Whatever hysteria exists is inflamed by mystery
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Currently the only known photo of Dr Hysteria.

>be dr hysteria
>I hope you get back to me soon
>written on the 23/11/2014 for the dystopia contest
>cringey re-write of Interstellar?
>wrote it on a whim without drafting
>would not recommend for first time authors
>pleasantly surprised with the results
>SCP-1747 rewrite
>written on the 10/01/2015
>took a couple months to write
>would like to revisit at some point
>collaboration with Zyn
>written on the 13/05/15
>extremely happy with result
>Zyn is a godhead
>she carried the article
>would also like to revisit
>broken masquerade?
>haha… unless?
>thanks ahbonjour
>collaboration with Amuness Creeps and Voct
>written on the 22/09/15
>Amuness was a nice person
>very eager to creat
>i’m Sorry
>Voct is another godhead

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