Groups of Interest Power Rankings
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Welcome to the Group of Interest Power Rankings survey results! I want to thank everyone who took the time to fill it out. Over one hundred people endured a slow and laggy Google Forms interface in order to make their opinions known. While these results are not the final word on these Groups of Interest, they do represent a moderately accurate take on how the community views the groups at this moment in time.

Special thanks to magna2smagna2s for putting most of the survey itself together, Elenee FishTruckElenee FishTruck for making the template to put the results in, ZynZyn for giving me permission to place it on the front page. The most extra special thanks to the love of my life, Caroline, for sitting with me and tabulating these results. This wouldn't have happened without any of you guys. Especially not Caroline she seriously spent hours messing with spreadsheets to make everything work.

Now without further ado, to the Power Rankings!

The Results

Note: Each GoI-section contained 5 questions, each corresponding to a certain value of the GoI. These values were:

  • Activity: How often do you think this GoI is used? Do you remember seeing any articles use this group recently?
    • Average Score: 5.2
  • Usability: How usable is the GoI? Is it accessible? Is there enough lore, or too much?
    • Average Score: 6.2
  • Peak Value: How would you rank the best article about this GoI?
    • Average Score: 7.3
  • Pitfalls: At its worst, how unenjoyable is the GoI to read about?
    • Average Score: 3.8
  • Originality: How original is the GoI? Does it fill a good niche?
    • Average Score: 5.3

Each value could be scored from zero to ten. The data below portrays the average scores for each value per GoI, rounded to the nearest tenth. The number of people that answered each question varied. A link to the raw data will be provided in the comments section.

A small note of an error: No comments section on Originality was provided for the ORIA and Oneiroi sections of the survey. We apologize for the oversight, it did not affect the collection of data but would've been an interesting insight. If you took the survey and would like to have your thoughts on the originality of the ORIA or Oneiroi be known, PM RogetRoget with your comment and permission to include it with these results.

Alexylva University

Ambrose Restaurants

Anderson Robotics

Are We Cool Yet?

Black Queen

Chaos Insurgency

Chicago Spirit

Church of the Broken God

Church of the Second Hytoth

Deer College

Doctor Wondertainment

The Factory

Fifth Church

Gamers Against Weed

Global Occult Coalition

GRU Division "P"

Herman Fuller's Circus of the Disquieting

Horizon Initiative


Manna Charitable Foundation

Marshall, Carter, and Dark



Oneiroi Collective

Prometheus Labs

Sarkic Cults


Serpents' Hand

Shark Punching Centre

Unusual Incidents Unit

Wilsons' Wildlife Solutions

Once again, a big thanks to everyone who filled out the survey. When we first put this together we thought we'd be lucky if we got fifty responses. Getting more than twice that amount has been a fantastic and wonderful surprise.

After you get a chance to digest the results, we hope that you'll engage with other readers in the comments section to discuss and dissect the data. If this survey inspires a real conversation about the varied Groups of Interest that would make everyone involved with this project happy.

Thanks for reading.

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