'Hypnotraline' (TR7K2/2UD9X/53GN8)

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Status In Reserve
Demand None/High
Value 5000000.00 USD/3711675.00 GPB per capsule (65 mg)
Availability Established Supply Chain
Identifier Hypnotraline
Description Items are a mixture of powdered substances contained within bichrome, purple-black medicinal capsules. When ingested, items induce slow-wave sleep (stage 3 non-REM sleep) and significantly lower heart-rate and metabolism beyond what is possible naturally and through modern science. This hibernation is permanent; the substance contained within the items circumvents pharmokinetics by self-replicating via the consumer's endocrine system.
Marshall, Carter and Dark, LLP

Initial Report
Author Soo-Yun Lee Date January 03, 2020
Interest High Identifier Hypnotraline
As part of their investigations into newly anomalous behaviors and events, the Foundation raided a self-acclaimed euthanasia center in Palm Beach, Florida. The facility was not actually capable of providing this service (as was every other firm claiming to do so). However, this facility came the closest to replicating death. Jacob Possman, primary operator of the Palm Beach facility, was taken into Foundation custody. Possman's coworkers, specifically those not present during the raid, were offered protection and employment in exchange for any and all materials/knowledge associated with the product they were offering.

Every tablet replicated by MC&D was faulty; the product obeyed pharmokinetics and eventually worked its way out of the human system. However, working around this is possible: copies of research dedicated to suspended animation provided by Prometheus Labs in exchange for funding into immunosuppression projects are available. Initial analysis indicates that the Prometheus Labs research is directly applicable to Hypnotraline.

It is my recommendation that both the Possman Capsules and Prometheus Labs' suspended animation research be used in conjunction to accomplish Possman's original intentions while simultaneously standardizing a manufacturing process. This will establish a global supply chain. Rebranding can be more or less accomplished with minimal effort considering the localized nature of Possman's facility and the extent of projected modifications. The resulting product can be sold as a euthanasia supplement considering the latter's absence from the current market and the progressively increasing demand for the service.
File Opened Under: TR7K2/2UD9X/53GN8
Marshall, Carter and Dark, LLP

Inventory Information
Owner Quantity Comments
Marshall, Carter and Dark LLP 97428 (individually packaged) Available from suppliers on demand.
Prometheus Labs 16 Currently used as references for synthesizing derivative products. Exclusive supply not impacted.
The Foundation 183 Stored as SCP-3866; adheres to pharmokinetics under certain, common, conditions (faulty).
Others 3200 4 crates of product en route to suppliers in Japan were never accounted for; black market activity suspected. Few untracked items believed to exist. Black market monitoring has yet to indicate consumption of totality of lost product, nor the creation of synthetic copies.
Marshall, Carter and Dark, LLP
Memo 21: Regarding None/High
Sender Soo-Yun Lee Recipient Julianna Vasquez
I've had to install a filter on my inbox regarding the 'none/high' demand issue. Your inquiry was the most vocal and it appears you've even made sure to gather signatures. While I appreciate the dedication to your argument, I believe this misunderstanding can and should be quickly lain to rest.

There are normal goods, and there are inferior goods. Inferior goods are marked by increased consumption as income decreases. Normal goods are the opposite: their consumption increases as income increases. I recommend envisioning frozen food and restaurant food, respectively. Hypnotraline is neither an inferior good nor a normal good, according to those exact definitions. It is a single-use product, the last product a customer uses in their conscious existence. As such, there is no utility for it during the majority of the customer's existence. The demand is zero. However, should we relax the definitions, then Hypnotraline is also a normal good. Its demand increases as time, not income, increases. To preface; we understand the appeal of immortality and we are sufficiently aware of the 'competitor' you pointed out. These are non-issues because while both may increase the utility of life, they do not alter one of the most fundamental rules of economics: diminishing returns.

As a courtesy reiteration, consider the basic pizza example used when this subject is taught in most educational institutions. When hungry, the first slice of pizza will taste the best. As one eats more and more slices, the taste, and utility, decreases as hunger does. Eventually, one does not desire to eat anymore: the slices provide no enjoyment, no utility. Forcing oneself to continue eating beyond this point is sickening: utility becomes negative. It's inaccurate and dismissive to compare life directly to pizza, as the former is made up of novel experiences, bonds and other factors. However, it is also dismissive to declare them incomparable. Life is, fundamentally, a product that is consumed on a daily basis. Inevitably, the utility gained from its use will fall to the negatives and the customer will desire something else.

I understand this clears up any misunderstandings you and your peers may have. Thank you for your time.
Marshall, Carter and Dark, LLP

Incident Report 7
Author Oleg Petrosovod Date January 12, 2038
The first black market product for synthetic Hypnotraline appeared in Moscow. The product was being sold as a water distilled suspension named "Pobeg." While Hypnotraline's gelatin shell is designed to dissolve in approximately 24 hours, Pobeg was compounded with several hallucinogenic substances, both common-place and experimental. The intended and advertised result was not to inflict a perpetual, comatose state, but rather to inflict perpetual, lucid, euphoric, dreaming. General awareness of the product arose only after a surge in popularity led to nation-wide reports of "screamers" and "howling huts" as they were called in the media. By that point, an estimated 39% of Russia's elderly, sick and/or impoverished were, and are currently, afflicted. The same is true for 48 confirmed, international instances. A law enforcement raid on the distribution center led to the recovery of 456 capules lost en route to Japan.

Rather than bypass pharmocokinetics as Hypnotraline does, Pobeg's bootleg mixture simply redirected metabolism: the brain steadily became more active over time. The combination of high concentrations of anti-depressants, narcotic substances and the basic Hypnotraline formula itself resulted in the subject succumbing to sleep apnea in their comatose state. The result was widespread, inevitable sleep-terrors.

According to the testimony provided by still conscious manufacturers, 44 Hypnotraline pills were used to develop the knock-off, and an additional 12 were sold independently. Thus 2688 Hypnotraline capsules remain in external circulation as part of a black market competition endeavor. The illicit drug industries of Libya, South Africa, China and Nicaragua are currently being monitored.
Marshall, Carter and Dark, LLP

Yearly Sale Records
Records From: 2020 to 2059
Year Sold Comments
2020 0
2021 0
2022 1
2023 3
2024 4
2025 12 Including first family order.
2026 9
2027 16
2028 19
2029 17
2030 5 Shipment of Hypnotraline stolen. Black market speculation poorly handled by PR.
2031 19
2032 23
2033 24
2034 35
2035 39
2036 47
2037 72
2038 12 Customer base affected by Pobeg.
2039 1
2040 97 Pobeg collapses. Proxy, retroactive bulk orders involved.
2041 74
2042 82
2043 101
2044 54 Prometheus Labs deploys medicinal Full Body Transplants.
2045 51
2046 0 Prometheus Labs deploys Commercial Full Body Transplants.
2047 0
2048 1
2049 11
2050 10
2051 15
2052 17
2053 14
2054 43 Bulk order from the Vatican included.
2055 29
2056 35
2057 59 Product begins to gain popularity. Favorable market externalities involved (see Marketing Strategy: 2057 and Beyond).
2058 178
2059 312
Marshall, Carter and Dark, LLP

Archived Correspondence (Translated).
Soo-Yun Lee/Ji-Su Kim
Records From: 06/12/2056, 21:32-21:42
Time SoopUserklee Message
21:32 Soo-Yun Lee OK I'm up. What do you want to talk about?
21:32 Ji-Su Kim Do you have the Hypnotraline file open?
21:33 Soo-Yun Lee Do I need to?
21:34 Soo-Yun Lee (Fetching it)
21:34 Ji-Su Kim It's difficult to understand otherwise.
21:34 Ji-Su Kim Sorry I hit enter before reading second message.
21:35 Soo-Yun Lee I have it.
21:35 Ji-Su Kim All right. You looking at sales?
21:35 Ji-Su Kim Look at the trend. This product may be growing in popularity but it's more elastic than anything I've ever seen. The market experiences a breeze and Hypnotraline feels a tornado. It breaks in half, one way or another.
21:35 Ji-Su Kim We didn't make a single sale after luxury FBTs got rolled out, and we made a killing once Pobeg imploded.
21:37 Soo-Yun Lee Did you actually read the Pobeg report? Most purchases were proxy, to put the screamers to actual sleep.
21:37 Ji-Su Kim And then we saw a spike higher than before the black market.
21:38 Ji-Su Kim (Sorry I'm sending without reading)
21:38 Ji-Su Kim The growth is good. But it's not as good as it could be. We could replicate the Pobeg Effect.
21:39 Soo-Yun Lee The Pobeg Effect? You know what it did to people, right?
21:39 Ji-Su Kim It wouldn't cost much to do, and you saw in the chart how much profit it brings in. Saturate the market enough and we won't have to deal with this risky elasticity. It'd just be a matter of controlled market stimulation.
21:40 Ji-Su Kim I've forwarded some ideas and deployment centers to your email. Could you open it? We could make a pretty good case to management if both marketing and PR pitch it.
21:40 Soo-Yun Lee Ji-Su. I'm not going to be responsible for any more of the shit that Pobeg caused. I'm tired, I really am. So give this a rest, please.
21:40 Soo-Yun Lee DISCONNECTED
21:41 Ji-Su Kim If you look at the attached map, focus on North America.
21:42 Ji-Su Kim There's already an established drug route that stretches from Chile to Quebec. They're already bolstered up by the minimization of risk nowadays, and ripe for more products
21:42 Ji-Su Kim Oh.
Log end.
Marshall, Carter and Dark, LLP

Marketing Strategy: 2057 and Beyond
Author Ji-Su Kim Date June 12, 2057
Starting 2058, marketing for Hypnotraline will be more active than it previously was using Soo-Yun Lee's 'passive availability' strategy. The new strategy will be a multi-pronged approach and all estimates predict sales rising to at least 300 in a single year upon implementation.

Moving forward, Hypnotraline will enjoy a much more proactive advertising campaign. While before advertisements were only directed towards the demographic determined to be most sensitive to the euthanasia, Hypnotraline will instead be advertised universally just like any other supply chain product. Supplementary commercials encouraging its use will also be sent, targeting individuals whose psychological customer profiles indicate high degrees of exhaustion and/or depression.

Furthermore, Hypnotraline capsules will no longer be sold alone. Marshall, Carter and Dark will offer complementary, custom-crafted tombstones for individual buyers; customers who make bulk orders have the option of choosing between tombstones or a mausoleum.

In order to increase both Hypnotraline's equilibrium price and demand, Marshall, Carter and Dark will also develop new marketing materials to stimulate both actual and perceived competition. This can be achieved by stimulating both the black market and pharmaceutical industries. Whether or not an alternative eclipses Hypnotraline in the short term is inconsequential. Controls on market stimulus and R&D will ensure that competitor products, initially, perform as advertised. Flaws should only become apparent after prolonged, widespread usage. Eventually, flooding the market with defective products will lead to global collapses identical to the Pobeg collapse of 2040, promptly ushering in a comprehensive and lasting surge in Hypnotraline sales.
Marshall, Carter and Dark, LLP

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