HunterDog's Author Page (for Food)
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Sorry for this awful page LOL

So this is probably where I'd add an inspirational quote, but I'm not that smart. Or inspirational for that matter. Any-who: Welcome to HunterDog's totally original page, this is 100% (of 0%) the first article ever made (it definitely isn't) and is completely the first like this. I don't have any main character or whatever, as Dr. Dog just isn't it, so it's not like a personnel page or anything.
Anyway, I like food, so I'm probably just gonna stick some pictures of food I like:


God I love burgers. Fuckin delicious.


It said fried chicken, don't know what all of it is. Looks great though.


Hey wait, that isn't food. It is a pretty cute goose though.




Anyway that concludes my presentation about food. Man I am definitely a foodie. I rate it all food/food. (Except for the Zebra, which was pretty fuckin' cute.)
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