Hungrypossum's Petting Zoo

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WelcoMe to HuNgrypossuM's PettiNg Zoo!

Where all your dreams come true!

Do you like Animals? Are you tired of the bleak, cold, uncaring aspects of the SCP Foundation? Do you feel like petting/ cuddling/ hugging a fluffy lil critter will make it all Better?
Well Look No Further! Here at our objectively1 wholesome Petting Zoo you can Feel BetterTM by petting everything we have in stock! Yes, EVERYTHING!

Our Critters:



SCP-6169 is our very first fluffer. Created in the dark ages of MemeCon, this one's the pride and joy of Hungrypossum's Petting Zoo! With a friendly attitude and an even friendlier wool coat, it's no wonder that it's been a fan-favourite ever since its public release.

Wha- Leaving already? Impossible, no one can escape the temptation to pet all these cute critters! Unless…
Fine, but mark my words, the next time you'll come around there will be more critters, with more Petting Potential! MORE!

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