Highest Rated Non-SCPs

This list includes any and all pages that aren't SCPs, including tales, test logs, interviews, after-action reports, administrative pages, and the occasional creepypasta.

black white black white black white black white black white gray, by tunedtoadeadchannel (rating: 1815, comments: 224)
SCP-001:O5, by AdminBright (rating: 1690, comments: 151)
Ethics Committee Orientation, by Voct (rating: 1584, comments: 91)
Document Recovered From The Marianas Trench, by Dr Gears (rating: 1463, comments: 108)
SCP-000, by CryogenChaos (rating: 1439, comments: 118)
Transcript of Dr. Clef's seminar, "Reality Benders and You: How to Survive When Existence Doesn't.", by DrClef (rating: 1251, comments: 87)
Log Of Anomalous Items, by Sophia Light (rating: 1243, comments: 1071)
We Need To Talk About Fifty-Five, by qntm (rating: 1204, comments: 95)
Quiet Days, by Dmatix (rating: 1180, comments: 269)
Introductory Antimemetics, by qntm (rating: 1017, comments: 68)
The Young Man, by Dr Gears (rating: 934, comments: 105)
Fear Alone, by djkaktus (rating: 902, comments: 83)
SCP-093-Recovered Materials, by NekoChris (rating: 880, comments: 110)
Bees, by Communism will win (rating: 840, comments: 273)
Experiment Log 914, by Dr Gears (rating: 828, comments: 969)
Experiment Log T-98816-OC108/682, by Dr Gears (rating: 810, comments: 1216)
10:30 A.M., by Djoric (rating: 801, comments: 110)
Revised Entry, by FullHazard (rating: 800, comments: 115)
Incident 096-1-A, by Dr Dan (rating: 751, comments: 127)
Document 001-O5, by DrEverettMann (rating: 745, comments: 82)
Antimemetics Division Hub, by qntm (rating: 743, comments: 44)
Exploration Log 1689-I, by llama66613 (rating: 723, comments: 76)
Your Last First Day, by qntm (rating: 710, comments: 77)
CODE NAME: ████ ███ - The Truth, by Jack Ike (rating: 699, comments: 58)
Amnestic Use Guide, by LurkD (rating: 690, comments: 92)
Eldritch Application, by Gargus (rating: 680, comments: 84)
Document 507-3B, by PennywiseTheClown (rating: 678, comments: 163)
Treats, by Dr Gears (rating: 675, comments: 115)
Unforgettable, That's What You Are, by qntm (rating: 674, comments: 42)
Kill 682, by Sorts (rating: 671, comments: 67)
Ouroboros, by djkaktus (rating: 670, comments: 51)
CASE COLOURLESS GREEN, by qntm (rating: 663, comments: 49)
Broken Masquerade Hub, by DrEverettMann (rating: 650, comments: 47)
The Executions of Doctor Bright, by DrEverettMann (rating: 603, comments: 41)
UIU Orientation, by Kingreaper (rating: 601, comments: 157)
Until Death, by psul (rating: 600, comments: 80)
Log of Extranormal Events, by carriontrooper (rating: 592, comments: 553)
Front Page, by The Administrator (rating: 579, comments: 211)
Duke 'till Dawn, by Dr Kondraki (rating: 576, comments: 109)
Document #087-III, by Zaeyde (rating: 575, comments: 64)
Your Very First SCP!, by The Great Hippo (rating: 569, comments: 80)
Crunch, by The Raven (rating: 566, comments: 77)
Interview 507-G, by PennywiseTheClown (rating: 561, comments: 48)
Routine Psychological Evaluations By Dr Glass, by Pair Of Ducks (rating: 555, comments: 45)
Personal Log Of Gordon Richards, by Dr Gears (rating: 554, comments: 46)
page what is for dado hub yes, by djkaktus (rating: 543, comments: 79)
wowwee go kill ursefl, by Randomini (rating: 540, comments: 115)
Zhange's Artwork Page, by Zhange (rating: 533, comments: 44)
Exploratory Mission 354 Alpha, by Dave Rapp (rating: 529, comments: 57)

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