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Updated 4/8/2021

In the event I judge my mental health to degrade to a degree that I might start harming my works, I go inactive for a period of six months, or if disciplinary actions result in the permanent banning and/or revocation of my membership on the site, I hereby give the following people retroactive collaboration privileges on my articles.

Everything I've done can be found if you dig far enough back in my Sandbox history. Everything that can't can probably be found on the Wayback machine.


If you're wondering why I'm shouting, it's because I'm going to do something very stupid.

As of writing, I am the second-most prolific author on the Wiki. And below (character limit permitting) I am going to attempt to write at least one paragraph about each of my works.

All of them.

I have 180 pages on this wiki.

(some of those are hubs and shit)

God help me.

Expect self-deprecation

Like, a lot.

This is sorted by year

Important works will be BIGGER




Let's go

2012- Hello World!

2013: Getting Bigger…

2014 & 2015- Brain Fog and Horrible Writing

2016- Guess Who's Back?

2017: Renaissance

2018- Rancid Time

2019— The Trainwreck, Part I

I got employed in 2019 at a soul-sucking retail job, and it caused by ability to be creative to go down the shitter, as well as any time I had to write. My output slowed to a trickle starting in June, and hasn't gone back to normal levels since.

2020— The Trainwreck II: Breakdown Boogaloo

Unused Ideas

I have a lot of unused ideas I'm leaving here for people to claim. Tell me when you do, most of these are canon-neutral.

  • "Eat with your eyes"— an SCP featuring a guy who digests things by looking at them.
  • "More like WHY School Musical"— Tale where a task force gets sucked into a high school musical, and they have to sing their debriefing until the antimemes arrive. I envisioned Gilbert and Sullivan for this, for some reason.


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