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Does our God love us? He does not love us. But we don't mind.

We are humble, we are unclean, we are unworthy of His love. But He had mercy on us. He lit our path.

He taught us the meaning of the world, and he told us he was the only greatness. He told us that gears and coils began the universe, and mechanical steel is the gospel of all things.

He forgave our filthy forms, and gave us a chance to be reborn from these misplaced parts, to let us pay tribute to Him, to know His holiness and sublime glory.

We have to worship a god of metal with our flesh and blood, like a lamb sacrificed to the wolf. The sheep do not know their lowliness, but we know. We are humble flesh worms, and His salvation is the only path to glory. We are His servants, the ones who spread His Broken speech. He is all, He is the highest order, neither good nor evil, the mechanical operation of the gods, until the end of everything.

So I was baptized in the holy oil, I listened to His gospel, I saw Him dance. We pray that we will become His hands, and that we may complete His greatest work. I knew I would achieve ascension.

Our God is broken. We want to fix Him.

I recalled the teachings of the Book of Movements, I know His heart is placed at the bottom of the Seven Seas; I know that His body was given to unknown heresy; I know His voice is limited to the wild beasts; I know His eyes were abandoned in the mountains; I know his face was sent to His greatest enemy; I know His thoughts are sown into the most humble of livestock.

But I know He will be complete.

When the first gear is set in place, all of this will be set in motion, the quiet rhythm of mechanical fate, our goal achieved. God will reproduce His glory, so that all may humbly tremble and lie prostrate at His feet.

But some people do not understand. They use their own corrupt intent and rotting flesh to prevent the rebirth of God. They do not understand. God's machine is not their machine. God is the life and soul of the machine.
They came, they tried to stop our great initiative, and they do not know their own insignificance. I hate them, but we can only run, and plan for the future. For Him.

But I can not leave. I want to stay. This is our church, this is His church. I am here with Him. I was with Him.

This place must not fall into the hands of those abominable beasts, they must not trample the miracles. So I spread His blood here, the flame will light the holy oil, and bring destruction and ashes. Only the metal will not perish.

I know I'm going to die. I would like to obtain His grace, and die without regrets.

I looked at the reflective metal, knowing it is His misplaced parts. We are all His misplaced parts.

I embraced Him.

Oozing blood, icy cold

Ah ah ah pain



The flesh discarded



Pierced the bone marrow

I know

Metal teeth

His beauty, his greatness

I am not in pain

I am but a gear

Closed teeth

Not a wound


I pray

I listen to his songs



His rage

His glory


I depart

I have seen the world

His kingdom

Incident Report CotBG-████ [Excerpt]:
Upon arrival of Foundation Agents at the stronghold of the Church of the Broken God, it was discovered that the entire building was on fire. It is suspected that this was intentional, allowing for the withdrawal of the Church members in advance. No contact occurred.

The fire was extinguished without incident, and a lack of valuable documents and survivors was noted. A charred body was discovered in the center hall, and autopsy revealed it as [DATA EXPUNGED] of A████ T█████. His body was found in ██ pieces on a rotating gear, presumably a form of ritual sacrifice.

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