If You Have a Minute Why Don't We Go Talk About it Somewhere Only We Know

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"I'm on my way."

Dr. Jeffrey Jacobs put the phone down. He kicked the door open before moving into the hall with his pistol leveled. The hallway was empty except for the collapsed ceiling. Smoke rose from the pile of broken ceiling tiles. Electrical wires hanging out of the ceiling sparked in the darkness. Jacobs heard the sound of something wheezing behind him and spun around.

Dr. Jacobs sighed at the sight of a green haired monster that scraped the ceiling. It loped in his direction as soon as he noticed it. Dr. Jacobs shook his head and opened fire while running forward. The beast screamed in rage and continued forward. Dr. Jacobs slid to the floor at the last second and continued to fire as he went through the thing's legs. The beast took spun in place and took two steps towards Jacobs before it stopped and fell backwards.

Dr. Jacobs stood up and replaced his empty magazine. The containment breach siren began to sound. The entire facility rocked as he stood up. He ran down the hall and turned left at the end of it. A huge fire blocked his way in this direction, so he grabbed a fire extinguisher off the wall and went to work. The fire wasn't quite out before he heard the screeching of metal.

The wall behind Jacobs exploded outward into a spray of shrapnel and motes of fire. A dervish of flame and dust screamed at him as he lifted the nozzle of the extinguisher. It rushed forward as he pulled the lever and the scream intensified. He could feel the heat on his face as the entity fought through the chemicals that spewed out of the nozzle. The entity reached forward and swung at Jacob's face as the living flame flickered and died out.

Jacobs wiped his brow and turned to run through the flames. The blaring of the breach alarms were constant as he ran down the halls. It became harder and harder to tell the red light cast by the flames from the emergency lights on the walls.

Jacobs burst through the cafeteria doors and made it about halfway across the floor. The sound of automatic gunfire caused him to drop and flip a table for defense. To Jacobs' surprise, the medium velocity rounds failed to pierce the table. Foundation engineering. Jacobs was running out of time. The gunfire continued until Jacobs heard a high pitched scream.

Jacobs hazarded a peek over the top of his shield. The man on the far side of the cafeteria was lying face down with a young boy attached to his back. The child looked up at Jacobs. He saw the child's mouth, round and filled with layers of razor sharp teeth, covered in blood. It went back to its grim work and Jacobs ran out of the cafeteria.

Outside of the cafeteria was an office door with a nameplate: Dr. Charlotte Lafayette.

Dr. Jacobs knocked.

"Wh-who is it?"

"It's me," he said, cursing himself immediately afterward for not saying his name.

It didn't matter, he heard a loud sigh of relief and the moving of furniture on the other side of the door. The door flew open and he went inside. The two of them pushed the furniture back up against the door before taking a moment to look at each other.

The look turned into a hug. As they began to separate she pulled him in to a kiss.

The building rocked again and they stumbled together.

Dr. Lafayette smiled up at him. "I thought you were dead."

"So did I."

"What do you want to do?"

Jacobs brushed frazzled hair from the side of her face. "Already did it."

The two of them leaned back against the wall opposite the door and slid down. She leaned her head onto his shoulder and they sat together for Site-13's last few minutes.

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