I Don't Want To Bee Alone
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[Excerpts on life during the war from the view of a civilian]
It's already been a year since The Foundation was revealed to us. Times are tough, and the war has no signs of stopping. My cousin, Daryl, has been getting sicker by the day, and I have to devote all of my free time to taking care of him. And the President's televised reassurance isn't helping at all, hack. Going to try get more rations soon, but times are tough, and there aren't enough to go around.

There have been more people signing up for the military as of late, which means more food to go around. It's become easier to take care of Daryl, but his condition isn't really showing any improvement. I heard about 10 miles from here is a town with an old medical university. Maybe if i'm lucky, there could be some kind of medical professional there. Going with Daryl in about a week or two.

We arrived at the university town, and found a nice B&B to stay in temporarily. Also found someone who could help us. Robert, a junior at the university in town before the war started. He said he had a hard time diagnosing Daryl's condition, and might need another opinion on it. Hopefully we at least get Daryl's condition diagnosed soon.

Robert contacted his friend named Justine a week ago, but we never heard back. Daryl's condition is getting much worse, and I'm really worried about him. Rations are starting to become sparse, but we manage. The owners of the B&B are allowing us to still stay, despite me being low on cash. It's important to remember that not everyone's an asshole.

It's clear to us that Daryl is in alot of pain, and Robert suggests assisted suicide. He is leaving the decision up to me. I hoped that i'd never have to make a decision like this.

I decided to put him out of his misery. He was always like a brother to me. Fuck this stupid war, it's pointless.

I don't have much money, but we tried to give him a modest funeral. Robert apologized and gave his condolences. I'm not mad at him, he did his best, and right now, that's all he could do. I'll be heading home soon.

All we have left is water, stale bread, and shitty soup. We'll throw whatever we can find in a big pot and boil it in water. The President keeps assuring us that the war will be short, but it's obvious BS. I hope I at least get to see the war end before I die of old age.

It's already Halloween, time went by alot faster than I expected. Some more SCPs got leaked recently, and people wasted no time putting together costumes. Some of them are even pretty damn terrifying too. But since we don't have any treats, there's bound to be alot of tricks this year. Too bad cleaning supplies are a rarity, my house is going to look terrible.

This is my first second Christmas alone. It's cold as shit outside, and my heating's busted. At least I have a ton of bed sheets I can use as blankets. Even though this year has been horrible, there's still some of that Christmas magic. All I can do now is hope for the future.

No one is making progress in the war, it's just an elaborate draw.

Because of rations getting even lower, people are getting desperate. I've seen people pick up frogs, snakes, and even their own pets to throw in a stew. Their own fucking pets! At least send us some food for gods sake.

My neighbors went missing the other day, and nobody acted like it was strange. I'm worried about them, but I stopped asking questions about them, I don't want to go missing too.

I was asked to clean up the soup kitchen today. Found my neighbors bones in yesterday's stew pot. I'm getting the fuck out of here.

I've been locked in my own home. My keys are missing, and all the doors and windows are locked and boarded up. I think they know I know. I'm fucked.

There was a fight or something yesterday. Heard alot of yelling and a gunshot. This town has truly gone to shit.

Been here 10 11 days. Food is being put in my home when I sleep. They don't want me boney when i'm thrown in the pot. Hope help comes soon.

It's very quiet, too damn quiet.

Heard the boards being broken today. Thought I was done for. Then the weirdest thing happened. These, things, pulled me out of the house. They were tall, humanoid bees. I thought I was having a strange dream or hallucination, but it was real! Thank god i'm OK.

I've been feeling great lately, and I bet it's because of all the wonderful bees people that saved me. I live like a king compared to last year, It's amazing!

I felt kind of terrible yesterday, but still overall had a great day. They told me that I was fine, and I believe them. I mean, after them pulling me out of that shit hole, Why wouldn't I?

I feel like fucking shit today

Found this old notebook from before my transfiguration. I didn't know it was so painful for him, but oh well. He was sacrificed for our noble cause.

There's been reports of unidentified armed soldiers in the area. I hope to god they're with us.

Excerpt was found in a small town in [DATA EXPUNGED]. Town was subjected to assault, and arson. It is unknown at this time who perpetrated the attack.

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