i hear a bang
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i cry out in splitting pain and i plummet to the ground and i try to grab
my desk for support but i just end up bringing a ballpoint pen and
the small framed photo of me and my wife standing in front of
niagara falls on our fifth anniversary down with me and as i
hit the stiff gray carpet i turn around and look up and i
think i see god himself looming over and judging me
for all of the good people i sent to test chambers
over the years knowing that they would almost
certainly die and part of me wants to beg him
for forgiveness and mercy even though i am
unworthy but another part of me always
knew that this would happen when i
joined the foundation and accepted
it and is more sad that god has
come for me while i am alone
in this stuffy office and not
in bed next to my wife or
taking in the beauty of
a great waterfall as it
crashes down

i stubbed my fucking toe.

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