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Abstract: Contact was lost with Site-19 on 2 February 2087, following the initiation of a Category 5 (“Catastrophic”) Containment Breach Lockdown. Amalgamate Task Force 4 (“Götterdämmerung”) was dispatched to detonate the on-site warheads and recover survivors, as per the Lifthrasir Protocol.


Sturluson: Status check. We all good?

Wagner: Check.

Lindow: Yep.

Byock: Think so.

Jarvis: Correct.

Sturluson: Right. Let's get this done quick – Nineteen isn’t going to be as friendly as usual.

Jarvis: The morale of Site Nineteen staff is not relevant to this mission.

Lindow: Just open the damn door, Jarvis.

ATF 4 enter Site-19 via a side-entrance connected to the site cafeteria. The cafeteria shows signs of use from prior to the lockdown initiation. Jarvis closes and re-engages the lock behind them.

Lindow: Great.

Sturluson: What?

Lindow: Spag’ and bol’. Every time there’s a chance for me to have spag’ and bol’, I’m busy with something.

Wagner: Probability anomaly. They’re common nowadays.

Byock: What, do you have one?

Wagner: I’ve had one for a long time.

Lindow: What is it?

Wagner: Women.

Jarvis: Incorrect. There are no records of Agent Wagner hosting any anomalous phenomena. Agent Lindow is also present.

Sturluson: Jarvis?

Jarvis: Yes, Agent Sturluson.

Sturluson: Humour.

ATF 4 exit the cafeteria and navigate toward the Site-19 research wing, via the staff quarters.

Wagner: The doors should be closed.

Jarvis: Containment breach lockdown procedures necessitates the manual closing and locking of all doorways to restrict movement of anomalous entities.

Lindow: Manual? Can’t the system close all the doors?

Jarvis: Site-19 does not feature a remote door control network.

Sturluson: It’s because of the digital anomalies stored here, like twenty-five twenty-two and fifty-six seventy-nine. Can’t risk them getting control.

Byock: Is it safe for Jarvis to be with us? Couldn’t he go full Hatbot on us?

Jarvis: Incorrect. I have not interfaced with the Site-19 network and cannot be accessed without physical connection.

Sturluson: If we destroyed Hatbot and Penny Royal, would it –

Wagner: This door’s been forced.

Lindow: What?

Agent Wagner points to a doorway. The bulkhead door has been crumpled to one side. A corpse is visible several metres ahead.

Lindow: Her head is on backwards.

Agent Wagner searches the corpse.

Wagner: Her neck has been broken.

Lindow: No shit. She got ID?

Wagner: Donna Lystrae.

Jarvis: Doctor Donna Lystrae catalogued as deceased.

Byock: Lets uh, get moving before we’re next.

Sturluson: Lets. We’ll go to item storage first.

ATF 4 navigates toward Site-19’s item storage wing. All doors are open, or are crumpled aside to allow access. Multiple corpses of on-site personnel are encountered, with varying causes of death. Agent Byock is forced to stop after encountering a D-class fused with an interior wall. Despite signs of containment breaches, no uncontained anomalies are encountered.

Lindow: Hey, hold up. This door’s closed.

Byock: Isn’t this Shapey’s room?

Wagner: Yes. Looks like this door has been damaged to stop it from opening.

Lindow: Understandable. Shapey probably didn’t want anything getting at him.

Wagner: It’s been damaged from this side. Jarvis, can you open this door?

Jarvis: Yes.

Jarvis forces the bulkhead to SCP-1831's containment chamber to open. A dismembered D-class is scattered across the room; it is otherwise empty.

Byock: Guess Shapey decided to bolt instead.

Lindow: D-class is, uh… number six-eight-four-three-nine.

Jarvis: SCP-1831 catalogued as uncontained. D-68439 catalogued as deceased.

Sturluson: Everyone knows what Shapey is, right?

Wagner: Higher-dimensional construct, part of the Little Misters.

Sturluson: Right, and everyone knew he could just leave any time he wanted, and there’d be nothing we could do to stop him.

Lindow: That’s a good point.

Jarvis: Query. What is the point?

Sturluson: Why would you stop Shapey from using the door, if you know he can just go around it?


Lindow: I think you broke him.

Jarvis: Incorrect. I am fully functional.

Byock: Sure you are.

ATF 4 navigate to the item storage wing. All containment chambers encountered en route have been damaged to prevent them from opening; all anomalies are accounted for.

Lindow: This must be the work of an – stand up would you.

Byock: Sorry. Nerves.

Sturluson: Its fine. This really should be a Hammer Down job.

Wagner: Why aren't they here?

Sturluson: Too understaffed, just like every other task force. Which ones are you four from?

Lindow: Zeta Nine, Mole Rats.

Wagner: Rho One, The Professors.

Jarvis: Mobile Task Force Kappa-10 “Skynet.”

Byock: … Rho Nine, Technical Support.

Lindow: I’m sorry, what? You’re from tech support?

Sturluson: Lindow.

Lindow: Why the hell is he here? Why – have you even been in the field before?

Sturluson: Gamma five.

Lindow: What?

Sturluson: I’m from Gamma Five. Red Herrings.

Lindow: Great. We’ve got a trained operative, a book head, a brick-headed robot, his pit crew, and we’re being led by a liar.

Sturluson: Watch it, Lindow.

Lindow: No. Why the fuck are you in charge? I’m the one –

Jarvis: Proximity alert!

The door behind ATF 4 closes. An unseen force strikes it from the other side, indenting the door and preventing it from opening. ATF 4 run to the item storage wing, stopping upon arrival.

Wagner: Jarvis, what was it?

Jarvis: Unknown, mobile entity.

Byock: Had it been following us this whole damn time?

Jarvis: Unknown.

Lindow: Sounded like a machine gun – five seventy-seven?

Jarvis: Possible. Data insufficient for confirmation.

Sturluson: It’s nasty and fast, that’s all we need to know. Nineteen has internal sensors all over the place, right?

Wagner: Yes.

Sturluson: Byock, will you be able to get into the sensor readings?

Byock: Well, yeah. Just need a terminal.

Sturluson: Right, and there should be one in the item containment wing.

ATF 4 reach the item storage wing within three minutes. Four additional doors are closed and rendered inoperable during the time frame; the offending entity remains out of sight at all times.

Lindow: For a catastrophic containment breach, it’s rather – oh boy.

Sturluson: Sweet easter. How many of them are there?

Jarvis: Thirty-five casualties catalogued.

Byock: Fuck…

Sturluson: Just find out if there’s anyone left. If there isn’t we’ll just hit the nukes and bolt. Wagner, what are you doing?

Wagner: Some of the skips stored here could be useful assets. I’m seeing what is supposed to be stored here.

Lindow: Leave them alone. They’re in containment, and the place is getting nuked for a reason. Or did you forget the whole reason we’re here?

Wagner: To destroy all of the dangerous skips, yes. But the ones here in storage are mundane, if not beneficial. Example, one-oh-nine; a bottle that provides and endless supply of beneficial… It’s gone.

Jarvis: SCP-109 catalogued as uncontained.

Sturluson: It might’ve been in testing when the breach happened.

Wagner: A shame. It would have been useful.

Byock: I’m in.

Sturluson: Is there anyone else other than us?

Byock: One.

Lindow: Fuck.

Sturluson: Just one? Are you sure?

Byock: As sure as the system is; one human-shaped warmth spot that’s moving around.

Wagner: Do you know who it is?

Byock: No way of knowing. Could be a D-class, could be the site director – we have to check to find out.

Lindow: Screw them. We set the nuke up, and we get the hell out of here.

Byock: You're joking.

Lindow: No I'm not, screen boy. We're only supposed to rescue if we're able.

Wagner: There is no reason we cannot recover them. We are not constrained to any time limits, nor have we suffered any injuries.

Sturluson: We get the survivor, then we rig the nuke.

Lindow: And what if we don't make it to the nuke, hmm? Fat lot of good saving one shmuck will do us when stuff like ninety-five seventy-three is running around because nobody blew it up first.

Jarvis: Agent Lindow is correct. Nuclear detonation is the primary objective of this mission, and must be ensured.

Lindow: Thank you, Jarvis.

Sturluson: Jarvis, do you know how to start the countdown?

Jarvis: Correct.

Sturluson: Fine then. You and Lindow can go set up the nuke — set it for an hour, then leave. Me, Byock and Wagner will go fetch the survivor. Use your radio if you need us.

Lindow: Fine.

Jarvis and Agent Lindow leave the remainder of the group.

Byock: Isn't splitting up a bad idea?

Sturluson: It lets us multitask, and they weren't going to come with us anyway. Where's the survivor?

Byock: That's the odd part — they're inside a containment chamber.

Wagner: That mustn't be a survivor. It's a skip.

Byock: It's not. All the humanoid sips are accounted for; in their container, or dead. The containment chamber isn't registered for a humanoid either, so it's moved at minimum.

Sturluson: Fine, lead the way.

Several minutes elapse as Agents Sturluson, Byock and Wagner navigate to Site-19's Euclid containment wing.

Lindow, Radio: Sturluson, we got a problem.

Sturluson: What now.

Lindow, Radio: The nukes are buggered. Controls are smashed beyond repair, manual override is wrecked. Looks like our friend came through and disarmed them.

Sturluson: Fucking… is there anything Jarvis can do? Can he fix it?

Agent Lindow does not respond.

Sturluson: Lindow, can Jarvis fix it?

Agent Lindow does not respond.

Sturluson: Lindow, are you there?

Byock: If the interfaces are screwed, there’s nothing we can do. We’ll have to come back with a functional one.

Sturluson: Lindow, respond!

Wagner: She isn’t going to respond.

Sturluson: And how would you know that?

Wagner: Because Jarvis isn’t responding either.

Byock: Look, we just… we just get the guy, get out of here, right? We, we tell the others that the consoles were destroyed, and they bring someone else in to clean up, right?

Wagner: I don’t think we have any other choices, excluding abandoning the survivor.

Sturluson: No. We said we were going to get them, and we’re going to get them.

Byock: Well we’d better bust a move before – fuck!

SCP-173 appears in front of Agent Byock. Agents Sturluson and Wagner maintain eye contact with SCP-173 while Agent Byock recovers.

Sturluson: Get up Byock, we need to move.

Wagner: Blinking.

Sturluson: Shut the door.

Byock: Shut… yeah, shut the…

Agent Byock closes a door, obstructing line-of-sight with SCP-173. The door is struck from the other side until a crack forms in the door.

Wagner: It’s going to smash through.

ATF 4 proceed to the Euclid containment wing at an accelerated pace. SCP-173 pursues the group, destroying obstructions while unobserved. On several occasions it utilises alternate routes in an attempt to outflank the group; the open doorways throughout the site enable it to traverse large distances unnoticed by the group. Agent Byock leads the group to the inhabited containment chamber.

Byock: This… this is the one.

Sturluson: You’re joking.

Wagner: This is seventeen-three’s chamber.

Byock: And it’s got the guy in it. It’s not my fault he picked this one.

Sturluson: Fine just… just get the doors open. Wagner, watch that other door over there.

Agent Byock opens the bulkhead doors; damage sustained prevents them from opening enough to allow access.

Byock: It’s stuck!

???: Have you started the countdown?

Agents Sturluson and Wagner leave their positions, attempting to force the bulkhead doors open.

Sturluson: No sir. The nukes have been destroyed.

Wagner: It’s not moving.

Sturluson: Keep trying. Byock, get over here!

???: No. You three, leave. The next group can fetch me.

Sturluson: Sir, you know –

The lights in the main room flicker.

???: It doesn’t bother me. Just go, now.

All lights in the main room turn off. The sound of a door being destroyed is heard, followed by three snaps in quick succession. SCP-173 appears at the gap in the bulkhead, illuminated by the containment chamber’s interior lighting and facing in.

???: Fuck you. I'll get out eventually.

SCP-173 disappears from view before the bulkhead doors are closed again.


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