Healthy Child
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Transcript Log-232391-17-2:

Subject-2323 is referred to as "dad" in article #232398 and refers to child subject in the video with the name "Daniel".

00'34'' - Subject-2323 carries a camera and approaches a male child estimated to be between the age of 6 and 9. At a distance of roughly one meter, subject-2323 speaks to the child.

Subject-2323: Danny, try this.

Daniel: What is it?

Subject-2323: Just try it, I picked it from the garden.

Daniel: Okay daddy.

01'46'' - Male child consumes unknown substance and promptly displays discomfort.

Daniel: My hands are itchy. I'm allergic.

Subject-2323: Relax, it's just your nerves.

Daniel: What was it? I'm so itchy.

Subject-2323: It's okay.

Daniel: I need to get it out. I need, it hurts, it's hurting me.

Subject-2323: Don't worry.

02'21'' - Male child begins to chew on his own right palm between thumb and index finger. Child breaks skin with his teeth. The composition of his tissue is revealed to have a saturated green colour. No blood is visible from the puncture wound. Child begins weeping.

Daniel: What's happening daddy? Make it stop please.

04'43'' - Child appears panicked and begins to fidget.

04'52'' - Child uses his left hand to pick at and pull green tissue out of his right hand.

Daniel: What is this daddy?

Subject-2323: That's a slice of cucumber.

05'22'' - Child cries out and continues to weep.

Daniel: Please make it stop daddy. What are these?

05'46'' - Child removes shirt and begins peeling discolored skin off of body.

Subject-2323: That's a cabbage leaf.

Daniel: It's in my body.

Subject-2323: You're salad now.

07'13'' - Child continues weeping and promptly expires. Child's entire figure blends to the colour and texture of lettuce, cucumbers and broccoli over a period of nine minutes.

Subject-2323: Daniel? Hello?

Subject-2323: You know, some people would kill to be salad.

Subject-2323: Freaking entitled generation.

22'38'' - Subject-2323 points camera at disfigured male child and begins to shuffle through the child's flesh. Child's connective tissue is no longer present.

Subject-2323: Do you have my strawberries in there?

23'01'' - Subject-2323 continues to shift around child's flesh for approximately thirty four seconds then sighs and promptly drops the camera.

Subject-2323: Another disappointment.

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