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Interview Transcript

Date: ██-██-████

Assigned Personnel:

  • Containment Specialist A. Greyson


Greyson: Okay. This isn't actually an interview transcript or anything. I'm actually breaking the fourth wall using my self-insert to welcome you to my author page.

So, umm…welcome, stranger not signed into a Wikidot account!

Did that work? If not, well, I've never been good with fancy formatting stuff anyways. If it did, cool deal.

Anyways, umm. Yeah. I'm currently an adolescent male of Asian ethnicity residing within the state of Texas. Feel free to stalk me (I'm lonely). I write stuff, and I procrastinate, which means I write less stuff, but…that's okay, I guess! Because nobody asked me to write stuff in the first place :l

Here's my stuff. Enjoy, maybe.

Why are you still here?

Oh, right. Gotta…end this thing…hang on…




Cosmic cat. Meow.

Wow, you actually want to know about me?


I'm honestly flattered. Really.

Well, let's see…okay.

Codename: GreyveGreyve
Date of Birth: 10/27/2004 (Feel free to send me a happy birthday message ;-;)
Place of Residence: Texas, US

Profile: "Greyve" is an adolescent "human" male currently in high school. He partakes in a lot of diverse interests, including SCP, art, reading, cats, socializing, and music. For a comprehensive list, please direct yourself to Greyve's username and send him a PM (he doesn't have many friends, so every message brightens his day a little :D).

Greyve is dedicated to improving content quality and helping others, and, as such, vows to leave a comment on any article that he downvotes. If you would like for him to review something you have posted, or have any other issues that urgently require his attention, simply PM him and he will do his best to check it out.

Content: You can use any and all content Greyve creates and posts onto this site with absolutely no limitations. This includes the following:

  • Articles
  • Artwork
  • Characters
  • Code
  • Concepts

You do not even have to credit or inform Greyve, although Greyve would find that nice.

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