'Imperfectly Fossilized Eggs' (M4RHO/EDOPE/FO5LE)

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Status Selling
Demand High
Value 1,000 GBP
Availability Current Inventory 103, Unknown Amount Worldwide
Identifier Imperfectly Preserved Fossil Eggs
Description Dinosaur eggs found fossilized in the Morrison Formation, Wyoming, North America. Despite the fossilized state, interior of eggs are still alive, and will hatch under correct conditions. Taste has been described as rich, slightly sweet, and also slightly bloody; travel to Wyoming is not advised if egg is consumed.
Marshall, Carter and Dark, LLP
Initial Report
Author Jerome Barnaby Date 9th July, 1882
Interest High Identifier Imperfectly Preserved Fossil Eggs
First discovered on E.D. Cope's 1882 expedition to the Morrison Formation in Como Bluff, Wyoming. Specimens there were retrieved by other agents without incident.

O.C. Marsh made an independent discovery of the same items, where several specimens were destroyed due to the incompetence of dig staff. Five staff were fired as a result of this incompetence, all of whom died shortly after.

Destruction of eggs resulted in the manifestation of a spectral entity resembling a large, unknown theropod, approximately 7 meters long, and resulted in the deaths of the aforementioned five men, as well as psychological trauma to O.C. Marsh.
File Opened Under: M4RHO/EDOPE/FO5LE
Marshall, Carter and Dark, LLP
Tracking Information
Owner Date Comments
Edward D. Cope 29th May, 1882 Initial Discovery
Othniel C. Marsh 6th June, 1882 Secondary discovery, independent from Cope
Marshall, Carter and Dark LLP 12th June, 1882 Item acquired by two Marshall, Carter and Dark agents without incident.
Marshall, Carter and Dark LLP 17th June, 1882 Item acquired from Marsh by agent from Marshall, Carter and Dark following incident on this date. Trauma inflicted on Marsh by the aforementioned spectral entity, combined with a solution administered by the agent, caused him to forget the majority of the events that occurred in the previous weeks.
The Occultic League of Paranatural Percipients August 1st, 1882 Five specimens delivered for analysis
The Wellington Restaurant, London August 3rd, 1882 The Chef at the Wellington prepared one of the eggs in an omelette, under the pretense of it being an ostrich egg, and served it to a member of the club. Reportedly tasted slightly bloody; club member requested a second serving.
Marshall, Carter and Dark LLP August 9th, 1882 Specimens returned from OLPP (See External Document 1)
The Foundation September 19th, 1882 Edward Cope, rival of Marsh, was in contact with the Foundation unbeknownst to agents at his camp, and managed to give several specimens to them in exchange for a large sum. It is unknown what these items are classified under.
Albert Tomlin March 5th, 1883 Won auction and acquired five specimens; whereabouts have since been unknown. Attempts to contact Mr. Tomlin have gone unanswered, and no record of a man of his name has been recorded in America or Europe.
Unknown Party October 4th, 1924 Archival warehouse was robbed by an unknown agent, and fifty-five of the specimens were stolen, and have yet to be recovered. No known party has claimed possession of it.
Marshall, Carter and Dark, LLP
Auction Record 05
Date March 5th, 1883 Location London
Auctioneer Walter Soreno Lot 15 of 150
Listing From the late Cretaceous to your home or dinner plate, this is one of a collection of genuine dinosaur eggs, found in America by one of the greatest paleontologists of our age, Othniel Marsh. These are not mere fossils, however; using provided instructions, these specimens will hatch into genuine saurian creatures the likes of which the world has not seen in millennia. Within a year, they will grow large enough that a small child can ride them, and they will make excellent conversation pieces at parties. Perfectly safe, easy to clean up after, capable of breeding. Alternatively, perfectly safe to eat, and can be made into a delicious omlette or other egg dish. Marshall, Carter and Dark LLP takes no responsibility for the misuse of this item.
Name Bid Comments
Algernon Deeds 1,100 GBP Proxy bidder for anonymous party
Richard Lydekker 1,200 GBP
Algernon Deeds 1,300 GBP Proxy bidder for anonymous party
Imogen Pryce 1,600 GBP MC&D bid raiser to increase cost.
Albert Tomlin 1,900 GBP
Algernon Deeds 1,950 GBP Proxy bidder for anonymous party.
Walter Mantell 2,000 GBP
Albert Tomlin 2,500 GBP
Imogen Pryce 2,600 GBP MC&D bid raiser to increase cost.
Albert Tomlin 3,000 GBP Winner of auction.
Marshall, Carter and Dark, LLP
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