In His Own Image: Interlude 2
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July 7, 2005:


"I heard you like… ctenophores."


Lament jumped at his desk, turning and looking up at the woman. Long, lightly curling, brown hair. Constant smirk. Mirthy eyes.

"Heya, Sophie," he said, grinning as he stood. The smile came to his face easy. It always seemed to around her. "Hey, listen, I got you something…"

"Oh…? Gifts? On a first date?"

"It's just lunch!" he defended. It was a date.

"Regardless, sir. Most unbecoming." Still that smirk. God, he loved that smirk.

"Well, I couldn't pay for the meal, since we're on base, so…" He pulled out a clear, glass vial, passing it to her carefully.

"Someone told me you like… ctenophores."

She looked down at it, then up at him, her face registering a mix of shock and joy.

"Best. Date. Ever."

Hehe. It was a date.

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