Heroic Spirit Alexei Belitrov
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Servant Archer, Major Alexei Belitrov of the Red Army 22nd Armoured Infantry Division. Master, from my understanding, you are a participant of the Holy Grail War. I also understand that my objective is the termination of the other six enemy Servants or their Masters, whichever is more convenient.

True Name: Alexei Belitrov

Servant Class: Archer

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Attribute: Human

Strength A+ Mana E+
Endurance A+ Luck E
Agility E+ Noble Phantasm B+

A soldier from the Red Army who partook in a World War III that took place in another world, and disappeared mysteriously following his capture by the Americans. Like all other soldiers involved in that conflict, he wore a special armour that enhances his physical abilities. Because of that, he actually has nothing special that would normally make him a Heroic Spirit. However, since he happens to be the only soldier of his native universe to have survived a journey into another universe, that counts for something.

This incarnation should not be able to be summoned, since there is no account of Belitrov as a ranged fighter in this universe (the Americans removed his guns before he left his native universe). Maybe the Master who summoned Belitrov desired for a Servant in his peak condition, i.e. the perfect Soviet soldier? Or maybe Belitrov is the most compatible Heroic Spirit with the Master summoning him, and the Archer-class happens to be the only class container for him to manifest in?

Class Skills

Independent Action: C

Capable of surviving in the World without a Master for one day.

Magic Resistance: E

Cannot cancel spells, but damage from spells is reduced.

As Archer is from the Age of Man, he has no experience with Magecraft.

Personal Skill

Patriotic Fervour: A+

One's love for his own country, and the willingness to protect said country and destroy those who threaten the country.

Provides Rank Up to Archer's parameters when he is in territories corresponding to the Soviet Union. Provides bonus damage when attacking Servants related to the United States.

Noble Phantasm

Armour of the Engineers
Let the Children of the Sun Implode Amongst Themselves

Type: Anti-Army

Rank: B+

A set of bio-organic armour that conceals Archer's entire body, and with a design reminiscent of various insect species. It is a multi-functional armour crafted by the Engineers and utilized by all factions in World War III.

As an always-active Noble Phantasm, the Armour of the Engineers grants Archer permanent bonus modifiers to its Strength and Endurance, along with additional Skills. Special lenses grants Archer C-Rank Clairvoyance, whereas its proboscis grants Archer E-Rank Bloodsucking.

Four gun turrets are mounted on Archer's forearms and shoulder blades, serving as his primary weapons and a justification for him to be an Archer-class Servant. Due to being a Servant, ammunition produced are created from Prana and will not run out (so long he has sufficient Mana). As the Engineers' creations are stained with their grudge towards humanity, bullets fired from the Armour of the Engineers carry an Anti-Human trait that deals bonus damage to all Heroic Spirits of a Human attribute. Because this Noble Phantasm's owner is also of Human attribute, Archer's Luck is lowered to E-Rank by default.

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