contact with E-42/06-9.

04-1-2019//12h03: E-42/06-9 makes physical contact with Earth. Large portions of the East Coast of the US are obliterated. North Carolina, South Carolina and Florida are destroyed and replaced by an enormous crater. Shockwave from impact causes further fatalities due to resultant earthquakes and tsunamis. Deaths are estimated to be in the millions.

04-1-2019//12h49: Foundation activates the ARC Protocol, evacuating selected beings for transport off Earth for humanity's survival.

04-1-2019//13h43: E-42/06-9 makes contact with the US again, this time destroying North Dakota, Montana and Minnesota while heaping up the earth's crust toward itself. Fatalities are now unfathomable. Dozens of Foundation Sites are unresponsive. Only 4 out of 20 Arc Spacecraft survive the second assault and are immediately launched into space.

04-1-2019//14:00: The Earth's mantle begins extruding from the massive crater off the east-coast. Unidentified object begins manifesting inside.

04-1-2019//14h52: The four remaining ARC Spacecraft successfully exit the atmosphere.

04-1-2019//15h13: Remaining countries launch large scale nuclear attack on E-42/06-9 to no effect.

04-1-2019//15h50: Countdown begins for ARC Spacecraft to use Experimental "Sugiyati FTL-Drive", hoping to accelerate themselves out of immediate danger.

04-1-2019//16h03: All Foundation Sites activate nuclear warheads.

04-1-2019//16h20: All Sugiyati FTL-Drives successfully primed for activation. The fully materialized object inside the United States East Coast crater spontaneously combusts. ARC-SS02 captures final images of Earth before activating lightspeed engines. Final reports from the remaining population indicate feelings of intense mellowness.

04-1-2019//16h22: All contact with Earth lost.

The Following is a Message from Captain H. Hughes for ARC Foundation Staff.

Well, we made it, we are the last. Four ships containing the last of our kind. We may only number in the thousands but we carry the hopes and dreams of the billions we left behind. Do not let their deaths be in vain.

We have the opportunity to start over, and we have the responsibility to uphold the values of the Foundation we served on Earth. Nobody shall know of the horrors we experienced before we left, they shall only remember the sacrifices people have made to get us where we are today.

That being said, The image we captured before leaving earth will be buried under Level 6 ARC Command Security. No being should be subjected to viewing the end of their planet, especially an end as fickle as ours.

Our people will remember us going out in a blaze of glory, not a blaze of shame.

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