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Japan must completely cast aside its primitiveness. The paranormal must be subjected to the objectives of the empire through the scientific lens.

General Okakura, 1888 CE

But IJAMEA does have a place in Japan's order. Only we stand as the vanguard against European encroachment of our collective heritage, the empire's and the rest of Asia.

General Kurata, 1921 CE

With all due respects, this is no longer a war among humans. This is a war against Japan itself. Our enemies sought to destroy all that is Japanese, and we urge you to oppose them. Not necessarily for our sake, but for yours and this sacred homeland.

Lt. Colonel Sakamoto, 1945 CE

We did not lose. I am still alive. I can fight on.

Private Tanaka, 1968 CE

Even if History called them monsters, they will always be our fathers and grandfathers. It is only correct for me – their descendant – to abide by their ways.

General Ito, 2008 CE

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