Designation: HK-016, Hunter-Killer, Special Retrieval Operations

Specialization: Close-quarters combat, urban warfare, sniping

Subspecialization: Diplomacy

Status: Injured during testing of SCP-313. On paid leave until further notice.

Mission history:
SCP-021 - skin wyrm
SCP-031 - ruby of ruination
SCP-059 - radioactive ingot (Since updated by eric_h)
SCP-064 - flawed von Neumann structure
SCP-128 - kinetic energy entity (Since updated by WrongJohnSilver)
SCP-183 - "Weaver"
SCP-313 - hand dryer
SCP-438 - straitjacket
SCP-512 - best goddamned umbrella on the planet(Since updated by Dexanote and Roget)
SCP-517-ARC - beastie with four arms, etc (rewritten as SCP-4715 by Dr Balthazaar)
SCP-761 - trampoline thing (Since updated by Roget)
SCP-812 - box of river

Performance: see Agent Performance Evaluation 11647

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