Guezma's Uncoordinated Ramblings

Guezma's Uncoordinated Ramblings

La logique et le bon sens n'ont pas de place dans cette maison.
Brett Montgomery

Read my stuff perhaps?

Who is this?

Heya, I'm Guezma, a nerd from France.
I have a university degree in English language and culture studies, but I realised I didn't know what to do with it (well, it's not like it lead to that many jobs in this economy). Thoughts were had, and now I'm a Creative Writing student in a British university. I love writing!

I'm a big fan of everything fantastical, supernatural and weird, and I was drawn to the wiki around 2020, when I had a lot of free time to read, for some reason. And now I have written stuff1.
Here it is:

fanart of Martin Duval by the amazing Randie

SCP-5457: The Republic of Under Frogia

Yeah, French people eat frogs. Everyone knows that.
These frogs know it too.
What will they do when the big scary Frenchmen come for them?

SCP-5468: The Upper Hand

A retired boxer and ex-vigilante has hung up the magic item he used during his glory days.
One day, his son gets his hands on it.
That kid is going places!

Voice of Vanguard

Humanity must learn it's not alone in this world, and Vanguard's podcast helps spread the message.
This week's guest is from Parawatch and he needs to learn a bit more than that.

Facing Forward

After the events of Voice of Vanguard, Ron's trying to change his life, but he's not really sure where to go from here. An old friend and a new opportunity will help him find his way.

The Trainee Gets Trolled

As part of his training in Vanguard's PR department, Ron Gambi installs Void and gets the full social media experience.

Gambi's Gambit

After spending the last two decades in containment, Marcel Gambi has escaped and is in hiding. Vanguard wants to find him because of the things he might know. One of their employees, Ron Gambi, wants to reunite with his long-lost brother. Unfortunately they're not the only ones looking for him.

The First Occult Flame War co-written with RallistonRalliston and ZygardZygard

Imagine two faiths whose messy history goes back tens of thousands of years. Imagine them going at war and suffering unbelievable losses. Imagine them reduced to shadows of their former selves. Imagine the grudges they bear, the bad blood between them and the countless hostilities that have happened all the way to the modern world.
Can you picture that?
Okay now put them on Twitter.


In the Threshold timeline, Judith Low updates SCP-140 to "Neutralised". If only things were that easy with the Daevites. They won't make a clean exit.


On Halloween night, a crew of future criminals don monster costumes for a bank heist. They're very good costumes, so good you could even mistake them for real monsters.
But there's no such thing as "real monsters" so it's not like anyone will actually mistake them for that. Right?

SCP-7457: Nehanderthal's Essentials

A story of memetic cave paintings, of concepts carried through time, and of one research team's struggle to decipher it all.

God meat's back on the menu

An ancient evil is unsealed and let loose in a city. Vanguard calls in an ally with a uniquely appropriate skillset.

SCP-7317: The Einherjar of Site-61

These four people died a long time ago. Unfortunately, it didn't stick. Now, they're stuck in a weird part of France, doing a job where they die on the daily.

Ron Gambi's New Year Special

The Gambi family's New Year party is interrupted by a call from Ron's workplace. Later, Marcel spots a familiar face on TV.

VNP-6521: Lord Mansfield outlaws Vanguard

A stolen painting, nefarious schemes, and suddenly all of Vanguard and their allies are unable to act throughout the UK. All of Vanguard? No, a certain vigilante and the patron saint of betrayal can still kick ass!

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