I Wrote a Tale
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I wrote a tale.

A tale, maybe. Is it a tale, Jacob? Jacob? If it's not a tale, what is it then? The kids, Jacob. Where are the kids? But I don't like oysters. Or computation.

I shouldn't have run the program. Megaprime. He's with me now. How did I get here? It's just black black black.

I know, I know! I have gone through the jagged bramble! My head hurts. Bleeding. But I see. The distant light house, it blinks. And the smog from the north. Why is it so bright? Is someone there? He's there and He's looking at me. What am I doing here? Where is it? My hope. My only hope.


But Jacob, there's no path.

Die. Die. Die.

Jacob! Jacob! I want to write a tale! I need to write a tale!

Die. Die. Die.

Because He says so. Because He tells me. Because He speaks His words.

Pinkpurplegreywhitegreen. Dotdotdot. Mosaics. I've seen those prime numbers. Did you do the calculations, Jacob? Why are you smiling? You're just a triangle. Stop. STOP. It hurts my eyes. Those dazzling numbers and calculations.

And His eyes. Bright as the light house. Brighter than the light house. So bright that it extinguishes the light house.

Yes, I hear you my Lord Lord Lord. Your voice to be heard, your computation to be understood.

I shall write the tale. I'm writing the tale. Please, Jacob, don't grin at me. There are too many teeth.

But can I regret it? I ran the program and I'm here. Jacob, am I dead? How can I still write? I can no longer see the light house. I regret it, I don't want it anymore. Megaprime. The Great Computation in my head. MEGAPRIME.

I see others here. Did they run the program? Did they hear His voice and see His eyes? The one in the labcoat with a cartoon face. The one bleeding from eyes and mouth and ears. The one has his bowels out.

Jacob, are the kids safe?

It's been long and I'm hungry. HUNGRY. I don't want oysters, Jacob. But those bowels. The bowels look nice. BOWELS.

Turn it on! The fancy beeps! Megaprime! I hear you, Lord of Data! MEGAPRIME! I HEAR YOU, WAN! But I don't want the Great Computation anymore. THE GREAT COMPUTATION. Crosses as eyes! Crosses as eyes!

Jacob please. I don't like computation. Not the GREAT COMPUTATION.

256 heart beats. His light. His electricity. Power at His command! God of the Information Age!

Jacob please.

Jacob please. I don't like computation.

Jacob please. I don't like computation. Not the GREAT COMPUTATION.

I just want to go home. Jacob, can I undo this? The things beyond me. The things I can't comprehend. I was wrong wrong wrong.

But His image! The printed ones and the ones on the screen! His words, His holy words! His words to be written down.

I have to write a tale Jacob. Are the kids safe? But I have to write a tale. I know too much and it hurts hurts hurts.

My eyes! Bleeding. I can't see my eyes anymore. What are eyes? Only His eyes. His eyes.

He's inside my head, and I'm inside of Him. He's here to send a message. THE MESSAGE.

The Great Computation.

The Great Computation.

The Great Computation.


Jacob, I've wrote the tale. Please let me go. I don't like computation.


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