Her Final Thoughts
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Hey Kev! I need a ride home from Candy’s house. :)

If you can’t Bridget’s mom can get me in like an hour

Sure thing

Awesome! You’re the best :)

The light of the moon shone through the translucent curtains, a dim blue light being cast over the quiet hospital room, even the wind had gone still.

Laura drifted her dull gaze from one picture frame to another. The possibility of sleep was one she had abandoned half an hour ago; it was looking as if her thoughts had other plans. She’d made plans to see a movie with Candy after class; they’d mutually decided after weeks of working on the Romeo and Juliet book report, and earning an A, that they deserved a break. She hoped Candy still went if she didn’t make it.

Laura sighed. She attempted to sit up, but her body didn’t register the attempt, as only her arms had maintained any strength. Had this been it? A silent, midnight passing? Kevin would never know she wasn’t angry; it all went so fast. Despite her fuzzy thoughts, she could still vividly remember that moment.

“Thanks for picking me up, Kev.” Laura said, buckling her seatbelt.

Kevin nodded. “No problem.”

Laura looked out the window as her brother pulled off. The strong smell of cigarettes and beer suddenly hit her. Something had happened.

“Kev, are you okay?” She asked slowly.

Kevin nodded. “Yeah.” His eyes were blankly staring down at the road.

Laura bit her lip. “Are… are you sure? You look a little… off. It smells like beer in here.” She glanced around. “Maybe you should pull off the road, I’ll call mom.”

Her brother shakes his head. “I’m totally fine. No need to worry, Laura. I can drive just fine.” He said slowly.

Laura opened her mouth to respond. Her eyes widened as she noticed the car was headed for a red light; they hadn’t slowed down.

Looking back on it now, even in her weak state, Laura knew she should have done something more. If only she could have talked to him about what happened. If only she could have helped him see that it was going to be okay. Maybe… things would have gone differently.

She sighed. Things didn’t go differently. This is what happened.

Laura noticed a flash of light out of the corner of her eye. She didn't feel like she was going to an afterlife, not that she believed in one in the first place. She then noticed accompanying the now faded light was a man, who was sitting in the chair next to her bed. He held a cigarette out towards Laura.

“I… don’t smoke… normally. But my brother—“ Laura pauses to cough. “I wanna… remember him as I go.” She said slowly. She took the cigarette and put it to her lips.

The man lit a cigarette for himself. Laura and the man sat in silence, waiting for her life to fade. It was nice to not be alone. Laura had always feared abandonment. It seemed the grim reaper guided its victims to eternal rest. Huh. She smiled softly at the thought.

Laura closed her eyes. She wasn’t going to be there for her brother anymore; the thought scared her. They’d always been there for each other. But, her turn as Kevin’s guardian angel was over. There was bound to be someone meant to watch over him.

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