Growing Apart
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I walk into the forest with my eyes closed- chanting a quiet hymn I had learned before I was born. A cold wind surrounds me.

When I open my eyes, I am in a damp, quiet cave- with her.

Her many skulls rattle and click against one another as she assesses me. Soul: flickering. Heart: damp. But the mind- now, the mind…

Finally, her beak clicking wordlessly all the while- she asks. What am I here to request?

I want an exit, I say. I want a painless escape; one that will not consume and devour me like the only other option undoubtedly would. Either restore it, or make it so that the whole affair simply never occurred. So there is no pain for either of us.

She laughs, silently.

She cannot offer me this. The threads are woven too tightly- to strain them apart would be a nigh-impossible task, even for her.

I am here, however. She has entreated my request. A deal must be made; if not, there will be consequences for the both of us.

She clicks her fingers.

A partial solution- for a partial price.

Item #: ████

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-████ is to be contained via the installation of standard Safe-class fencing around the perimeter of Lake ████████. A guard is to remain on-site at all times.

I stand, alone, on the edge of a frozen lake. It is midnight, and the wind howls. A blizzard pelts snow into my face at gale speeds.

My hand is frozen around the grip of a knife. It is an ugly, stone thing- carved with symbols I cannot pretend to understand.

Every night, now, I come here. I stand, and I stare into the wind- until I wake up, shivering, with frostbitten fingers and toes.

Addendum 1: Due to the extreme density of the blizzard generated by SCP-████, Lake ████████ itself is not visible for the effect’s duration. However, thermal imagery of the lake has revealed the presence of two figures on the lake’s southeast shoreline. One of these figures (henceforth referred to as SCP-████-02 and SCP-████-01, respectively) appears to be kneeling in front of the other, although due to the imprecision of the current imaging equipment deployed to SCP-████ this cannot be confirmed.

It crept in slowly, establishing itself bit by bit. A feeling of ennui. A beauty once star-shattering and resplendent had become… ordinary, somehow. Those great and powerful moments- of total and complete connection and clarity, of utter certainty in that this was the person I was to spend the rest of my life with- dulled. Faded. They became rarer- infrequent- and ever the less powerful.

A fear overtook me. I loved her, I knew that I did. This- this foreign force, this alien presence- could not extinguish the flame in my heart. Never!

I struggled, I fought- I talked, and I reasoned. Mostly to myself. I had lists, I had essays: sentences and paragraphs of why our love was true, strong and undying. Late at night, I would mumble them to myself; hoping that, perhaps, by saying these things, I would ensure their truth.

Then, one day, I woke up.

And I felt nothing.

Addendum 2: After the deployment of advanced thermal imaging equipment to SCP-████, a more complete picture of SCP-████-01 and SCP-████-02 has been formed.

She has confided in me, several times, that- if our relationship was to end- she would simply not know what to do. She loves me so dearly, you see- she simply could not imagine life without me. Sometimes, she muses, it is if we have become one- two utterly conjoined parts of a greater whole.

The snowflakes on my face- a thousand blades. A thousand knives. For hours.

Both entities share thermal signatures similar to those seen in baseline human anatomy. When the advanced imaging equipment was initially activated, SCP-████-01 appeared to be holding a knife of unknown make and design to the throat of SCP-████-02.

In a sense, I can endure this. I can lie, and pretend. I can let the sleet and snow fly into my face. I can sacrifice my extremities to frostbite, and watch as they shrivel on the bone as the years pass by. I can stand here, frozen to the edge of existence, and continue making the greatest mistake I will ever make- for eternity.

I wonder, perhaps: is it simply because I know nothing else? It is not losing her that terrifies me; it is the absence that would result. The hours that once knew nothing else but her- empty, and cast to the wind. The time I would spend, pining, thinking, worrying; fearing that, perhaps, this mistake had been the one to truly end it all.

Several days after the activation of the advanced imaging equipment, however, an oddity was observed. On 2/14/██, SCP-████-01 removed the knife from the neck of SCP-████-02.

There is a heavy weight upon my heart.

A single star hangs in the lightless sky.

This cannot continue.

SCP-████-01 then proceeded to raise the knife to the approximate position of its own neck.

A simple motion, with the knife. A cut. A fall.

After this incident, all anomalous behavior from SCP-████ immediately ceased, with local environmental conditions returning to normal. After 2 months of no further anomalous activity, SCP-████ was re-classified as Neutralized.

It is winter, still, but the blizzard has ended.

There will be a spring, some day.

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