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BODY once told me                                                                                                                            

The following document was mailed to Agent Green's father, with instructions to forward it to his son, along with the message "Hast wir eine Gecoolen yet?". The sender has not been identified.


A stock image.

Item #: Fire officials say at least 8 injured as vehicle hits students outside California high school.

Object Class: A squeeze play that works two ways.

Special Containment Procedures: Md., Va. motorists warned to stay away if possible from Wilson Bridge this weekend. The Root DC Live : Things to do May 24 to June 7. UK Supreme Court backs extradition of WikiLeaks chief. UN rights council to hold special session Friday on Syrian massacre in Houla.

Description: Police in both parts of Ireland launch crackdown on prostitution, raid brothels islandwide. Capital Weather Gang : Oklahoma City pounded by severe weather Tuesday, and more on the way today. Resolution praising feds has bleak future. What California's lieutenant governor thinks of Project Glass after trying them on. Chen Guangcheng, now in U.S., poised to play role in yet another abortion debate.

Cook's scoreless streak ends with Morneau's tying double in 8th; Twins take down A's 5-4. Logmill Road project, site of fatalities, is delayed. Capital Buzz: Parature's former chief executive reprises role. Past Romney critics praise his jobs record on Sunday talk shows. French Open's defending champion, Li Na of China, adjusts to new status as title holder. A quiz on 'Coppelia,' presented by the Bolshoi Ballet at the Kennedy Center.

The high cost of savings.

Addendum: ‘More politics than faith’ in bishops’ religious freedom campaign? To fast or not? London Olympics forcing Muslim athletes to consider delaying Ramadan fast. Missile Defense! Where should they put the East Coast site? (A Loop contest). Who will invent the future?

I'm almost positive they're just fucking with us.- Dr. Carlisle

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