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File Overview: SCP objects have not been completely contained in any portion of the world. Clearly, the Foundation must put a higher emphasis on dealing with those groups that have shown knowledge or possession of the anomalous, rather than with others that have not.
Personnel with additional information about these, or other groups of interest, are to report them immediately so that more effective plans to deal with them can be formulated.

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Japan Organisms Improvement and Creation Laboratory (JOICL)


Overview: Japan Organisms Improvement and Creation Laboratory (日本生類創研) has been mentioned in several cases involving anomalous creatures, including a wide range of life forms, such as animals, plants and objects which behave like creatures.

As almost all of the creatures manifest anomalous properties or additional functions which cannot be achieved in nature or explained with ordinary modern science, the Lab does not seem to be restricted by general ethics. It is thought to be a research facility or a group of researchers possessing some kind of technology, but its actual situation has not been grasped yet.

Initially it was thought that there was no direct distribution or sale of the anomalies that the Japan Organisms Improvement and Creation Laboratory created, but in rare cases the organization has been confirmed to sell their creations as commercial products such as SCP-483-JP or SCP-1919-JP. However, its organizational purpose remains unknown.

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Tou-Hei Heavy Industries


Overview: Tou-Hei Heavy Industries (東弊重工) is considered to be a group that develops, manufactures and sells products with anomalous properties.

A wide range of heavy and chemical industries products can be seen, ranging from entertainment to weaponry. They are particularly skilled in space-time travel, and also seem to possess the skills to convert organic life forms into inorganic and artificial ones.

Mainly active in Japan, the scale of their abandoned facilities leads to the belief they possess the production capacity and financial strength of a small to medium-sized company.

Due to their high information gathering and crisis preventing abilities, whenever a Foundation raid occurs, their facilities have already been abandoned. Due to this, precise organizational structure and policies are not known.

Nevertheless, it’s been established from seized data and articles that they frequently use a custom-made system as a marketing method, and actively provide anomalous technology to those on the outside through joint development with other GoIs known for manufacturing anomalous goods.

The nature of the situation demands quick action and understanding.

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Shūshū-In (Collecting Agency)


Overview: Shūshū-In (蒐集院) was a Japanese organization that collected the anomalous items known as SCP objects to the Foundation. They had used non-scientific methods utilizing the augury, magic and religion, mainly Shintō1 and Shugendō2. Some of their procedures were valuable and have been taken over as Special Containment Procedures by the Foundation.

After the Foundation strengthened its influence in Japan, most of the members were absorbed by the Foundation and other GOIs, but radicals within Shūshū-In still retain collected objects, and have hidden them away in hopes of restoring the organisation.

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Saiga Factions


Overview: Saiga Factions are organizations consisting of PoI called Rokumi Saiga (犀賀六巳) and his followers.

Rokumi Saiga refers to himself as a scientist majoring in space-time physics and is an unidentified person who seems to have conducted his activities in multiple parallel universes. The purpose of the activity is believed to be to save the target universes and human beings belonging to them.

Mr. Saiga seems to hide many abnormal items brought from various parallel universes, but searching for them has yielded scarce results. Mr. Saiga has probably gained knowledge about the Foundations and other groups related to abnormal objects in the process of going back and forth in the parallel universes and pays close attention to hiding himself from each organization.

Mr. Saiga has a certain number of human followers in several parallel universes. The followers are referred to as "Saiga Factions" and basically friendly to humanity. However, their "human beings" refer to human beings of all universes including the parallel universes, so often "Saiga Factions" activities seriously damage the present universes to which the Foundation belongs. Since "Saiga Factions" do not stick to the present universes, they will act without hesitation to save more mankind and universes even if they anticipate the damage to the present universes. For this reason, the Foundation has designated "Saiga Factions" as Groups of Interest.

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Overview: "Doctor" is an individual or a group that imitates the activities of other Groups of Interest.

A lot of objects imitating Group of Interest, "Doctor Wondertainment" have been confirmed, and there are examples that imitate "The Factory" and "Japan Organisms Improvement and Creation Laboratory". Most of the objects created by "Doctor" cause harm to users. Although the reason for his activity is unknown, despite the consequences of his actions it is suggested that he is motivated by the need to have fun.

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Imperial Japanese Army Special Medical Force (a.k.a. "Unit Negative Numbers")

Overview: Imperial Japanese Army Special Medical Force (特別医療部隊) was an Imperial Japanese Army unit, which researched the occult and technology, founded in 1937 under the cooperation of the Army and Shūshū-In. As a common name, it was given the codename "Unit Negative Numbers (負号部隊)".

The unit was composed of three divisions, "Tsuchigumo", "Jofuku" and "Tatara", which conducted researches mainly on magic, life science, and mechanical engineering respectively. The purpose of the organization is to research and produce weapons by a combination of magic and science, including "Project Tokijiku", aiming to create immortal soldiers. Those weapons were not mass-produced, but some were used in the actual war.

In 1945, the organization was dismantled, and most of its technology was collected by the Foundation after the end of the World War II.

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Iwanaga Beauty Association

Overview: Iwanaga Beauty association is a group that sells and offers beauty-related products or services with anomalous characteristics. Most of the products sold have common points such as “for women" and "pink-colored package", but something not in the category of beauty and goods for men have also been confirmed. Most of the products have the effect of solving the users' troubles, but cause serious damage to them in terms of side effects.

Although the size and location of the group is not known, a salesperson in a suit who refers to themselves as “Miyako” has been identified as a member of the association. Several differing reports have been made about Miyako regarding physical appearance, including age and gender, leading to the assumption that several members work under the name Miyako.

Salesperson Miyoko's selling method covers a wide range including advertisement in department stores and door-to-door sales. They have often been witnessed performing spatial teleportation through unknown means, making their securing and tracking extremely difficult.

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Drunkness Street

Overview: Drunkness Street (酩酊街), probably a big residential district, is a place located in parallel universe or extra-dimension. The Foundation have found and contained several anomalies thought to be from Drunkness Street. In addition, there are several bidirectionally passing transit dimension connected with our world and Drunkness Street discovered. These are all discovered in Kyoto Prefecture but not exclusively existing there.

While a part of groups of interest have been collecting knowledge about Drunkness Street, the Foundation holds little information regarding Drunkness Street. In most of the transit dimension reside sapient entities, according to which the existential concept is "Drunkenness, Oblivion, Stagnation". These keywords can be found spread in the data gained with investigation. Although residents in the transit dimension do not agree with the concept, they currently do not show the tendency to be proactively against it or to move to either Drunkness Street or our world.

So far, the Foundation and Drunkness Street are not in conflict with each other. It is even unknown whether Drunkness Street has perceived the Foundation in the first place. To prevent unpredictable event, the Foundation has established a hands-off system, basically prohibiting access toward Drunkness Street. However, several agents or D-class had invaded into Drunkness Street without permission or before the hands-off system was not well-established, and the cases which managed to come back were very few.

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Japanese Anomalous Groups Peace and Amity Treaty Organization


Overview: Japanese Anomalous Groups Peace and Amity Treaty Organization (JAGPATO) is a group of interest formed on a legal basis provided by the treaty with the same title made by the Foundation and the Global Occult Coalition with Japan Government. The Foundation, as one of the major organizations holding membership, exerts great influence on this group of interest.

Although it began as a supervisor to keep Japanese government institutions increasingly arbitrary operations in check, its current role seems to carry a growing range of responsibility. Nowadays, it mainly mediates between member groups when conflicts occur, peacefully dealing with clashes between organizations. Sometimes it assists with collaboration between member groups, having contributed to the formation of large-scale allied forces.

That said, it has been pointed out that it is possible for JAGPATO to be related to anomalies out of the Foundation's control, or to leak information to the government. The Foundation will build a cooperative relationship as a member group while the investigation is ongoing.

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Sekiryu Club


Overview: The Sekiryu Club3 (石榴倶楽部) is a secret society which is active in Kyoto4, having been confirmed to have existed since the mid-19th century. They have a taste for human flesh and call human flesh "Pomegranate" in connection with the tale of Kishimojin (鬼子母神)5.

There can be a maximum of 10 members in the Sekiryu Club at a time, each of the members succeeds to the name of Hashidume (橋詰), Shiina (椎名), Rokkaku (六角), Hayase (早瀬), Usuki (宇宿), Tojo (東条), Funakoshi (舟越), Akitsu (秋津), Teduka (手塚), and Ukita (浮田). If a vacancy occurs due to withdrawal, death, or expulsion, a new person will be invited, so the same name does not mean the same person.

They profess to enjoy cannibalism, and hold regular meetings. The organizational identity beyond interactions is not clear. Previously considered not to be a threat to the Foundation, however, recent research suggests a relation to anomalies and active involvement with other GoIs, so more detailed information is required.

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Dreaming Technology

Overview: The Dreaming Technology (夢見テクノロジー) is a group that produces and sells anomalous objects. Although the specific purpose and philosophy of the activity are currently unknown, they mainly commit to fulfilling someone's wishes and future dreams. Investigation so far has confirmed that they use unknown technologies and the anomalies generated by them to realize someone's "wishes/dreams".

However, in many instances, they modify or erase something important about the subject (e.g. memory, body, close person, etc.) as a "price" to fulfill their dreams. Due to it, there are cases that the subject has a different ending to the "wishes/dreams" originally desired. The Foundation is strongly vigilant for them, because some of their anomalies cause big damage to the general society.

The Dreaming Technology is mainly advertised through local newspapers and Internet advertisements, some instances are reported that they do individual sales for people with strong "wishes/dreams". Active cooperation with other GoIs has also been confirmed, but the full details are unknown. In addition, investigations are currently underway on the grounds that there was a possibility that information about the inner workings of the Foundation may have been obtained in some way, due to anomalous items that were also detected at a front company of the Foundation in the past.

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Trismegistus Translation & Transportation‬


Overview: Trismegistus Translation & Transportation (a.k.a. Ttt or Ttt Co.) is comprised of intelligent anomalous existences and is an organization that takes the form of a company. Most of the existences that have been confirmed as a member to date call themselves names related to myths and folklore around the world. For example, the individual serving as company president self-proclaims himself to be "Hermes" the Greek mythology deity, and the individual serving as vice-president self-proclaims himself to be "Thoth", an Egyptian mythology deity.

The businesses that have been identified so far range from "translation", "tourism", "food and beverages", "communication services", "resorts", and many others, and there are estimated to be many unconfirmed businesses. These businesses are expected to have anomalous existences similar to themselves as their main customers, and have cultural backgrounds from various regions and times. As a result, the languages used in their businesses have been identified as extinct ancient languages, rare minority languages, and liturgical languages, which are recognized as valuable linguistic research material.

This organization has a neutral or friendly attitude towards the Foundation and the human community, and to date, there have been no confirmed possession or use of anomalies produced with clear hostility. On the other hand, there is a high likelihood that their anomalous businesses will be exposed to the public, and for the normalcy preservation, the Foundation considers this organization to be an cause for concern.

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Koigarezaki Simbun


Overview: The Koigarezaki Simbun6 (恋昏崎新聞社) is a news organization that disseminates information about current events in the paranormal society. They report primarily through the medium of online news, disseminating information to an unspecified number of members of the public that should be kept confidential in the view of normalcy preservation. Especially against the Foundation, reports from an adversarial view are evident, and articles involving the Foundation include fabrications and biased reporting.

Koigarezaki, where the Koigarezaki Simbun is based, is a Location of Interest designated as LoI-0850. Koigarezaki exists in a different dimension reached through an unknown method, and is home to many former members of several different GoIs. The majority of members of the Koigarezaki Simbun are said to be former members of other GoIs as well. As a result, the Koigarezaki Simbun has special connections with other GoIs, and is able to produce its own anomalies using technology derived from these other groups. These factors make the Foundation difficult to deter the actions of the Koigarezaki Simbun.

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Kisaragi Construction

Overview: The Kisaragi Construction (如月工務店) is referenced by a number of anomalous buildings and related products. Although there is testimony that they describe themselves as a small private construction company in the Tōhoku region7, a number of unnatural examples of for-profit organizations have been identified, and the purpose of their activities is not clear.

Although they are proactive in responding to their client's requirements when producing and building, their deliverables have in many cases had unintended negative effects on the parties involved. It is unknown whether this is due to differences in values with the general public, or whether it is based on clear intentions such as intent to harm.

There are many unknown details about the activities of Kisaragi Construction, and the information it has been able to obtain so far is limited. However, there are some materials and testimonies that relate to "Oni" found in old Japanese traditions, and there are also many traces of magic and unusual effects that have not yet been clarified. The Foundation is currently investigating the actual state of this organization, its members, and its relationship with the outside world.

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Confederate Island Countries of Phantom


Overview: The Confederate Island Countries of Phantom is a federated nation of islands that exist in a different world. The member islands existed in our world until around the 14th to the 16th century, but they made the move to the different world for reasons such as to escape the investigation and colonization by the great powers. Based on this event, the legend of the phantom island that is an island that was once described on nautical charts, but whose existence was denied by the research of later generations, was born.

In the world of the CICP, there are a group of unusual items called "relics", and especially powerful items are called with the initials of T or 丁8, and are used for the defense of the member islands. The move of the member islands is also due to relics, which are said to have been transferred from a paranormal civilization aid known as "Thule". Thule is said to have disappeared after the formation of the CICP, and no details are known to the inhabitants of the member islands.

The world of the CICP and our world are still able to come and go in multiple ways. Anomalous entities originating from the world of the CICP have also been discovered, and there have been cases of damage to the surroundings. It is unclear what the inhabitants of the member islands think of their former homeland, but depending on future developments, it has been designated as a GoI because it could become a threat.

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Special Affairs Division, Public Security Bureau of Metropolitan Police Department


Overview: The Special Affairs Division or simply SAD, Public Security Bureau of Metropolitan Police Department is an undercover investigative agency within the Metropolitan Police Department, organized to deal with abnormal phenomena and paranormal crimes.

SAD is under the control of the Special Affairs Investigation Bureau of National Police Agency, which is a member of JAGPATO, and is indirectly influenced by the policies of the Japanese Government and JAGPATO. Their main activities are aimed at grasping trends and restraining the behavior of GoIs throughout Japan, mitigating the impact of anomalous entities on society, and protecting the general public from threatening anomalies. Their activities are often hindered by bureaucratic issues and lack of financial resources, personnel, and equipment.

The Foundation is building a cooperative system with SAD, but mutual exchange is limited due to concerns about information leakage.

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Dark Sushi


Overview: Dark Sushi (闇寿司) is a group of sushi chefs who deal primarily with food-related anomalies. The organizational structure is similar to a chain or goodwill in the restaurant industry and consists of plural restaurants and employees per restaurant.

Several members have similar anomaly to SCP-1134-JP. However, the "sushi" used by Dark Sushi includes foods that are generally not classified as sushi, and the anomaly of SCP-1134-JP-1 generated from such foods is unpredictable. Moreover, the members are actively expanding and developing technology related to SCP-1134-JP-1.

The origins of the Dark Sushi, such as the date of its founding and founder, are unclear, but the current leader has been identified as the person called Yami9. While details of the organization policy are unknown, research suggests that the group has some sort of dissatisfaction with traditional sushi eating culture.

The Dark Sushi has rapidly grown in strength in recent years in the paranormal food products community, and this may be accomplished through the unusual psychological manipulation techniques possessed by the group. Additionally, most members tend to have no qualms about using violent and heavy-handed means. The Foundation remains vigilant for the Dark Sushi which actively links with other GoIs as they grow up.

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Mujin-Getsudō-Shū (Lunar Guidance Ninja Mutual-aid Association)


Overview: Mujin-Getsudō-Shū (無尽月導衆) is a group that may be mentioned in relation to "ninja/shinobi" or "ninjutsu/ninpō". They are presumed to engage in intelligence and operative activities in exchange for money, often conflicting with the Foundation.

The level of technology of Mujin-Getsudō-Shū and the details of the anomalies they possess are unknown. Some accounts suggest that its members prefer to use traditional weapons, tools, and arts. However, there is also evidence to suggest the organization uses of the latest technology, both anomalous and normal.

It is presumed to be based in Japan, but activities outside this country are confirmed as well. Information on this GoI is lacking, and the Foundation is still collecting it.

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Eden leap Mutual Aid (ElMA)


Overview: ElMA is an anomalous religious group that operates pandimensionally, with "leap to different worlds" as its doctrine or goal. Leaping to different worlds refers to move to other worlds as a religious practice of ElMA. The objects of leaping reflect each member's perception of "different worlds" and range from other dimensions, parallel universes, the past, extraterrestrial stars, pocket dimensions, dream worlds, lower and upper creation worlds, and higher and lower conceptual spacetime.

Although leaping to different worlds has religious significance as service to the Goddess Elma, a deity espoused by believers of ElMA with no details, there are few religious precepts of ElMA except for this leap. They tend to be very loose in their organizational structure and abstain from cult-like behavior and fanatical sacrifice, and their missionary work is carried out voluntarily by devoted followers known as migssionary10. This is thought to be due to the influence of the myth of the legendary migssionary "Founder", who is considered to be their religious ideal.

Due to the cross-world missionary work of the "Founder" and migssionaries, ElMA has chapters scattered across many worlds, including the base universe where this document is being written. Some of these chapters are small and isolated due to not yet established their means of leaping to different worlds, while others are mutual aid by chapters from several worlds and possess more technical capabilities than the Foundation. It is suspected that a large number of GoIs and PoIs are on friendly terms with the ElMA, either for the purpose of using their leaping technology or by helping to create anomalies at their request.

To date, ElMA has not shown a consistent attitude towards the Foundation, but due to the biological/causal/spatiotemporally physical dangers of leaping to different worlds are unknowns, the Foundation views ElMA as a pandimensional threat and has been tracking its movements through interactions with other world Foundations.

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Kamikase Clan


Overview: The Kamikase (神枷) Clan is a kinship group existing for a long time in Japan. They excelled at "talking", they were responsible for a wide range of tasks which mediating wars, mediating between organizations, and compiling history books under the patronage of the Shūshū-In. It is said that Kamikase's "talking" was not limited to interpersonal communication. Although they did not have standard means of opposition, such as reality bend and thaumatology, they can talk with and amicably persuade animals, plants, and even divine entities.

Kamikase did not have an armed force, but served as the core of a mutual aid organization for the weak. As part of its role, they protected war orphans and stragglers, displaced children, and made them members of the clan. They were influential in some regions, mediating daily village quarrels.

However, their connection as a consanguineous group has broken down and there are only descendants scattered throughout the region that retains a few characteristics today.

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Overview: Liferaft is a collective name for a mutual aid organization of intelligent beings coming from various different worlds. The name Liferaft is for convenience only, and is not a self-proclaimed name of each community and its members. The members and communities are scattered around the world. The composition, size, etc. of the communities may vary widely. It is speculated that there is not a leader, because of the lack of interaction between the communities, while they are cooperative.

Its members are mainly intelligent beings accidentally transferred from a different world than the one where this text exists, and many of them have different characteristics and traits from the existing human race and biological species. The purpose of each member is to return to their original world or to obtain a stable living environment, but they are not identical. For this reason, it has been confirmed that in some communities of Liferaft, members join and leave with high frequency.

Although Liferaft first came to the attention of the Foundation in 19██, it is known that the organization of Liferaft's origins was active in Europe and other parts of the world around the late 19 century from many related documents and interviews. It also is ascertained that several similar mutual aid societies that have no direct relationship to the current Liferaft existed in history prior to the 19th century. Based on this and what the Foundation has heard from those involved in their organizations, it is thought that Liferaft's organizational identity is thin.

Their relationship with the Foundation is, by its nature, a broadly gentle tension state. On the other hand, some communities behave in very hostile ways, others conceal themselves very secretively, and yet others establish some relationships, so the Foundation must determine how to cope with each specific community of Liferaft. The relationship between Liferaft and other groups is similar to that of their and the Foundation, and some members of each GoIs temporarily enrolled in Liferaft also are detected.

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Overview: The Imaginanimal is an intelligent metaphysical aggregate of "conceptions of animals" which is an unspecified scale and has no systematic organization. The information obtained from several applicable cases indicates that the name "Imaginanimal" is a classification name derived from an external designation.

Each existence that makes up the Imaginanimal are the conceptions of "animals and characters based on animals except for humans" held by human beings and any other existential intelligence, and defined by "positive perceptions for humanity as a conceptual host and cultural neighbor" and "interferences for physical intellectual activities that use cognition by existential intelligence as an access route". They have the distinctions of species and individuals, but the boundaries are far more unstable than those of physical entities.

They are a very proactive aggregate about contacting existential intelligence, and their attitude is generally friendly. However, they often show an estrangement with human values and an uncomprehending of human society. In addition, activities such as "enlightenment of the conceptions to an unspecified large number of people to stabilize the access route" and "interference for the existential side through incorporeal entity or dream entity, or others", and "contact with members of other GoIs and anomalous technology holders" are occasionally found although unsystematic, and the Imaginanimal is a risk that cannot be ignored in terms of normalcy preservation.

It is a major matter of concern for the Foundation that it is very difficult to investigate their whole aspect and to actively interfere with them from the existential side due to their nature. For this reason, the Foundation allocates the GoI-6636 number to the Imaginanimal. On the other hand, there are no significant tensions or conflicts between the Foundation and the Imaginanimal, and the modulability of the containment/concealment protocol through direct negotiation is comparatively high in cases where contact has been established.

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Tōno Yōkai Sanctuary


Overview: The Tōno Yōkai Sanctuary (遠野妖怪保護区) is a paranormal community that exists in a different dimension with the same name, accessible from the Kitakami Mountains on the outskirts of Tōno City, and many other places in the Tōhoku region. It is inhabited by anomalous entities generally called "Yōkai", and there are also a small number of humans and mixed-bloods between humans and these entities. This dimension, also known as "Samuto-gou (寒戸郷)", had been inhabited by a community of divine entities and their worshippers since ancient times.

Self-governance by the ward office is prevalent in the Yōkai Sanctuary, and it fits the definition of Free Port in the Foundation. The ward office has been consistently uncooperative with Normalcy Preservation Organizations, including the Foundation, since the end of World War II. The stay of government employees is restricted with few exceptions. Since its establishment, the ward office has continued to adopt a closed and isolated policy. However, since the beginning of the Heisei era, the external policy of the district has shifted to a gradual openness, which has led to an immediate concern about the inflow/outflow of anomalies through external exchanges.

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Brother’s Foodstuffs


Overview: Brother’s Foodstuffs is a group that offers meals to people in an unusual manner. They offer dishes that are profoundly memorable to the client, using familiar ingredients, with the cooking described as “offering a ‘taste’ deep within one’s self that cannot be perceived with your sense of taste alone.”

Brother’s Foodstuffs is served at a fixed location, and has often relocated several times before. It is believed anomalies are involved in the relocations of the store, and it’s difficult to determine the new location’s address. The store mainly targeting individuals instead of performing large-scale publicity makes it difficult for the Foundation to locate the store.

Their goal is to offer an anomalous dining experience, and to achieve this goal they have used the help of other GoIs and have taken irrational risks before.

Although the damage caused by Brother’s Foodstuffs has been small-scale and the Foundation does not consider them a threat, in recent years, there’s been repeated cases of Foundation employees becoming clients, so it has been decided that a more proactive approach to the group in question must be implemented.

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AKI Corporation


Overview: AKI Corporation is an organizational entity that distributes, sells and develops anomalous goods. All of the organizations that compose the corporation have names that rhyme with “Aki”. At the present time, the scope of AKI Corporation’s headquarters and organizational body is unknown, but references to extraterrestrial activity have piqued the interest of the Foundation.

Although there are differences between each organization, Aki Corporation’s general philosophy is the sanctification of pleasure and climax, the inquiry of strong enjoyment, and sense of purpose in granting clients anomalous pleasure.

The anomalous objects are mainly artificial in nature, many of which are used to fulfill the client’s paraphilias. Furthermore, the collected items have the remarkable tendency to anomalously alter the minds and bodies of other life forms.

AKI Corporation behaves amicably to the external Foundation and other GoIs. However, to maintain positive interactions and dialogues with product users and project staff, AKI Corporation is able to disrupt containment and the general public while attempting to do so. Particularly, there’s been cases of anomalous products being used unwittingly on target who had no desire in using them, this believed to be caused by a lack of accountability of the organization and a frivolous understanding of ethics and normative consciousness.

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Isanagi Clan


Overview: Isanagi (日奉) is a rare surname possessed by several anomalous humanoids contained by the Foundation. The relationship between all anomalous humanoids is not clear, and the anomalies they possess are diverse, but they all have names with plant-based kanji on them, such as [樹] and [菰]11.

Furthermore, people with the surname “Isanagi” have been confirmed to be part of several GoIs such as Drunkness Street and Tōno Yōkai Sanctuary, with several holding key positions within these organizations.

Furthermore, many historical records related to Japan’s paranormal community show that “Isanagi” was a clan with strong political influence over the Shūshū-In.

Due to this, people with the surname “Isanagi” are seen by many groups as special people, and are colloquially referred to as the “Isanagi Clan”.

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Gogyō-Kessha (Five Elements Association)

Overview: The Gogyō-Kessha (五行結社) is a group with the ideology of thoroughly destroying all anomalies that exist within Japan, and are a member of the Global Occult Coalition (GOC). The association has several thaumaturges under their control, and they’ve been confirmed to employ several spiritual and thaumatological entities.

The Gogyō-Kessha originated in the middle of the Heian period, being a branch of the Bureau of Onmyō that defended against a spiritual terrorist act by a group of priest exorcists led by Ashiya Dōman, with many of the association’s techniques generally based on Onmyōdō. Due to their policies regarding anomalous items, they have a long-standing rivalry with the Shūshū-In.

During World War II, they clashed with government-affiliated GoIs such as the Public Security Bureau of Metropolitan Police Department, Special Affairs Division and the Imperial Japanese Army Special Medical Force (“Unit Negative Numbers”), who wished to use the anomalous, although they sometimes collaborated when their interests coincided. Following the end of the war, in order to oppose the advance of the Foundation in Japan, they joined the GOC’s Council of 108. At around the same time, it’s believed they incorporated a part of the members of the disbanded Shūshū-In.

The Gogyō-Kessha is generally hostile towards other paranormal organizations. They have taken on an openly hostile stance against the Foundation, and armed conflict has often occurred. The association’s policies and activities radically deviate from the standards of the GOC, often receiving technological and financial sanctions from them. For these reasons, the Foundation has continued to maintain maximum caution around the Gogyō-Kessha.

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Hyper Electric Rescue Organization/HERO


Overview: The Hyper Electric Rescue Organization/HERO (超電救助隊HERO) is an organization that uses anomalous items to develop activities for the purpose of saving lives and maintaining peace. Although the particulars of the organization’s structure are not known, their members can be roughly classificated into three categories: the personnel who perform the actual work in the scene, the personnel who offer logistical support such as engineers who prepare the equipment, and the top management who manage and supervise the entire organization.

The actual employees are characterized by equipment and behavior reminiscent of “Tokusatsu Hero” works from Japanese film culture12. As a matter of fact, many of the objects associated with the organization that have been discovered and contained are field personnel wearing anomalous equipment. Almost no information is known about staff other than field personnel.

Confirmed activities can be broadly categorized into rescue work at the scenes of disasters and accidents, criminal activity control, and medical treatment of illnesses and injuries. However, regarding actual activities, excessive energy output of equipment used has led to escalation of damage and disruption of crime scenes, and often the use of vigilante justice when dealing with crime suspects, with only few cases achieving the purpose they advocate for. Because of this, it’s difficult to believe the organization’s true goals are those of lifesaving and peacekeeping, and it’s believed that there might be a different original goal.

As mentioned before, there’s many unclear points about Hyper Electric Rescue Organization, like the details of their organizational structure, and their concealed true aim, with investigations still ongoing.

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research Projects Agency for the Marriage With Anime Characters (PAMWAC)


Overview: The research Projects Agency for the Marriage With Anime Characters (PAMWAC) is a loosely connected group that mainly communicates through the dark web. Their members are characterized by an interest in Japanese subcultures, especially Otaku Culture such as anime, manga and video games, exchanging and gathering anomalous knowledge for their own desires.

Several bulletin board systems operate as the organization’s portal site, having a similar layout and culture from other existing web services such as 5ch13 and Futaba☆Channel14. Also, some members communicate with each other using messaging apps such as Discord, meaning their community extends beyond the portal site.

Members are mostly protected by high-degree anonymization technology, making them extremely difficult to identify through IP addresses and internet providers. However, using the target’s username and contents of their comments, it’s been possible to find their sphere of life and place of employment, with some identified as personnel that appear to work for the Foundation. While strengthening over the control of whistleblowers regarding PAMWAC, the Foundation is to make sure the Foundation’s existence doesn’t spread to the dark web, using a task force to spread misinformation.

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