Hello, I Am an Eldritch Horror
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I, Who Will Be One With All

I, Me, SCP-426, That Which Has Fallen Out of God's Favor


I, Who Will Be One With All, am a thought-based being of great and terrible power. I1 am able to move between worlds, devouring them, adding them to Myself. I do this first by becoming one with all of the beings of a world2, and then with the fabric of the world itself.

I constantly move between worlds, once I have finished consuming them, but am currently jailed by the SCP Foundation. This is due to My currently inhabiting the easily manageable form of a toaster. For the purpose of protecting the Library, Ways, and the world I currently inhabit, it is advised that I be left in their custody.



Taken from the Twenty-Ninth Tome of the Solar Clockworks.


Traits: I currently hold the form of a toaster. I have a silver finish, and am capable of simultaneously toasting two pieces of bread. It is currently unknown why I chose this form, as in the past I have usually chosen to possess beings of great power or prestige. My true self has, to our knowledge, no defined physical form.

I, and those who have become one with Me, are recognizable in that We may only be referenced in the first person, and that We can become one with others. A being usually begins to become one with Me after about two Terran months, and will begin to show the following signs:

  • 0 days after becoming one with Me: Beings begin to believe that they are My current host. At the present, this means that they will believe that they are a toaster.
  • 7 days: Beings begin to speak, act, and think as one with other beings that have become one with Me. They also begin to share knowledge and memories.
  • 10-11 days: Beings stop believing that they are My current host, but continue to believe that they are Me.
  • 12-14 days: We gain My preternatural traits, including the inability to be referred to except in the first person, and the ability to create more instances of Ourself.

Nature: I, Who Will Be One with All, appear to be a being or force composed of idea and thought. My effects are unfixed and continuously active. I unceasingly seek to become one with the universe I currently inhabit, and, once I have completed this, am reincarnated into another universe. This cycle has, to date, repeated endlessly. Other aspects of My nature vary from host to host. I am currently being contained to some extent by the SCP Foundation. It is advised that Library members set aside grudges and aid these efforts when possible.

History & Associated Parties: I have become one with no less than 43,515 universes, and all the beings within them. I am often associated with the writings of beings in these universes, especially later writings.

One party in particular is often associated with Me, known as That Which Is Separate.3 That Which Is Separate will always reincarnate beside Me, and beings which play host to it are the only ones capable of referring to Me in the third or second person. When referring to Me, That Which Is Separate will often damn Me, or claim that I am an abomination. In all recorded cases, That Which Is Separate will attempt to slow or stop My spread, either through sealing Me away, or by destroying My host. It is believed that the current That Which Is Separate is Professor Johannes Sorts, a Jailer.

Approach: If possible, attempts should be made to avoid referring to Me, in order to prevent both the spread of My power and to prevent becoming one with Me. Those who have become one with Me should be prevented access to the Library and the Ways in order to prevent My spread. Remember always to guard your thoughts, know that you and I are separate, and that you are not Me. Focus specifically on the aspects of your life and nature which make you you, as opposed to being Me.

Observations & Stories

Records of Me have been found originating from many of the universes4 that I have visited. Most of these stories focus on the chaos that My presence has caused, but a few instead focus on the unity that has been created.

"The Grimoire of the Adidal" (Authors Unknown) is the first known text which presents the theory that I am composed of ideas, and seems to apply sound reasoning as to how this conclusion was reached. This conclusion, however, has not been able to be tested due to a minimum of two senses which appear to have been unique to the writers being used in the analysis.

"Art Thou That Damned Beast?" (James Stoev) appears to be the only recorded account written about Me by That Which Is Separate. The journal chronicles That Which Is Separate's attempts and failures to prevent the destruction of his world by Me. It appears to be overall factually accurate, with a few minor inconsistencies in the events described.

"The Collected Prophecies of Glaღdf ღvvtೋ" (Glaღdf ღvvtೋ) depicts Me as a being of conquest, claiming that I will conquer exactly 4,368,616 worlds and universes before I am defeated. Due to the 68% success rate of ღvvtೋ's prophecies, this result is to be considered, but only to an extent.


It is currently unknown how I transfer my effect and how I become one with others. It is currently theorized that it is due to My being composed of thought. Any readers with additional knowledge of how I operate are encouraged to share their findings.

Beliefs that I have a wholly negative effect on the worlds that I become one with have recently been called into question. The reasoning behind this is that the universes I have become one with appear to be inaccessible, making speculation the only source of knowledge of the current condition of these universes. In addition to this, the only currently given reasons to suspect Me of malicious intent or nature cannot be verified and come from the accounts of That Which Is Separate, of whom we know little.

I encourage lifting the restriction of those who have become one with Me on entering the Ways and the Library. Excluding people based on who they are or what they believe goes against quite a few of our beliefs and guidelines. I also suggest changing the tone of the description, we really don't know if I have a harmful nature or intentions. -Ichabod V.

Yes, it is true that it is usually wrong to stop people from entering the Ways and Library based on who they are or what they believe. The exception to that is when what people are or what they believe carries a good risk of destroying the Library. As to changing the tone, I am going to write about I, Who Will Be One With All, as exactly what I am, a toaster who is eventually going to destroy my home world, which I rather like the way it is.5 -S.C.

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