Here, We Only Got One Rule: Never, Ever Let It Cool
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December 24th

"Get plenty of rest tonight, sweetheart. Merry almost Christmas."

"Merry almost Christmas, mama."

"Don't forget, Santa is coming tonight, so make sure you stay in bed alright?"

"Yes, mama."

The mother tucked the boy into bed, bidding him goodnight. He felt her warm, tender kiss on his forehead. She gave a benevolent smile as she closed the door, whispering one final 'I love you' before it finally shut. The boy rested his eyes and attempted to sleep.

The thrill of Santa finally arriving in the morning, however, caused the boy to toss and turn in his twin sized mattress. He thought about every possible gift he could possibly receive come Christmas morning.

What if it's a DS- no no, a Gamecube! Ah no, Pokemon cards! Gosh, I hope Santa didn't get me Yu-Gi-Oh or-

There was a large thud downstairs. The boy could hardly contain his excitement.

Santa! Santa is here! He giddily thought to himself.

The boy jumped out of bed before realizing what he said to his mother. The boy felt both adrenalized and conflicted at the same time as to what to do. He quietly slipped on a Pokemon brand hoodie along with his Pikachu slippers and began to tippy-toe down his stairs, only retreating twice out of fear before finally summoning the courage to go all the way down.

There was a light in the TV room, the same room the Christmas tree the boy and his mother decorated that very night. Mother always told him that Santa found a way inside the house, despite there not being a chimney in the TV room.

"Santa? Are you there?" The boy rasped.

The boy crept into the TV room, his heart was pounding through his chest. To his dismay, there was no Santa, but rather a small white mug resting on the coffee table. Curiously, the boy inspected every feature of the cup. Small snowflake patterns were drawn around the text to the left of the handle, reading as 'Never, ever let it cool.'

Is this for me? He pondered. Surely it couldn't, for it wasn't wrapped with a pretty bow nor had a tag labeled as 'To: Simon, From: Santa'. Yet, he had never seen any trace of this cup in his home before this very moment.

His eyes shifted towards his television. The boy gained a rebelliously exciting idea.

Maybe I could watch something for a minute if I'm quiet, Mom won't notice.

Remote in hand, the boy turned on his television and began looking through the 'What's On' guide. He scrolled down to the channel ABC Family and found a film he had heard great remarks about from his friends at school.

'The Polar Express'

The time was 10:57 PM, the movie would start from the beginning in the next few minutes. The boy made preparations to watch the film by grabbing several Oreos his mother bought for Santa along with his treasured Pokemon blanket. The boy became cozy and selected 'The Polar Express'.

Suddenly, he felt a warmth to his left. The mug was flowing with rich, milky hot chocolate. The aroma of the beverage filled his nostrils, giving him fond memories of previous winters with his family. The boy gazed at the mug in wonderment as to where the hot brown liquid had come from. Without hesitation, he took the cup and lifted it to his lips.

It was the sweetest, most refreshing beverage the boy ever had in his entire life.

Item Description: A cup of hot chocolate which, while the holder is watching a copy of The Polar Express (2004), does not decrease in temperature and will automatically refill. The cup has no anomalous properties if the holder is not watching a copy of The Polar Express.
Location of Recovery: Warner Bros. headquarters.
Current Status: In Researcher Snippet's laboratory.

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