Halloweencon 2022

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Cool banner art by Agent WhitneyAgent Whitney, check out more of their art here!

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE WINNERS, IronShearsIronShears for their Art Submission, and J DuneJ Dune for their Writing Submission!


1st place - Site-19 Security Data 19.2022.10.31 by IronShears
2nd place - Old movie poster left behind after Site-17's annual Halloween Party by CuBard
3rd place - Into this Forsaken Night by JakdragonX
4th place - A Self Portrait :) by S D Locke
5th place - "On Halloween, You Get to Become Anything." by _KazuyukiKasuke
6th place - halloween submission by toggiezz
7th place - Halloweencon 6868 by SynthPanda_
8th place - SCP-049 goes trick-or-treating by Dr Brooks
9th place - Spirit 19 by fairydoctor
10th place - King CalcaRuler: Halloween Emperor by winkwonkboi


1st place - Makeup by J Dune
2nd place - "hair." by Ecronak
3rd place - Tears and Bone by UraniumEmpire
4th place - Ghost Riders in the Sky by Guaire
4th place - Skyline by Ralliston
6th place - Heistoween by Guezma
7th place - The Old Masters by cdithink
8th place - Haunt Me, Haunt Me, Haunt Me by Fishish
9th place - It's Halloween by Clysm31201
10th place - இரத்த ஆவி (Rattha Avi) by Dr Lerche
11th place - The Character Assassination Of Site-666 By The Cowards MTF Theta-90 by Mr Carbon
12th place - Les Enfants Vont Bien by HarryBlank
12th place - dengue doldrums by basirskipreader
12th place - Bible Belt Town by GremlinWC
12th place - Pulling Your Strings by Anorrack
16th place - A Real, Actual Blood Cult by Fortanono
17th place - A Nightmare on 17th Street by Kothardarastrix
18th place - Percy by BitOddInnit
18th place - Entombed by DrApricus
20th place - Roses And Thorns by winkwonkboi
21st place - Spooky Scary TechnoSkeletons by Coldsmith
21st place - It looks down on them, bellowing, content and apathetic as everything burns around them. by 90five
23rd place - The Vampire of All Hallow's Eve by Ethagon
23rd place - A Need for Inspiration by Ruskied
25th place - Log Of Anomalous Dates by Felixou
26th place - The Greazeburger Other Holiday Special by Mooagain
27th place - Bones Malone and The Spooky Boys by Corax D
27th place - The Site-78 Halloween Special! by SYTYCFanon
29th place - Dan Neil's Trick-Or-Treat of 2010 (An "Anomalous Objects" Halloween Special) by Zhun_AO
30th place - Site-250's First Halloween by Dr Kira Moto
31st place - Pizza Delivery on 123 Spook Street by Aleph-Null
32nd place - Seasonal Emergence by XHAWK77X
32nd place - A Little Mister's Halloween Special by ThatGuyThatTime
32nd place - The Forgeries Of Jealousy by Alzin Cdag
35th place - FP-120 Incident Footage 10/31 by Alexander the Jar
36th place - Baleful Bones by Euler2_7

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