Greyve Art Page

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Welcome to the Greyve Art Page!

So basically, I finally made an art page. As of now, it's mostly logos, but I'm sure I'll start adding some actual art over time.

As explained on my author page, you can use any content I post onto this site with absolutely no limitations. That includes all of my art, which consists of literally anything on this page. Matter of fact, you can even use my logo at the top of the page if you have a particular interest in both the SCP Foundation and a certain progressive rock band.

You don't even have to credit me if you don't want to, but that would be nice of you to do.


A set of logos I've made for the various Foundation departments and divisions. Updates pretty frequently, as I like to use these for department or division report backgrounds (as seen here). Feel free to use any of them however you like, and let me know if you need a logo for a department or division that doesn't have one yet!

Icon Inspiration
pub?w=599&h=600 Administrative Department: Triangles are a strong shape. Also, top-down management.
pub?w=599&h=600 Occult Studies Division: Ouroboros, an ancient symbol associated with magic.
pub?w=599&h=600 IT Department: Modified USB to have three arrows, like the Foundation.
pub?w=599&h=600 Memetics and Infohazards Division: Negative space. Memes exist inside of us, so the arrow symbolizes entering our own consciousness.
pub?w=599&h=600 Medical Department: The Rod of Asclepius, symbolic of the Greek god of healing. Two snakes is the Caduceus, which actually has nothing to do with medicine.
pub?w=599&h=600 O5 Command: A scaled-up version of the Administrative Department logo, with three arrowheads added inside. Also, the negative space resembles a V, the Roman numeral for five.
pub?w=599&h=600 Ethics Committee: A scale, the universal symbol for justice, modified to resemble three arrows pointing heavenward, since their duty is above humanity.
pub?w=599&h=600 Decommissioning Department: For CaliboldCalibold, even though he didn't ask. Just a simple symbol universally recognized as meaning no.
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