Hawks n Artworks

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A little about myself:

There is little to mention about me, apart from my love of birds and anomalies.
… not to mention the 80s …

A little about my art:

I am a digital artist of many subject manners and styles, since it is tedious for me to draw similar things constantly. For that reason, expect to see me tackle a wide range of SCPs, from avian to humanoid to whichever eldritch abominations you can come up with. The variety of this site makes creating SCP related art all the more exciting. Though I may draw in a diverse manner, I do like keeping one aspect similar among my pieces: a darker, somewhat uncanny vibe.

Feel free to look around, and I hope you enjoy what I have to offer.

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There will be more to come, don't you worry about it.
Feel free to request me SCPs to draw.

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