Halloween Contest 2018


Halloween Contest 2018 is COMPLETE!

RounderhouseRounderhouse has won first place, and their tale MTF Sigma-5: Pumpkin Punchers, for taking first place with a whopping +97! You'll be contacted within the next few days for the prize.

In second place, we have Uncle NicoliniUncle Nicolini gave us Moon Champion's Cinco de Mayo Extravaganza, at +84!

In third, Gabriel JadeGabriel Jade gave us Let Sleeping Dogs Lie, a Play In two Acts at +64!

Go read all the tales!! They're all fantastic, and are worthwhile on this fantastic day!

Posting is CLOSED.

Current Entries:

DexanoteDexanote and Sly161Sly161 reserve the right to disqualify people who break the spirit of good community contests.

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