Horizon Initiative Hub

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Welcome, Shepherd.

Congratulations, you are now a full member of the Shepherd Corps of the Horizon Initiative. All associated titles, privileges, and burdens now rest upon your shoulders. You are the first line of defense against the anomalies that the other organizations are too self-absorbed to acknowledge. You will acquire relics for the Scribes, report targets to the Wolves, and answer directly to the Tribunal itself.

But no one ever answers the lurking question, why does the Horizon Initiative exist? What could bring together some of the most divided groups on the face of the planet under the banner of God? The answer is older than the question.

For decades, various organizations have sought to acquire objects for personal gain. No matter their intentions, it is foolhardy to let a single group born of science, with no creed and no morals to speak of, to sit upon the largest cache of anomalous objects in existence. Since before the counting of time itself, the heathen churches of Mekhane and Yaldabaoth have squirreled away sacrifices for their unholy masters, rending humanity asunder in their squabbles. The various nations of Earth have their own pet groups, dedicated to seeking out objects in the name of their homelands. Men of science, infidels, and soldiers. All must bow before the might of His hammer, lest they be crushed.

The Initiative is both a question to the state of affairs in the anomalous community and the answer. God's Hand has guided humanity through our lowest lows, and our highest highs. With the world rapidly marching into the dawn of a new era, we cannot allow our future to be built on a Foundation of lies. God has always provided Man with a shining beacon in the dark. Whether it be in the shape of a prophet or a preacher, God's anointed raise their armies to combat the forces that threaten the pure. The Initiative is only the most recent iteration of the army of the Lord. An army protecting the faithful in war and raising up the less fortunate in peace. This is our duty, and we accept the burdens of our ancestors.

As it was, so it shall be. Hundreds of groups, thousands of faithful, many interpretations. All under the banner of our Lord.

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