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Hello, I'm H0dariH0dari and this is my Author Page! Please, have a seat.

I am an amateur writer/artist/numbskull born in 1996 and living in Finland. My self-insert is Junior Researcher Harper.

This is my sandbox, where you can find numerous unused ideas, plus sucky and not-so-sucky drafts: http://scp-sandbox-3.wikidot.com/h0dari

I've currently written the following SCP articles:

  • SCP-4441 - Summer Scare
  • SCP-4832 - 📻 👌
  • SCP-5043 - dado's brainexplsoesenotsrsogsgsdgkpskplsdhpsd, …uh, the… do, the make the your brains have a blow splosion
  • SCP-5114 - Bureaucratic Warfare

I've written the following joke article:

In addition, I've added the following anomalous items into the Log of Anomalous Items, Vol II:

Item Description: A toothbrush with a compulsory effect. People using it to brush their teeth will invariably hold the brush steady and instead intensely shake their heads.
Date of Recovery: 17/5/1997
Location of Recovery: At a residential home in Lidköping, Sweden.
Current Status: In storage.

Item Description: A bottle labeled "one 100 % brain-use pills by dado" containing 94 pills chemically identical to chalk. Consuming said pills results in an immediate epileptic seizure.
Date of Recovery: 27/9/2011
Location of Recovery: Seized from the residence of a hospitalized civilian.
Current Status: In storage. Item's original owner amnesticized and seizure attributed to an isolated medical occurance.

the following extranormal event into the Log of Extranormal Events:

Event Description: A lightning bolt spontaneously solidified mid-strike. The object immediately toppled due to structural imbalance, and shattered upon contact with ground. Shattered portions of object were not found during a patrol of the area, and are believed to have dispersed into non-anomalous electricity.
Date of Occurrence: 7/29/2015
Location: Altai Mountains, Siberia, Russia
Follow-up Actions Taken: Due to extremely low population density, no civilians are thought to have witnessed the event directly. Captured footage from two border patrol stations was seized, and employees exposed to footage amnesticized.

and the following test log to the SCP-914's extended experiment log:

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