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… but ultimately, the question of the Violet Archon's gender, or lack thereof, is nonsense.

The Violet Archon, as we now understand it, was never sapient, never animal, never alive. To assign to it words, names, attributes, such a thing is simultaneously a fundamental misunderstanding of its nature and objective proof of the question's futility; for are not such things extrapolations of human understanding, applied to a beast of extramuiltiversal nature? The Violet Archon has no society with which to arbitrate its nonexistent biology. More importantly, it is born of a framework beyond even the building blocks with which we understand our reality.

The Violet Archon's presence in our world must necessarily be extrapolated. It is Huandou, a frail thing reliant on the strength of Gonggong for influence. It is Empress Unseelie, the cruel conquerer of the Fair Folk. And as many of my colleagues have argued, it is the Madonna of Soronești, that guides the Daevites towards wicked ends.

Many will claim that, as the Violet Archon found worship from the sexually conservative Daevites, it must have been female; for how could a society that viewed genderlessness with scorn respect the Violet Archon otherwise?

The problem with such thinking is that the Daevites didn't worship the Violet Archon; they worshipped its extrapolation.

The Violet Queen, as the Daevites called it, was a manifestation of concentrated power anthropomorphized. It was a name, a location of weakened boundaries, a figure to assign blame for the meted released of power, an idol of otherworldly basalt. More than anything, the Violet Queen was propaganda, a fine-tuned creation of the Empire itself.

Put simply: the Violet Queen was only a woman because the state declared it so.


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A novella about TERFs, foul living spaces, and doll-things.

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