Holy Science
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To My Helpers

The Autocephalous Mission of Moldova was founded just eleven years after I had arrived in Europe, and 6 years after I had found the fingerprints of His hands on my work. I am the single originator of this order, and at times I am its only friend. I was born in a foreign place completely, Warsaw, Indiana. There in the Americas I had access to books, but had spent most of my life in the shadow of the law with my surrogate mother, Alexis. It is here now, in Europe, and through the miracle of rebirth, that I have been able to take root and realize these works.

Three days after my death I was resurrected, and that was the first lesson I had learned. I learned the string of laws that I needed to form in my mind, the natural laws that needed to be recognized in order to realize this miracle. From that moment on I was fanatic, all but God’s favorite. I have submitted to none my constitution, but I walk and there the path appears before me. I would submit miracles to the church, these physical, provable revelations, but I might be destroyed and my order gone with me. These things you must understand.


The order is small at most times; I offer traditional Catholic service at my church in Moldova, but often times I will stumble on the divine footprints, and I must enlist help from secular scientists and philosophers such as yourself. My mission exists during these times.

These instructions are for you only, and must not be relayed to those who work beneath you, as only you have been privileged with these words. At times projects will place our helpers in direct view of visible, tangible Holy Law. Those who participate in this order may not participate in any other sect of ecclesiastic Christian or Catholic faith afterward, but they may leave, unless it is their purpose to stay within the order in one form or another.

It is important that you hold your speculation at the door. I will provide for you physical miracles that I have produced through these glossolalian physics that at times overwhelm me and spill out through my hands. I am not a learned Scientist, and as such I require those like yourselves to dissect the exact mechanisms that allow these items and phenomena to work.

By no means will you dismiss any of these materials as magic, or anomaly. Not in conversations with me or your colleagues. I understand that your thoughts are private, but I cannot stomach it. I hope in your time with me you will recognize that His miracles work within the confines and by the same rules as anything else in our physical reality.

After having read this sentence, and with my prayers, you will know exactly what happened in Niwareka.

There was a time when my personal goal was to bring about the Second Advent, utilizing and adapting my miracles to bring about Parousia. “The Lord helps those who helps themselves”. I was fond of this Transchristian view at the time, but after years of unanswered prayers, and many a demon sent upon me, I realized that I was not using the Science properly. I have consulted with God following these events, having atoned for my sins. I have developed a device that proves that the Lord has forgiven me for these sins. I ask if he has forgiven me for Daniel, for Wormwood, for Conquest, and so on, and he does.


I realize now that before we can expect the return of Our Lord and Savior, we must first overcome his Adversary. I believe I was too over zealous, or enthusiastic with the miracles. We must start with the head of Revelations and not the feet.

I have used many blessings of abundance and destiny to provide for a group of scientists a large portion of land in Siberia. I have travelled these lands alone and I feel that the ground here has sour history, land here has been turned in on itself many times over. I believe this may be the proper environment to go about breeding and developing the opponent. I find the aesthetics of the whole operation are half the battle… Sometimes I feel like His generosity depends entirely on my mood. While Rome may be more fitting based on some modernist interpretations, it is much harder to accomplish great feats of Evil unnoticed there.

I will provide for you study materials. I come upon things here and there, I am not entirely sure how I go about doing it - I believe I have been blessed. I woke one morning and my friend’s joints ground together like chalk. I remembered these divine symbols, and I watched flocks of birds fall to the ground. I will need to replant the tomato garden. Never have I been given a gift such as this. This is surely a sign and I must believe this is the path He has set me down on.

Upon successful completion you will be awarded an object which I have blessed that will turn minerals into gold. I will demonstrate this process for you before the project begins. If you wish I can award you a lump sum, or money orders which the lord has in his infinite wisdom given me the ability to create.

I am honest with all people who work with me. This will be an incredibly dangerous task, and after it is completed the world may not exist as we know it. If the world does end, and Jesus comes down with his sword, know that your works here will most likely earn you admission into heaven. There is also the possibility, that, given the history of some of our projects, you will die, but even then you might still get into Heaven. You may die multiple times, you may be transmogrified, you may become Science. I have witnessed all of these things. The Holy Rules are abstract - none of my colleagues have been able to put them to paper. You will sign the liability waivers before the project begins, or I will pray to Michael-at-his-gates, asking that your forget about all of this.

I understand these things are difficult to believe, and many of you have read through this paper purely for its novelty… I will demonstrate the blessing of prophecy for you through this poem:


Listen to the ground

There is movement all around;

Its silhouette frames the horizon:


I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Ezekiel Valeriy Iepureanu
Primate Autocephalous Mission of Moldova


SCP-2589 Ezekiel
SCP-2782 The Flock
SCP-1616 Wormwood
SCP-1782 Daniel
EE-3682 Parousia


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