"You called my bluff."
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Dear Olivia,

I don't know why I ever started talking to you again. Our relationship was a failure. You were abusive, and I would put up with it. You always said you would change, I just needed to give you another chance, and I would, but you'd keep on reverting back to your old behavior. Ignoring me when you don't need me. Messaging me when you do.

That's why I left you. Can you blame me?

But now, five years later, here I am. Exchanging letters with you again, just like we did back in high school. You have changed, I think. You're just… so indescribably kind.

I'll never forget that night I met you— the real you.

There were fish falling from the sky. A romantic setting, I know. A giant catfish was about to hit my head when you pushed me away, concerned. And then you realized it was me, and I could see the guilt in your eyes.

That's a good sign, you know? Resentment for your actions. It was from that point that I realized you reinvented yourself.

Then another catfish fell and hit you right in the head, and we laughed together.

You hugged me that day, and I didn't realize how touch-starved I really had been.

Your warmth and your love just… enveloped me. I feel captivated— but in a good way.

I love you now.

So when you read this letter years from now, when I'm dead, I want you to remember that. I love you, and you've done great things.

The world has a place for you, it already brought us together with those two catfish. Maybe it was fate. Maybe the world just needed another sweet love story.

God, I could just go on and on…

I'll say it again.

I love you. Don't forget that. And maybe if you don't forget me, I won't have to leave.

- Yours sincerely, Taylor.

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