Herman Fuller Presents: The One Sent by God
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The One Sent by God











Sent from the heavens and thrown down the streets, she has now decided to create the best show ever.

Prepare to see virtue in person and revel in her power, enjoy when she heals and saves you!

Be prepared to have your life improved, with this unique experience!

¡Don't miss it!

10 PM this Sunday.
Come one, come all!

The following is a page from a publication entitled To the Circus Born: Herman Fuller's Menagerie of Freaks. The identities of neither publisher nor author have been established, and scattered pages have been found inserted into Circus-themed books in libraries across the world. The person or persons behind this dissemination are unknown.

The One Sent by God

To the Circus Born

The poor girl had very few performances, failed in the most important of them, and lost everything she ever had in the circus, that hurt me quite a bit. She was sweet and was always helping, but, she forced herself too much, and it cost her purity and her life.

Her act was somewhat "peculiar" to say the least, it consisted of her entering through the main door, after that she bowed to the whole audience, while Herman introduced her on the loudspeaker, the next thing the audience could see was our dear girl rising from the ground and passing around all the people nearby, after that, she would choose the person who felt the most pain from the audience (strangely that was her gift that fascinated me the most, being able to see all the pain of the people). When she had selected someone she would approach them and hug them, people would emanate an intense light with the hug, and after that people felt extremely "liberated", that impressed many, but it was only the tip of the iceberg. The astounding thing was when we brought her a dying beast, we would leave it on the floor for her to cure it, surprising even more the spectators, since what we brought her was of an immense size. Healing it was not the most special thing, without her letting the monster attack the spectators (well, not really attack them, but try to), everyone would get a big scare, but, the beauty would stop the beast using her wings, she would surround it with her wings and make it look like a simple puppy, with this the people would go crazy with emotion, and she would go crazy with joy.

For her stellar act she needed to do something bigger, something that would leave everyone in shock, so she had to give her all to be special for everyone, shine for her show, for her audience, and for us, and that's what she did. 6 months before the act she was already practicing it, day and night, never stopping except to eat. She was no longer sweet and kind, only thinking about the show, about her wonderful act, which would send her to stars, nobody hung out with her anymore, she became very apathetic and unsocial.

On the day of the show she got everything ready, there was nothing that did not shine with the splendor of the show…well, there was something, something that was extremely dark, something that had been corrupted by time and by the circus, our beautiful lady, had become a sinister and corrupted creature, her soul was no longer pure and sweet. As she walked out on stage with a tired and bitter appearance, she took her bow, people were puzzled, so no one applauded, this surprised our girl, so she quickly flew through the air and approached a man in his 30s, she gave him a hug, but this time he did not emanate light and instead, glowed in darkness, the man's eyes went out and his life was over. The audience screamed in horror, fear gripped everyone, but, the show must go on, she continued her act flying to the central area, where 4 beasts of 3 meters were waiting for her, all were embraced and rose in a cold and dead way, the beings, jumped into the audience and killed many people, in the center of the stage you could see the one who was called "The One Sent by God" kneeling, crying and with her wings completely broken.

The day ended, it was a disastrous show, thousands of deaths, and it was all her fault, no one came to comfort her, she had lost her wings, her sweetness, her opportunity, she had been corrupted. After this, Herman left her lying there, she was nothing, she was nobody, she would only be seen as a murderer, who ruined one of the best acts in circus history.


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