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Name: Cassidy ███████

User Account: HammerMaiden

Age: 36 of your Earth years

Occupation: Office Unit

History: HammerMaiden is totally not a sentient robot from outer space intent to enslave your pathetic little planet and work you insignificant ape-like beings to extinction in her unquenchable lust for strength and power. She would never travel 40 light years to suck your precious planet “Dirt” of its metals, water, fissile material, or other valuable commodities. Accusing HammerMaiden of any of these foul blasphemies against what she's sure are a very 'proud' people here on planet what-you-call will absolutely not be grounds for summary disintegration and a full history-wipe of your presence. It would be silly to tell you not to be alarmed while in the presence of HammerMaiden, as she is perfectly normal in every way. HammerMaiden would like to be your human friend instead. Please inform HammerMaiden if you would like to participate in friendly human activities, and what exactly those are.

Special Containment Procedures:

The Temporal Anomalies Department:

Hub page: Temporal Site-01 (RCT-Δt Hub)

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  • SCP-2799 - The Navigator (a collaboration with Harmony)


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