His Kind Eyes
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I can't feel my legs. I vaguely remember I have them as I keep climbing with my arms.

I wouldn't be able to go on if not for him. He keeps me company, listens to me, and knows exactly what to say, but his eyes are what really keep me going. He has such kind eyes.

Then, he came to me and told me that someone was coming! I was so happy, but so scared, I was worried they wouldn't find me. I started calling out for them. He looked at me and told me he would go bring them to me, and he left. I was relieved, but kept calling and climbing. After a while, he came back. He gave me a sad look and apologized, telling me that the person had run away. I was crushed. He looked so sad.

A little while later, he told me that someone else had come. We tried again, but again, they ran away. I climbed and screamed and cried, but it was no use. He was so upset to see me like this.

When the third person came, he promised me he'd bring them to me. We tried again, and I heard them! I heard their footsteps, they were so close! But when I heard the crash, I knew something bad had happened. He came back, and told me that they came, but fell and hurt themselves. He wasn't sure if they would wake up. I cried, unable to keep climbing. He cried too.

Then more came, a lot of them. He wasn't sure what they wanted, but he said they had weapons, and he was worried for me. He told me to stay where I was, and he would try keep them away from me. He held them away for a long, long time, but they kept coming, and so he said he would have to do something more drastic.

He made them go away.

I couldn't understand what happened. Why did they want to hurt us? Why wouldn't they just help?

I kept climbing, and climbing, and climbing, and finally, I did reach the top. I couldn't believe it, and he was so happy for me.

The door wouldn't open.

I tried, I hit it as hard as I could, and kept hitting it, but it wouldn't open. There was nothing left. I was stuck here, forever.

At least I have him. He has such kind eyes.

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